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New improved AGW Observer!

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on June 24, 2011

I made some changes here:

– Page “about” was outdated so I edited the text there. I also added some things.

– I took out the usage of the term “denialist”. It’s not really necessary and some people find it offensive, so better to take it out even if it is quite descriptive term relating to some of the public “debate” on the climate issues. Category denialist claims was changed to climate claims and similar change was made to one heading in Article page.

That’s it. Have a nice summer (NH) and winter (SH).


2 Responses to “New improved AGW Observer!”

  1. Daneel said

    It’s nice to see some hemispheric sensitivities once in a while 😛

  2. Willis Eschenbach said

    Thanks for not using “denialist”. While you say that it is “quite descriptive”, what it describes best is the narrow view of those who use it to describe people who disagree with them. If you find it necessary to use insulting names to describe your opponents, you’ve lost the debate already, and the public knows it …

    Thanks for a great site,


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