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Yesterday’s papers

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on January 25, 2013

Over two years ago I published a post containing all papers that had arrived to my RSS feed reader in one morning. I decided to have another go at this but this time for a full day. So, here I give a list of all papers that arrived to my RSS feed reader during a single day. I started this at noon January 23rd and continued until noon January 24th of 2013 (given times are in Finnish time). No editorials, corrections, comment papers, or reply papers were included, but just the new research papers. I also excluded papers that clearly were not climate related (there were about 10 or so such papers). The list below still contains some papers which are only very vaguely related to climate.

It should be noted here that these are only the papers that arrived to my RSS feed reader. I don’t have all journals in there that are publishing climate change related papers. In my feed reader I only have few ecology journals but basically all biology journals can publish climate change related papers (at least on how climate change affects species or ecosystems). I don’t have any journals that are devoted to climate or energy policy, and I only have couple of journals on mitigation/adaptation issues. I don’t have general science journals (Nature, Science, PNAS,…). Additionally almost any journal of any trade can publish an occasional climate change paper. This is just to say that below is not all climate related science that got published yesterday.

The list

1. Intensity of Climate Variability Derived from the Satellite and MERRA Reanalysis Temperatures: AO, ENSO, and QBO – Yoo et al.

2. Near Surface atmospheric response to the Total Solar Eclipse at Dibrugarh on 22 July, 2009 – Rao et al.

3. Channel electron multiplier operated on a sounding rocket without a cryogenic vacuum pump from 120 –80 km altitude – Dickson et al.

4. Response of methane emissions from wetlands to the Last Glacial Maximum and an idealized Dansgaard–Oeschger climate event: insights from two models of different complexity – Ringeval et al.

5. Tree-ring-based reconstructions of North American glacier mass balance through the Little Ice Age — Contemporary warming transition – Malcomb & Wiles.

6. Vegetation history in central Kentucky and Tennessee (USA) during the last glacial and deglacial periods – Liu et al.

7. A model-based constraint on CO2 fertilisation – Holden et al.

8. A method to automatically determine sea level for referencing snow freeboards and computing sea ice thicknesses from NASA IceBridge airborne LIDAR – Wang et al.

9. Recovering missing pixels for Landsat ETM + SLC-off imagery using multi-temporal regression analysis and a regularization method – Zeng et al.

10. MODIS-based corn grain yield estimation model incorporating crop phenology information – Sakamoto et al.

11. Updated analyses of temperature and precipitation extreme indices since the beginning of the twentieth century: The HadEX2 dataset – Donat et al.

12. Modeling aerosols and their interactions with shallow cumuli during the 2007 CHAPS field study – Shrivastava et al.

13. Effects of atmospheric light scattering on spectroscopic observations of greenhouse gases from space. Part 2: Algorithm intercomparison in the GOSAT data processing for CO2 retrievals over TCCON sites – Oshchepkov et al.

14. Assessment of surface winds over the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean sectors of the Southern Ocean in CMIP5 models: historical bias, forcing response, and state dependence – Bracegirdle et al.

15. Global Seasonal Variations of Midday Planetary Boundary Layer Depth from CALIPSO Space-Borne LIDAR – McGrath-Spangler & Denning.

16. Atmospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to a coastal site of Hong Kong, South China – Liu et al.

17. Current status and future trends of SO2 and NOx pollution during the 12th FYP period in Guiyang city of China – Tian et al.

18. Chemostratigraphy of the early Pliocene diatomite interval from MIS AND-1B core (Antarctica): Paleoenvironment implications – Scopelliti et al.

19. Blowin’ in the wind: Short-term weather and belief in anthropogenic climate change – Hamilton & Stampone.

20. The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 and Superstorm Sandy: The Need to Understand Long-Term Impacts – Balstad.

21. Dissolved inorganic carbon and alkalinity fluxes from coastal marine sediments: model estimates for different shelf environments and sensitivity to global change – Krumins et al.

22. Prediction, time variance, and classification of hydraulic response to recharge in two karst aquifers – Long & Mahler.

23. Does Antarctic glaciation cool the world? – Goldner et al.

24. A lacustrine sedimentary record of Holocene periglacial activity from the Uinta Mountains, Utah, U.S.A. – Munroe et al.

25. Assessment of potential suspended sediment yield in Japan in the 21st century with reference to the general circulation model climate change scenarios – Mouri et al.

26. Changes in precipitation extremes on the Black Sea Western Coast – Croitoru et al.


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