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New research from late 2013

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on January 10, 2014

In March I published a batch of early 2013 papers on climate related issues. In September I gave newly published papers in 5 separate posts:

Part 1. Reality of climate change (temperature, other climate parameters, climate extremes, future projections).
Part 2. Impacts of climate change (cryosphere, oceans, mankind, ecosystems, other issues).
Part 3. Mitigation and adaptation (greenhouse gases, mankind reaction, energy, technologies and products, adaptation, general mitigation).
Part 4. Past climate changes.
Part 5. Other papers (feedbacks and forcings, general climate science, other issues).

In this post I give you a selection of new papers (489 of them) from late 2013. Total number of papers in the research stream for the year 2013 is 1434. Here are the late 2013 papers:

Changes in significant and maximum wave heights in the Norwegian Sea

The great 2012 Arctic Ocean summer cyclone enhanced biological productivity on the shelves

Continued warming likely has negative impact on crop production in Koshi River basin of Nepal (OA)

Predicting the future from the vulnerability of corals and reef fishes to multiple stressors

A Top-Down Regional Assessment of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Europe

Evolution of meteorological drought characteristics in Vietnam during the 1961–2007 period

Agroclimatic conditions in china under projected climate change

A dissection of the surface temperature biases in the Community Earth System Model

Estimating winter trends in climatic variables in the Chic-Chocs Mountains, Canada

Spatial and temporal variations of regional high temperature events in China

Topo-climatic microrefugia explain persistence of rare endemic plant in Alps during last 21000yr

Permafrost carbon vulnerability in upper reach of Heihe River basin, northwestern China

Future climate warming increases Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance variability

Detection and correction of inhomogeneities in Greek climate temperature series

Simulated radiative forcing from contrails and contrail cirrus (open access)

Future Arctic climate changes: adaptation and mitigation timescales

Is climate sensitivity related to dynamical sensitivity? A Southern Hemisphere perspective

Climate change and elevational range shifts: evidence from dung beetles in two European mountain ranges

Are North Atlantic Multidecadal SST Anomalies Westward Propagating?

Polar bear conservation jeopardised by manipulation of scientific and trade data

Warming temperatures and smaller body sizes: synchronous changes in growth of North Sea fishes

Increase of wildfire activity in southern California in the mid-twenty-first century

Toward a consistent reanalysis of the climate system (open access)

Influence of the western North Atlantic and the Barents Sea on European winter climate

Rebuilding coral reefs: does active reef restoration lead to sustainable reefs?

Estimating low-frequency variability and trends in atmospheric temperature using ERA-Interim

The influence of local spring temperature variance on temperature sensitivity of spring phenology

Change in the odds of warm years and seasons due to anthropogenic influence on the climate

External forcing of the early 20th century Arctic warming (open access)

Contribution of future agricultural trends in US Midwest to global climate change mitigation

Quantitatively evaluating the effects of CO2 emission on temperature rise

Possibly ice free summers in Arctic Ocean during the Early Holocene Insolation Maximum

Human caused shift in precipitation in eastern China in the late 1970s (open access)

Response of atmospheric CO2 to the abrupt cooling event 8200 years ago

Future ocean acidification in the Canada Basin and surrounding Arctic Ocean

Sea Ice-Atmosphere Feedback over the Barents Sea

Nitrogen and phosphorous limitations significantly reduce future allowable CO2 emissions

Sea level in ocean reanalyses and tide gauges

Radiative forcing at high concentrations of well mixed greenhouse gases

Decreasing growth rates possible for Asian tropical trees as a result of global warming

Can variable pH and low oxygen moderate ocean acidification outcomes for mussel larvae?

A spatial climatology of North Atlantic hurricane intensity change

Global-scale impacts of climate change on water resources and flooding (open access)

Climate change response in Europe: what’s the reality?

The relationship between air temperature fluctuation and Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in Tibet

Less Reliable Water Availability in the 21st Century Climate Projections (open access)

Rapid response of atmospheric black carbon to anthropogenic sources: observational evidence

Warming feedback from mountain birch forest expansion: reduced albedo dominates carbon uptake

Tracing anthropogenic CO2 and CH4 emissions to fossil fuel and cement producers (open access)

A Signal of Persistent Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in Arctic Sea Ice

Diverse Coral Communities in Naturally Acidified Waters of a Western Pacific Reef

Sea level rise and its coastal impacts (open access)

Infrastructure and climate change in permafrost landscapes in Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska

New satellite temperature analysis shows stronger warming in the upper troposphere than in lower

Climate change impacts on sea–air fluxes of CO2 in three Arctic seas (open access)

Hurricane winds over the North Atlantic: spatial analysis and sensitivity to ocean temperature

Evaluation of drought and wetness episodes in a cold region (Northeast China) since 1898

Policy support, social capital, and farmers’ adaptation to drought in China

Material and social factors limit children’s ability to save energy

Arctic Ocean sea ice snow depth evaluation and bias sensitivity in CCSM (open access)

Climatic factors controlling plant sensitivity to warming

Severe cloud contamination of MODIS Land Surface Temperatures over an Arctic ice cap, Svalbard

Radiative forcing of quadrupling CO2

Earth’s climate may remain safe for at least another 1.5 billion years

Direct measurements show no evidence of Gulf Stream slow-down

Woody biomass energy potential in 2050

Too early nuclear phase-out primarily benefits fossil energy instead of renewable energy

Decadal prediction skill in the GEOS-5 forecast system

Scandinavian floods: from past observations to future trends

Climate and air quality trade-offs in altering ship fuel sulfur content (open access)

Global and local surface temperature changes due to Holocene anthropogenic land cover change

Isotropic Thaw Subsidence in Undisturbed Permafrost Landscapes

Quantifying the global carbon cycle response to volcanic stratospheric aerosol radiative forcing

Stratospheric climate engineering stabilizing global temperatures and possible side effects

Global sea level rise is accelerating

10-year record of supraglacial lake evolution and rapid drainage in West Greenland (open access)

US biofuels subsidies likely increased carbon emissions from 1981 to 2011

“Nuclear energy sounded wonderful 40 years ago”: UK citizen views on CCS

Detection of urbanization signals in extreme winter min temperature changes over Northern China

Change in geographical distribution of global climate types in the context of climate warming

Atlantic-Pacific seesaw and its role in outgassing CO2 during Heinrich events

Natural and anthropogenic factors cause increased ocean acidification in California Undercurrent

Effects of upwelling increase on ocean acidification in the California and Canary Current Systems

New Estimate of the China Temperature Anomaly Series and Uncertainty Assessment in 1900-2006

Trends in Summer Extreme Temperatures over the Iberian Peninsula using Non-Urban Station Data

Gradualist best practice in wind power policy

Global budget and radiative forcing of black carbon aerosol

Scenarios of technology adoption towards low-carbon cities

Climate, not forestry, controls long-term organic carbon fluxes in a large boreal watershed

Surface warming patterns drive tropical rainfall pattern responses to CO2 forcing on all timescales

Climate change and health in Earth’s future (open access)

The difficult, the dangerous & the catastrophic: Managing the spectrum of climate risks (open access)

Multi-decadal regional sea level shifts in the Pacific over 1958-2008

Variability of winter wheat phenology in response to weather and climate variability in China

Carbon balance impacts of land use changes related to Malaysian palm oil-derived biodiesel

Bioenergy in energy transformation and climate management

Recent climate changes over the Tibetan Plateau and their impacts on energy and water cycle

Two papers of today’s new research batch were from AGU’s new journal Earth’s Future

Significant rate of increase in sea-level rise since 19th century in U.S. mid-Atlantic coast (OA)

An international comparative analysis of public acceptance of nuclear energy

Climatology and trends of wind speed in the Beaufort/Chukchi Sea coastal region from 1979 to 2009

AMSU-A only atmospheric temperature records from the lower troposphere to the top of stratosphere

Global warming has not stopped; it is merely manifested in different ways (open access)

Influence of model biases on projected future changes in tropical cyclone frequency of occurrence

The cost of nuclear electricity: France after Fukushima

Impact of anthropogenic CO2 on the next glacial cycle

Investigating the consistency between proxy-based reconstructions and climate models (open access)

Consistent Trends in a Modified Climate Extremes Index in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia

CO2 equivalences for short-lived climate forcers

Trends in Great Plains low-level jet and precipitation changes in relation to recent droughts

Climate variability interacts with climate change in making plant migration more difficult

The Palaeoanthropocene – the beginnings of anthropogenic environmental change

Hypogean carabid beetles as indicators of global warming? (open access)

Demarketing fear: Bring the nuclear issue back to rational discourse

The Antarctic sea ice response to the ozone hole in climate models

Land use makes bio-based ethanol bad choice compared to fossil-based ethanol

Hurricane Katrina of 1900: less damage than in 2005 – future Katrina: more damage

Potential and limitations of bioenergy for low carbon transitions

Changes in extreme wet events in Southwestern China in 1960–2011

The global distribution of mineral dust and its impacts on the climate system: A review

Residents’ attitudes to proposed wind farms in the West Coast region of South Africa

Using phenology to assess urban heat islands in tropical and temperate regions

Serbian climate generally tended to become warmer in the last 61 years

Framing geoengineering as a response to dangerous climate change

Variability of freshwater content, heat content and seasonal ice melt in Arctic Ocean (open access)

Does environmental regulation affect energy efficiency in China’s thermal power generation?

Opportunities and challenges of linking climate change adaptation with disaster risk reduction

Snow variability in the Swiss Alps 1864–2009

Ocean acidification from 1997 to 2011 in the subarctic western North Pacific Ocean (open access)

Stable atmospheric methane in 2000s: key-role of emissions from natural wetlands (open access)

Greenland surface albedo changes in July 1981–2012 from satellite observations (open access)

Mongolian pines in Hulun Buir steppe, China, respond to climate in adjustment to local water supply

Using event stratigraphy to map the Anthropocene

Changes in the spatial structure of strong and moderate El Niño events under global warming

Climate factors driving wine production in the Portuguese Minho region

Projected trends in mean, maximum, and minimum surface temperature in China

Elemental carbon measurements in European Arctic snow packs

Bioprecipitation: a feedback cycle linking Earth history, ecosystem dynamics and land use

Projections of future drought and climate variability indicators for the Mediterranean region

Venomous snakes and climate change: ophidism as a dynamic problem

Influence of cloud-radiative forcing on tropical cyclone structure

Adaptation of crop production to climate change by crop substitution

Polar synchronization and the synchronized climatic history of Greenland and Antarctica

A fertile peatland forest does not constitute a major greenhouse gas sink (open access)

Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation slowdown cooled the subtropical ocean (open access)

Duration of the South America summer monsoon is increasing

Adapting to climate change in South East Queensland, Australia (open access)

The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis: a critical review

Cars as rain gauges with windshield wipers or optical sensors as measurement devices (open access)

Response of the ocean natural carbon storage to projected 21st century climate change

Projected Tasman Sea extremes in sea surface temperature through the 21st Century

Global stratospheric ozone climatology (open access)

Recent variability of the tropical tropopause inversion layer

World drought frequency, duration, and severity for 1951–2010

Thermal optima of equatorial reef fishes are close to current temperatures

Energy balance in a warm world without the ocean conveyor belt and sea ice

Long-lived greenhouse gases as control knob that governs the global surface temperature

Frost flower aerosol effects on Arctic wintertime longwave cloud radiative forcing

Utilization of waste coral for biodiesel production

Increasing temperatures reduce activity patterns of large commercially important coral reef fish

Chronic nutrient enrichment increases prevalence and severity of coral disease and bleaching

+ to – shift in growth response to warming coincides with clearcut harvesting in U.S. red spruce forest

Daily min and max temperatures & diurnal temp. range in Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia in 1951–2010

Patterns in CH4 and CO2 concentrations across boreal rivers

Temperature trends in the mid latitude summer mesosphere

Summer melt regulates winter glacier flow speeds throughout Alaska

The impact of volcanic eruptions in the period 2000–2013 on global mean temperature trends

The deep permafrost carbon pool of the Yedoma region in Siberia and Alaska

Expert assessment of sea-level rise by AD 2100 and AD 2300

Ebullition and storm-induced methane release from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

Warming early Mars with CO2 and H2

Estimating global ocean heat content changes in the upper 1800 m since 1950

How fast are the tropics expanding?

Trends and variability of temperature extremes in the tropical Western Pacific

Habitat traits & food availability determine response of marine invertebrates to ocean acidification

Drastic reduction in habitats for alpine vegetation in Pyrenees due to climate change

Projected climate regime shift under future global warming

Glaciers and ice caps: Vulnerable water resources in a warming climate

Climate change alters ecological strategies of soil bacteria

Vulnerability of dynamic genetic conservation units of forest trees in Europe to climate change

Adaptation of Iranian farmers to climate variability and change

A 2 million year glacial chronology of the Hatherton Glacier, Antarctica

Estimating tropical cyclone damages under climate change in the Southern Hemisphere

Decadal warming of coastal China Seas and coupling with winter monsoon and currents

Model support for forcing of the 8.2 ka event by meltwater from the Hudson Bay ice dome

Climate change research and policy in Portugal

Revisit to atmospheric oscillations over global oceans

The spatiotemporal pattern of the Majiayao cultural evolution and its relation to climate change

How do weather characteristics change in a warming climate?

Real-time multi-model decadal climate predictions

Intercomparison between observed and simulated variability in global ocean heat content

Changes in weather conditions caused Antarctic sea ice record extent in 2012

Implications of sea-level rise and extreme events around Europe: coastal energy infrastructure

Predicting the sensitivity of butterfly phenology to temperature over the past century

A short history of ocean acidification science in the 20th century: a chemist’s view (open access)

Anthropogenic and natural causes of climate change

Climatic Change special issue: Geoengineering Research and its Limitations (mostly open access)

Satellite-based estimates of Antarctic surface meltwater fluxes

Agroforestry solutions to address food security and climate change challenges in Africa

Was there a ‘4.2 ka event’ in Great Britain and Ireland?

Using atmospheric reanalyses to evaluate the warming structure in the Arctic (open access)

Tradeoffs between global warming and day length on start of carbon uptake period (open access)

Estimates of the Southern Ocean General Circulation Improved by Animal-Borne Instruments

Wave climate and trends for the Gulf of Mexico: A 30 year wave hindcast

Rainfall variations in south-eastern Australia part 1: Part 2:

Methodology in qualitative climate change research published in Global Environmental Change since 2000

Dynamical downscaling of climate change in Central Asia

Ground-penetrating radar measurements of 64 Austrian glaciers between 1995 and 2010

High-resolution glacial and deglacial record of atmospheric methane (open access)

IPCC “very likely” statement is robust under different characterizations of internal variability

Modeling obliquity and CO2 effects on Southern Hemisphere climate during the past 408 ka

Trend in Arctic sea ice is clearly evident in time series of reflected shortwave radiation

Arctic Ocean glacial history

The influence of political ideology on trust in science (open access)

Land use change emissions from oil palm expansion in Pará, Brazil (open access)

Economic and health benefits of the co-reduction of air pollutants and greenhouse gases

Recent extreme light sea ice years in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (open access)

Opportunities and applications of dendrochronology in Africa

Palaeo-CO2 variation trends and the Cretaceous greenhouse climate

Accelerating carbon uptake in the Northern Hemisphere (open access)

Weather, Climate, and the Economy: Explaining Risk Perceptions of Global Warming, 2001-2010

Poleward shift and change of frontal activity in the Southern Hemisphere over the last 40 years

Fail-safe solar radiation management geoengineering

Global Sea Level Trend during 1993-2012

Climate impact potential of utilizing forest residues for bioenergy in Norway

Global and Planetary Change special issue: Water in Central Asia – Perspectives under global change

Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases over Asian regions during 2000–2008 (open access)

Tropical biases in CMIP5 multi-model ensemble

Quality controlled ocean temperature and salinity profiles and monthly objective analyses

Continued slowing of the Ross Ice Shelf and thickening of West Antarctic ice streams

Effects of country-level population policy for enhancing adaptation to climate change (open access)

Indications of a climate effect on Mediterranean fisheries

The influence of tropical cyclones on heatwaves in Southeastern Australia

Uncertainty in Annual Rankings from NOAA’s Global Temperature Time Series

Break-up of the Larsen B Ice Shelf Triggered by Chain-Reaction Drainage of Supraglacial Lakes

Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends

Communication strategies for earning trust in climate change debates

Subglacial lakes and meltwater pathways beneath the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets (open access)

Nitrogen deposition: how important is it for global terrestrial carbon uptake? (open access)

Middle to late Miocene stepwise climate cooling

Characterization of double diffusive convection steps and heat budget in the deep Arctic Ocean

Statistically derived contributions of human influences to 20th-century temperature changes

Impacts of global change on southern African water resources systems

Are sustainable cities “happy” cities? In a new study, answer is yes

From projected species distribution to food-web structure under climate change

Statistical analysis of the temperature records for the Northern Territory of Australia

The role of sea ice in the temperature-precipitation feedback of glacial cycles

Increase of storm related loss events can be expected within the next decades in Germany

Meteorologists’ views about global warming: A survey of AMS professional members (open access)

Clouds in Weather and Climate: What Do We Know and What Do We Still Need to Know? (open access)

Intrusion of warm surface water beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Modeling biomass burning and related carbon emissions during the 21st century in Europe

Himalayan ice core CH4 record: possible hints at preindustrial latitudinal gradient (open access)

Worldwide impacts of climate change on energy for heating and cooling

Impact of climate change on agriculture in Northern Norway and potential strategies for adaptation

The effect of African growth on future global energy, emissions, and regional development

A review of uncertainty in in situ measurements and data sets of sea-surface temperature

Robust increase in equilibrium climate sensitivity under global warming (open access)

Arctic Ocean circulation patterns revealed by GRACE

Sudden deep gas eruption nearby Rome’s airport of Fiumicino

Climatology of tornadic activity over Greece based on historical records

Projected effects of declining aerosols in RCP4.5: unmasking global warming? (open access)

Ocean acidification in the three oceans surrounding northern North America

Solar & cosmic ray contribution to 20th century warming is less than 10% (open access)

North–south asymmetry in modeled phytoplankton community response to climate change

The long-term variability of atmospheric ozone from 50-yr observations in Poland (open access)

Decadal windstorm activity in the North Atlantic-European sector (open access)

A brief history of ice core science over the last 50 yr (open access)

Arctic Sea Ice Conditions in Spring 2009 – 2013 Prior to Melt (open access)

Negative effects of ocean acidification on two crustose coralline species

Climate variability recurrent mode effect on winter/summer extreme temperatures over N America

Where to find 1.5 million yr old ice for the IPICS “Oldest-Ice” ice core (open access)

Lagged Response to 11-year solar cycle in observed winter Atlantic/European weather patterns

Asymmetric effect of beliefs about global warming on perceptions of local climate in the U.S.

The extent of permafrost in China during the local Last Glacial Maximum

More signs of stratospheric ozone recovery (open access)

Serial clustering of extratropical cyclones over N Atlantic & Europe under recent and future climate

Climate change: an amplifier of existing health risks in developing countries

Solar cookers in developing countries—What is their key to success?

Retrieving cloud albedo and fraction from surface-based SW radiation measurements (open access)

Improved assessment of gross and net primary productivity of Canada’s landmass

Potential impact of changes in lower stratospheric water vapour on stratospheric temperatures

Lessons from 1G biofuels and implications for sustainability appraisal of 2G biofuels

Biological proxies recorded in a Belukha ice core, Russian Altai (open access)

High levels of ultraviolet radiation observed below the 2011 Arctic ozone hole (open access)

A note on the stability indicator of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation

Quantifying CO2 savings from wind power

Home energy management system benefits do not always outweigh their environmental costs

Global energy security under different climate policies, GDP growth rates and fossil resources

Calcification responses of symbiotic and aposymbiotic corals to ocean acidification (open access)

A trend analysis of the 1930-2010 extreme heat events in the continental U.S.

Climate change and water security: challenges for adaptive water management

Spatiotemporal changes of global extreme temperature events since 1981 and meteorological causes

Circumpolar assessment of permafrost C quality and its vulnerability over time

Towards a diagnostic approach to climate adaptation for fisheries

A framework for testing the ability of models to project climate change and its impacts

Intense atmospheric pollution modifies weather in eastern China (open access)

Improved forecast skill in the tropics in the new MiKlip decadal climate predictions

From silk to satellite: half a century of ocean colour anomalies in the Northeast Atlantic

Comparison of NCEP/NCAR & ERA-40 total cloud cover with surface observations over Tibetan Plateau

Projecting the impacts of climate change on skipjack tuna abundance and spatial distribution

Assessment of carbon stores in tree biomass for two management scenarios in Russia (open access)

Female farmers in Nevada hold more accurate knowledge about climate change than males

No effect on diurnal temperature range from cosmic rays (open access)

Satellite altimetry, Argo, and operational oceanography: 3 revolutions in oceanography (open access)

Tree rings as biosensor to detect leakage of subsurface fossil CO2

Quantifying global climate feedbacks, responses and forcing under abrupt and gradual CO2 forcing

Evidence for cosmic ray modulation in temperature records S Atlantic (open access)

How temperature, precipitation and stand age control biomass carbon density of global mature forests

Assessing flood risk at the global scale: model setup, results, and sensitivity (open access)

Past millennial solar forcing magnitude (open access)

Climate feedback efficiency and synergy (open access)

How does climate sensitivity vary with the magnitude of climate forcing?

Influence of Arctic sea ice on European summer precipitation (open access + video abstract)

A multi-model analysis of risk of ecosystem shifts under climate change (open access)

Evidence for multiple stressor interactions and effects on coral reefs

Estimation of extreme sea levels over the Eastern Continental Shelf of North America

How much climate change can pastoral livelihoods tolerate?

Loss and damage from climate change: local–level evidence from nine vulnerable countries

Of solar collectors, wind power, and car sharing: successful cases of grassroots innovations

A fresh look at livestock greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation potential in Europe

Widespread sea-water freshening off the Adélie Land Coast, Antarctica, from 1994 to 2012

On the misinterpretation of the North Atlantic Oscillation in CMIP5 models

Assessing the vulnerability of wind energy to climate change and extreme events

Recent cold season warming unprecedented in European Alps in last 1000 yr, cause = GHG forcing

Climate change in the Tibetan Plateau Three Rivers Source Region: 1960–2009

Global streamflow and thermal habitats of freshwater fishes under climate change

Global atmospheric carbon budget (open access)

Review of perceptions and use of weather and climate information in agricultural decision making

Economic impact of extreme sea-level rise: Ice sheet vulnerability and social cost of CO2

The Fatter the Tail, the Fatter the Climate Agreement

Spring onset variations and trends in the continental United States

Severity, duration and frequency of drought in SE England from 1697 to 2011

Global changes in dryland vegetation dynamics (1988–2008) (open access)

Climate Influences on Meningitis Incidence in Northwest Nigeria

An Observationally Based Constraint on the Water-Vapor Feedback

International trade undermines national emission reduction targets: New evidence from air pollution

Changes in surface shortwave solar irradiance from 1993 to 2011 at Thessaloniki (Greece)

Sea-level change during last 2500 years in New Jersey, USA – currently most rapid period of SLR

Divergent responses of fire to recent warming and drying across south-eastern Australia

New Eurasian Arctic ice core: unprecedented early 20th century warming, no pronounced MCA or LIA (OA)

Estimating Global Black Carbon Emissions (open access)

Multi-decadal degradation and persistence of permafrost in NW Canada (open access)

Uncertainty Estimates of the EOF-derived North Atlantic Oscillation

New zealand 20th century sea level rise

Unprecedented recent summer warmth in Arctic Canada

What is climate change scepticism? Mixed methods study of the UK public

Geometric dependency of Tibetan lakes on glacial runoff (open access)

Coral reefs have no long-term refugia from the effects of both acidification and bleaching

Global fossil energy markets and climate change mitigation

IPCC CMIP5 simulations compared to observations, reanalyses and CMIP3 (open access)

Climate change hotspots over South America

Interpreting observed northern hemisphere snow trends with large ensembles of climate simulations

Autumn warming reduces the CO2 sink of a black spruce forest in interior Alaska

Climate change and visual imagery

Can temperature extremes in China be calculated from reanalysis?

Alleviating barriers to urban climate change adaptation through international cooperation

Increases in disturbance and reductions in habitat size interact to suppress predator body size

The geography of global urban greenhouse gas emissions: an exploratory analysis

Using ice-flow models to evaluate potential sites of million year-old ice in Antarctica (full access)

Storm track shifts under climate change: what can be learned from large-scale dry dynamics

Observation errors in early historical upper-air observations

Preindustrial Human Impacts on Global and Regional Environment

New assessment supports predictions of potential savannification in the southeastern US

Climate, conflict, and social stability: what does the evidence say? (open access)

Limited oil resources induce the use of dirty bioenergy

Not all sponges will thrive in a high-CO2 ocean

End-Permian mass extinction rate of CO2 addition was likely small compared with modern situation

Microhabitats reduce animal’s exposure to climate extremes

Future CH4 emissions from W Siberia permafrost might be less than previously estimated (open access)

Changes in the Arctic Ocean CO2 sink

Biochar effect to albedo reduces the benefits from avoided CO2 emissions (open access)

Positive feedback between cloudiness and the Siberian High (open access)

Mixed-phase clouds cause climate model biases in Arctic wintertime temperature inversions

Plant responses to elevated temperatures (open access)

Air–sea exchanges of CO2 in the world’s coastal seas (open access)

Rainfall and temperature estimation for a data sparse region (open access)

Causes of Greenland temperature variability over the past 4000 yr (open access)

Will wind&solar come to rescue of looming capacity gap from nuclear phase-out or slow CCS start-up?

Quaternary Science Reviews has special issue on past sea ice reconstructions

Expansion of global drylands under a warming climate (open access)

Link between Antarctic ozone depletion and summer warming over southern Africa

Economic vulnerability to Peak Oil

Climate change and Australia

Effects of missing values on the calculation of monthly temperature indices

Climate science in climate security scenarios

A global analysis of the impact of drought on net primary productivity (open access)

Detecting and responding to climate change (open access)

Interactive impacts of global dimming and warming on wheat yield and water use in China

A vital link: water and vegetation in the Anthropocene (open access)

Attributing intensification of precipitation extremes to human influence (open access)

Last Interview with Professor Edward Lorenz? (open access)

Why could ice ages be unpredictable? (open access)

Global warming enhances sulphide stress in a key seagrass species (NW Mediterranean)

Integrated economic and climate projections for impact assessment (open access)

Implications of weak near-term climate policies on long-term mitigation pathways

Subsurface release and transport of dissolved C in discontinuous permafrost region (open access)

Reversing climate warming by artificial atmospheric carbon-dioxide removal (open access)

Chinese Himalayas have been warming during 1971-2007

Extreme rain events have become more common over Europe

Witnessing North Atlantic westerlies variability from ships’ logbooks (1685–2008)

Philippines have been wetting during wet season and drying during dry season

Activity restriction and the mechanistic basis for extinctions under climate warming

The value of bioenergy in low stabilization scenarios

Uncertainty of AMSU-A temperature trends in relationship with clouds and precipitation over ocean

Rapid rise in Effective Sea-Level in southwest Bangladesh: Its causes and contemporary rates

Compensation of hemispheric albedo asymmetries by shifts of the ITCZ and tropical clouds

Evidence from ice shelves for channelized meltwater flow beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Elevation-induced climate change as dominant factor in late Miocene C4 plant expansion in Himalaya

Greenhouse gas-related predictability of regional climate model trends in the Mediterranean area

Conservative Protestantism and skepticism of scientists studying climate change

Generation of a time-consistent land surface temperature product from MODIS data

Re-greening Sahel: 30 years of remote sensing data and field observations

Holocene flood frequency across the Central Alps

N Atlantic SST anomalies and cold N European weather events of winter 2009/10 and December 2010

Explaining Extreme Events of 2012 from a Climate Perspective (open access)

Hydrological Impact of Geoengineering by solar radiation management

Pan-Arctic land–atmosphere CH4 and CO2 fluxes in response to climate change over 21st century (OA)

N Atlantic summer storm track variability: mechanisms & impacts on European climate (open access)

Sea-level scenarios for evaluating coastal impacts

NIMBYism revisited: public acceptance of wind energy in the United States

Beating a dead horse: no evidence for cosmic ray-climate connection in new study

More rain is projected for East Asia during 21st century

The expanding tropics: a critical assessment of the observational and modeling studies

Community composition has greater impact on marine phytoplankton functioning than acidification

Interactions between CO2, climate, weathering, and Antarctic ice sheet in the earliest Oligocene

Global glacier changes: assessment of committed mass losses and sampling uncertainties (open access)

Public perception of climate change in China: results from the questionnaire survey

Evaluating the Tropical Forest Carbon Sink

Intensification of decadal sea level variability in western tropical Pacific in recent decades

Halving global GHG emissions by 2050 without depending on nuclear and CCS (open access)

Climate change has great impacts on glaciers and glacier lakes on the central Tibetan Plateau

The response of calcifying plankton to climate change in the Pliocene (open access)

Narratives Can Motivate Environmental Action: The Whiskey Creek Ocean Acidification Story

Predicting evolutionary responses to climate change in the sea (open access)

Impact of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on forest albedo and radiative forcing

Irukandji jellyfish polyps exhibit tolerance to interacting climate change stressors

Global historical ozone data set and prominent features of stratospheric variability pre-1979 (OA)

Response of methane hydrate beneath seabed offshore Svalbard to ocean warming during next 300 yr

Pace of warming following an abrupt increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration (open access)

Forecast of Icing Events at a Wind Farm in Sweden

Cloud radiative forcing of the diurnal cycle climate of the Canadian Prairies

Reasons for inconsistencies between modeled and observed temperatures in tropical troposphere

The Impact of Climate Change on Food Production in the United Kingdom

Hurricane wind risk in Louisiana

Economic growth and sustainable development possible while reducing GHG emissions (open access)

Climate change, temperature rise, and heat-related mortality in the Greater Beirut Area

Observational and model estimates of cloud amount feedback over the Indian and Pacific Oceans

Satellite-based reconstruction of the tropical oceanic clear sky outgoing longwave radiation

Combined inequality in wealth and risk leads to disaster in the climate change game

Climate change and road freight safety: a multidisciplinary exploration

The effect of aerosols on long wave radiation and global warming

Ocean-glint scattered sunlight as diagnostic tool for satellite remote sensing of GHGs (open access)

Effective lifetime of CO2 decreases as its atmospheric concentration increases (open access)

Multi-decadal ENSO amplitude variability in a 1000-year simulation

Pine Island glacier ice shelf melt distributed at kilometre scales (open access)

Covariation of NH summertime CO2 with surface temperature in boreal regions (open access)

Multidecadal oscillatory behaviour of rainfall extremes in Europe (open access)

Assessment of the climate preparedness of 30 urban areas in the UK

Recent, very rapid retreat of a temperate glacier in SE Iceland (open access)

Explanation for difference between 20th and 21st century land–sea warming ratio in climate models

Mutualism fails when climate response differs between interacting species

Assessing suitability of apple cultivation under climate change in mountain regions of west Nepal

Eight years of forest-floor CO2 exchange in a boreal black spruce forest

New Antarctic ice sheet mass balance estimate is less negative than previous GRACE estimates (OA)

Variability and predictability of Northeast China climate during 1948–2012

Productivity of rainfed wheat as affected by climate change scenario in NE Punjab, India

On the nature of barriers to climate change adaptation

Glacier area in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru decreased by 25% from 1987 to 2010

Increasing glacier equilibrium-line altitude in the western Alps from 1984 to 2010 (open access)

“Natural cycles” in lay understandings of climate change

Effect of rate of change, variability, & extreme events on pace of adaptation to changing climate

Scatter of mass changes estimates at basin scale for Greenland and Antarctica (open access)

Evidence of meltwater retention within the Greenland ice sheet (open access)

Spatial and seasonal variations in evapotranspiration over Canada’s landmass (open access)

There is not much empirical evidence that links GCR to the recent global warming (open access)

Adapting to climate change: assessing the vulnerability of ecosystem services in Europe

Assessment of thermal bioclimate and tourism climate potential for central Europe (Luxembourg)

Climate change impact on countrywide water balance in Bolivia

Response of diatoms and silicoflagellates to climate change and warming in the California Current

Global Analysis of Erosion of Sandy Beaches and Sea-level Rise

Three decades of global methane sources and sinks

Moose reacts to high summer temperatures by utilising thermal shelters in boreal forests

Growth rate and climate responses of Pinus pinea in Italian coastal stands over the last century

On the subarctic North Atlantic cooling due to global warming

Delayed Southern Hemisphere climate change induced by stratospheric ozone recovery

Time-varying biases in U.S. total cloud cover data

A quantitative analysis of the causes of the global climate change research distribution

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