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Posted by Ari Jokimäki on May 7, 2010

Things have been a bit slow here recently. I have been putting some effort to the Finnish blog we have – writing some brief news pieces on new research and things like that. But I think I also have to pay attention to this site little more now.

Paperlists will continue, but I will explore some new issues with them, while also continuing with the observation oriented climate science lists. The new issues will/might be:

– Global warming effects. Gail Zawacki suggested this some time ago. I have already added this section to the paperlist index, but I’ll have to see which lists should be moved to the new section from the temperature indicators section.

– Future climate predictions. Barry suggested this and I already added this also. There’s even one list already (the 1970’s predictions -list).

– Energy issues (and perhaps adaptation issues). There has been some discussion on the integral fast reactors (IFR) recently in Finland, so I thought that it would be good to see the research on the issues like that.

I also need to look at the division of the papers I have there now. Recently I added the “atmospheric composition” section but I need to see if there’s some better ways to divide these things to subsections.

You can use this thread to suggest some other subject areas and paperlist subjects for the areas I have mentioned above.

So nothing major, just some minor adjustments here and there.

By the way, recently John Cook started a new argument link resource. I have been adding some links there, especially to the peer-review part. I hope you will too participate to building this fine resource.


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