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New research – September 2014

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on October 1, 2014

Some selected papers as included in my New research stream in Twitter and in Facebook during September 2014. There are 164 papers, which makes it about 5.5 papers per day.


Multifractal characterization of global temperature anomalies [ABSTRACT]

Symmetric scaling properties in global surface air temperature anomalies [ABSTRACT]

Patterns of decadal-scale Arctic warming events in simulated climate [ABSTRACT]

Extremely cool summers in Central and Eastern Europe (1951–2010) (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Observed and projected changes in absolute temperature records across the contiguous United States [ABSTRACT]

Optimal Ranking Regime Analysis of Intra- to Multi-Decadal U.S. Climate Variability. Part I: Temperature [ABSTRACT]

Homogenization of time series from Portugal and its former colonies for the period from the late 19th to the early 21st century [ABSTRACT]

A historical climate dataset for southeastern Australia, 1788–1859 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Sea surface temperature datasets for climate applications from Phase 1 of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative (SST CCI) (open access) [ABSTRACT]

An integrated database of ocean temperature and salinity observations [ABSTRACT]

The formation of the recent cooling in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean and the associated climate impacts: A competition of global warming, IPO and AMO [ABSTRACT]

An Anatomy of the Cooling of the North Atlantic Ocean in the 1960s and 1970s [ABSTRACT]

The curious case of Indian Ocean warming [ABSTRACT]

Blunt ocean dynamical thermostat in response of tropical eastern Pacific SST to global warming [ABSTRACT]

Changes in the distribution of rain frequency and intensity in response to global warming [ABSTRACT]

Anthropogenic influence on summer precipitation trends over South America in CMIP5 models [ABSTRACT]

Climate Change Impacts on Great Lakes Basin Precipitation Extremes [ABSTRACT]

Global assessment of trends in wetting and drying over land [ABSTRACT]

Reconstruction of global solar radiation time series from 1933 to 2013 at the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Coherent pan–Asian climatic and isotopic response to orbital forcing of tropical insolation [ABSTRACT]

An ensemble climate projection for Africa (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Quantifying sources of uncertainty in projections of future climate [ABSTRACT]

Atmospheric circulation as a source of uncertainty in climate change projections [ABSTRACT]

The ocean’s role in the transient response of climate to abrupt greenhouse gas forcing (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Estimating the Contribution of Sea Ice Response to Climate Sensitivity in a Climate Model [ABSTRACT]

On the connection between tropical circulation, convective mixing, and climate sensitivity [ABSTRACT]

Intensified Arctic warming under greenhouse warming by vegetation–atmosphere–sea ice interaction (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Change in surface energy balance in Alaska due to fire and spring warming, based on upscaling eddy covariance measurements [ABSTRACT]

Initiation of a Runaway Greenhouse in a cloudy column [ABSTRACT]

Changes in climate extreme events in China associated with warming [ABSTRACT]

Drought severity change in China during 1961–2012 indicated by SPI and SPEI [ABSTRACT]

Drought in the U.S. Great Plains (1980–2012): A Sensitivity Study Using Different Methods for Estimating Potential Evapotranspiration in the Palmer Drought Severity Index [ABSTRACT]

The Worst North American Drought Year of the Last Millennium: 1934 [ABSTRACT]

A review of droughts on the African continent: a geospatial and long-term perspective (open access) [ABSTRACT]

The role of temperature in drought projections over North America [ABSTRACT]

Contribution of dynamic vegetation phenology to decadal climate predictability [ABSTRACT]

A New Compilation of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones, 1851-1898 [ABSTRACT]

A Climatology of Tornadoes in Europe: Results from the European Severe Weather Database [ABSTRACT]

Tropical and extratropical cyclone damages under climate change (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Cyclone Center: Can Citizen Scientists Improve Tropical Cyclone Intensity Records? [ABSTRACT]

Changing volatility of U.S. annual tornado reports [ABSTRACT]

Hurricanes and climate: the U.S. CLIVAR working group on hurricanes (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Hurricane Sandy before 1900, and after 2100 [ABSTRACT]

Recent seasonal asymmetric changes in the NAO (a marked summer decline and increased winter variability) and associated changes in the AO and Greenland Blocking Index [ABSTRACT]

Regime transition of the North Atlantic Oscillation and the extreme cold event over Europe in January-February 2012 [ABSTRACT]

Understanding ENSO diversity (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Global warming-induced changes in El Niño teleconnections over the North Pacific and North America [ABSTRACT]

About the role of Westerly Wind Events in the possible development of an El Niño in 2014 [ABSTRACT]

Response of the Large-Scale Structure of the Atmosphere to Global Warming [ABSTRACT]

Weakening of the global atmospheric circulation with global warming (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Modulation of Rossby waves on the Pacific North Equatorial Current bifurcation associated with the 1976 climate regime shift [ABSTRACT]

The response of mid-latitude jets to increased CO2: Distinguishing the roles of sea surface temperature and direct radiative forcing [ABSTRACT]

A global climatology of monsoon low pressure systems [ABSTRACT]

Failure of CMIP5 Climate Models in Simulating Post-1950 Decreasing Trend of Indian Monsoon [ABSTRACT]

Analysing time-varying trends in stratospheric ozone time series using the state space approach (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Climate warming and decreasing total column ozone over the Tibetan Plateau during winter and spring (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Recent observations of meteotsunamis on the Finnish coast [ABSTRACT]

weather@home – development and validation of a very large ensemble modelling system for probabilistic event attribution [ABSTRACT]


Strengthening confidence in the climate change impact science (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Regional acceleration in ice mass loss from Greenland and Antarctica using GRACE time-variable gravity data [ABSTRACT]

Time-evolving mass loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet from satellite altimetry (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Impact of periodic intermediary flows on submarine melting of a Greenland glacier [ABSTRACT]

A model study of the effect of climate and sea-level change on the evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from the Last Glacial Maximum to 2100 [ABSTRACT]

Sensitivity of the dynamics of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, to climate forcing for the next 50 years (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Novel monitoring of Antarctic ice shelf basal melting using a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing mooring [ABSTRACT]

Rapid sea-level rise along the Antarctic margins in response to increased glacial discharge [ABSTRACT]

Subglacial Lake Vostok not expected to discharge water [ABSTRACT]

Glaciers and society: attributions, perceptions, and valuations [ABSTRACT]

The length of the world’s glaciers – a new approach for the global calculation of center lines (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Alpine glaciers and permanent ice and snow patches in western Canada approach their smallest sizes since the mid-Holocene, consistent with global trends [ABSTRACT]

A pathway connecting the monsoonal heating to the rapid Arctic ice melt [ABSTRACT]

Characteristics of Arctic Sea-Ice Thickness Variability in GCMs [ABSTRACT]

Trends in sea ice extent north of Svalbard and its impact on cold air outbreaks as observed in spring 2013 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Connecting early summer cloud-controlled sunlight and late summer sea ice in the Arctic [ABSTRACT]

Impact of sea ice on the marine iron cycle and phytoplankton productivity (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Assessing effects of permafrost thaw on C fluxes based on multiyear modeling across a permafrost thaw gradient at Stordalen, Sweden (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Projected changes of snow conditions and avalanche activity in a warming climate: the French Alps over the 2020–2050 and 2070–2100 periods (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Spatiotemporal snowfall trends in central New York [ABSTRACT]

Using digital camera images to analyse snowmelt and phenology of a subalpine grassland [ABSTRACT]

Assessing accuracy in citizen science-based plant phenology monitoring [ABSTRACT]

Land surface phenological response to decadal climate variability across Australia using satellite remote sensing (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Warming climate will decrease tundra CO2 sink in maritime Antarctica [ABSTRACT]

Climate change reduces the capacity of northern peatlands to absorb the atmospheric carbon dioxide: the different responses of bogs and fens [ABSTRACT]

Global, Landsat-based forest-cover change from 1990 to 2000 [ABSTRACT]

CTFS-ForestGEO: a worldwide network monitoring forests in an era of global change [ABSTRACT]

Estimating the carbon dynamics of South Korean forests from 1954 to 2012 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Spatio-temporal variation in phenological response of citrus to climate change in Iran: 1960–2010 [ABSTRACT]

Historical analysis of mangrove leaf traits throughout the 19th and 20th centuries reveals differential responses to increases in atmospheric CO2 [ABSTRACT]

Estimating climate change effects on net primary production of rangelands in the United States (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Suppression of spring rain by surface greening over North China Plain [ABSTRACT]

Ozone vegetation damage effects on gross primary productivity in the United States (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Warning times for species extinctions due to climate change [ABSTRACT]

Vulnerability of biodiversity hotspots to global change [ABSTRACT]

Are low altitude alpine tundra ecosystems under threat? A case study from the Parc National de la Gaspésie, Québec (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Identifying species at extinction risk using global models of anthropogenic impact [ABSTRACT]

Questioning the use of an amphibian colour morph as an indicator of climate change [ABSTRACT]

Warmer winters reduce frog fecundity and shift breeding phenology, which consequently alters larval development and metamorphic timing [ABSTRACT]

Conservation of grassland butterflies in Finland under a changing climate (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Unexpected phenological responses of butterflies to the interaction of urbanization and geographic temperature [ABSTRACT]

Warming shelf seas drive the subtropicalization of European pelagic fish communities [ABSTRACT]

Temperature tracking by North Sea benthic invertebrates in response to climate change [ABSTRACT]

Forecasting climate change impacts on the distribution of wetland habitat in the Midwestern United states [ABSTRACT]

Net community production and export from seaglider measurements in the North Atlantic after the spring bloom [ABSTRACT]

Anticipative management for coral reef ecosystem services in the 21st century [ABSTRACT]

Annual sea-air CO2 fluxes in the Bering Sea: Insights from new autumn and winter observations of a seasonally ice-covered continental shelf [ABSTRACT]

Southern Ocean carbon trends: Sensitivity to methods [ABSTRACT]

Ocean acidification through the lens of ecological theory [ABSTRACT]

Viral attack exacerbates the susceptibility of a bloom-forming alga to ocean acidification [ABSTRACT]

A red tide alga grown under ocean acidification upregulates its tolerance to lower pH by increasing its photophysiological functions (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Global and regional sea level change during the 20th century [ABSTRACT]

Detection time for global and regional sea level trends and accelerations [ABSTRACT]

Emission metrics and sea level rise [ABSTRACT]

Mechanisms of Multidecadal Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Variability Diagnosed in Depth versus Density Space [ABSTRACT]

An event-based approach to understanding decadal fluctuations in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation [ABSTRACT]

Role of climate change in increasing occurrences oceanic hazards as a potential threat to coastal ecology [ABSTRACT]

Hydrologic landscape classification evaluates streamflow vulnerability to climate change in Oregon, USA (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Global fire size distribution is driven by human impact and climate [ABSTRACT]

Crop yield as a bioclimatic index of El Niño impact in Europe: Crop forecast implications [ABSTRACT]

Challenges of climate change in tropical basins: vulnerability of eco-agrosystems and human populations [ABSTRACT]

Effects of temperature on mortality in Hong Kong: a time series analysis [ABSTRACT]

Allergenic pollen season variations in the past two decades under changing climate in the United States [ABSTRACT]

Contributors to the frequency of intense climate disasters in Asia-Pacific countries (open access) [ABSTRACT]


Ten strategies to systematically exploit all options to cope with anthropogenic climate change [ABSTRACT]

Persistent growth of CO2 emissions and implications for reaching climate targets [ABSTRACT]

Decreasing emissions of NOx relative to CO2 in East Asia inferred from satellite observations [ABSTRACT]

Contrasting impacts of afforestation on nitrous oxide and methane emissions [ABSTRACT]

Modeling the impact of mitigation options on methane abatement from rice fields [ABSTRACT]

Airborne visualization and quantification of discrete methane sources in the environment [ABSTRACT]

Four Corners: the largest US methane anomaly viewed from space [ABSTRACT]

Remote sensing of fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas production in North American tight geologic formations (open access) [ABSTRACT]

A multiyear, global gridded fossil fuel CO2 emission data product: Evaluation and analysis of results [ABSTRACT]

Environmental impacts of decommissioning nuclear power plants: methodical challenges, case study, and implications [ABSTRACT]

Minimizing the biodiversity impact of Neotropical oil palm development [ABSTRACT]

Thinking globally and siting locally – renewable energy and biodiversity in a rapidly warming world (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Renewable energy in Saudi Arabia: current status and future potentials [ABSTRACT]

Overview of the potential of microalgae for CO2 sequestration [ABSTRACT]

The LCA of portland cement production in China [ABSTRACT]

Will the role of intercontinental transport change in a changing climate? (open access) [ABSTRACT]

On the Timing of Climate Agreements [ABSTRACT]

Why are climate policies of the present decade so crucial for keeping the 2 °C target credible? [ABSTRACT]

Does effective climate policy require well-informed citizen support? [ABSTRACT]

Barriers to effective climate change mitigation: the case of senior government and business decision makers [ABSTRACT]

The crucial role of policy surveillance in international climate policy [ABSTRACT]

Ethno-meteorology and scientific weather forecasting: small farmers and scientists’ perspectives on climate variability in the Okavango Delta, Botswana [ABSTRACT]

Farmers’ perception of climate change in mediterranean Chile [ABSTRACT]

Public perceptions of rainfall change in India [ABSTRACT]

Households’ perception and livelihood vulnerability to climate change in a coastal area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria [ABSTRACT]

Disruptive ideas: public intellectuals and their arguments for action on climate change (open access) [ABSTRACT]

“Cool” governance of a “hot” climate issue: public and private responsibilities for the protection of vulnerable citizens against extreme heat [ABSTRACT]

Public perception of climate risk and adaptation in the UK: a review of the literature (open access) [ABSTRACT]

What do we know about UK household adaptation to climate change? A systematic review (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Sustainability and the Astrobiological Perspective: Framing Human Futures in a Planetary Context [ABSTRACT]


Last interglacial model–data mismatch of thermal maximum temperatures partially explained (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Arctic Holocene proxy climate database – new approaches to assessing geochronological accuracy and encoding climate variables (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Sulfur budget and global climate impact of the AD 1835 eruption of Cosigüina volcano, Nicaragua [ABSTRACT]

Persistence of carbon release events through the peak of early Eocene global warmth [ABSTRACT]

Refining Estimates of Polar Ice Volumes During the MIS11 Interglacial Using Sea Level Records from South Africa [ABSTRACT]

Simulating Pliocene warmth and a permanent El Niño-like state: the role of cloud albedo [ABSTRACT]

Brine formation in relation to climate changes and ice retreat during the last 15,000 years in Storfjorden, Svalbard, 76–78°N [ABSTRACT]

The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: How much carbon is enough? [ABSTRACT]

Sea ice and dynamical controls on pre-industrial and Last Glacial Maximum accumulation in central Greenland [ABSTRACT]

A 449-year warm-season temperature reconstruction in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau and its relation to solar activity [ABSTRACT]

Multispectral analysis of Northern Hemisphere temperature records over the last five millennia [ABSTRACT]


Hello Anthropocene, Goodbye Holocene (open access) [ABSTRACT]


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