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Papers on regional and local land temperature reconstructions

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on April 7, 2012

This is a list of papers on regional and local land temperature reconstructions. Only papers giving quantitative temperature reconstructions are included (qualitative climate and environment reconstructions are not included). The list is not complete, and will most likely be updated in future in order to make it more thorough and more representative.

UPDATE (April 20, 2012): Few European studies added.
UPDATE (April 18, 2012): Viau et al. (2011) added. Thanks to Barry for pointing it out.

Africa: Powers et al. (2005) [abstract], Weijers et al. (2007) [abstract, full text], Tierney et al. (2008) [abstract, full text]

  • South Africa: Palmer et al. (2001) [abstract]

Antarctic: Schneider et al. (2006) [abstract, full text], Kawamura et al. (2007) [abstract]

Arctic: Overpeck et al. (1997) [abstract, full text], Kaufman et al. (2009) [abstract, full text]


Europe Briffa et al. (1988) [abstract], Davis et al. (2003) [abstract, full text], Luterbacher et al. (2004) [abstract, full text], Guiot et al. (2005) [abstract, full text], Casty et al. (2005) [abstract, full text], Frank & Esper (2005) [abstract, full text], Xoplaki et al. (2005) [abstract, full text], Glaser & Riemann (2009) [abstract], Bjune et al. (2009) [abstract], Lindholm et al. (2010) [abstract], Dobrovolný et al. (2010) [abstract, full text], Guiot et al. (2010) [abstract and full text], Büntgen et al. (2011) [abstract, full text]

Extra-tropics: Cook et al. (2004) [abstract], Christiansen & Ljungqvist (2011) [abstract, full text]

North America Jacoby & D’Arrigo (1989) [abstract], Briffa et al. (1992) [abstract, full text], Viau et al. (2006) [abstract], Viau et al. (2011) [abstract]


South America Villalba et al. (2003) [abstract, full text], Bendle et al. (2010) [abstract]

  • Chile: von Gunten et al. (2009) [abstract]
  • United States: Graumlich & Brubaker (1986) [abstract], Graumlich (1993) [abstract]

4 Responses to “Papers on regional and local land temperature reconstructions”

  1. barry said

    North America

    Viau et al (2011)

    Abstract : (no full version)

    ….Across North America, both the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and Little Ice Age (LIA) were cooler than the present (AD 1961–1990). The MWP was warmer than the LIA over at least the boreal and eastern portions of the continent and perhaps across the continent….

  2. barry said


    Quantitative or qualitative? Not sure. From the conclusions.

    ….Radiocarbondates on vegetation appearing beneath retreating ice caps indicate that some plateau ice caps have existed continuously since 350 AD, demonstrating that the current warming is unique in at least the past 1600 years….

    A millennial perspective on Arctic warming from 14C in quartz and plants emerging from beneath ice caps

    Anderson et al (2008)


  3. Ari Jokimäki said

    I added Viau et al. (2011). Anderson et al. is qualitative because it doesn’t give reconstruction of temperatures as values, it just gives a rough idea of temperatures.

    Edited to add: I added Anderson et al. to papers on fossils revealed by melting glaciers.

  4. Ari Jokimäki said

    I added few European studies.

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