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New research – October 2014

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on November 9, 2014

Some selected papers as included in my New research stream in Twitter and in Facebook during October 2014. There are 154 papers, which makes it about 5.0 papers per day.


An Investigation into the Impact of using Various Techniques to Estimate Arctic Surface Air Temperature Anomalies [ABSTRACT]

Impact of atmosphere and land surface initial conditions on seasonal forecast of global surface temperature [ABSTRACT]

Full-depth temperature trends in the Northeastern Atlantic through the early 21st century [ABSTRACT]

The effects of urbanization on the rise of the European temperature since 1960 [ABSTRACT]

Asymmetry of winter European surface air temperature extremes and the North Atlantic Oscillation [ABSTRACT]

Climatology of upper air temperature in the Eastern Mediterranean region [ABSTRACT]

Recent trends in daily temperature extremes over northeastern China (1960–2011) [ABSTRACT]

Temperature trend–altitude relationship in China during 1963–2012 [ABSTRACT]

Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature version 4 (ERSST.v4), Part I. Upgrades and Intercomparisons [ABSTRACT]

Artifacts in variations of ocean heat content induced by the observation system changes [ABSTRACT]

Ocean heat uptake processes: a model intercomparison [ABSTRACT]

Mixed layer heat and salinity budgets during the onset of the 2011 Atlantic cold tongue [ABSTRACT]

Regional precipitation simulations for the mid-1970s shift and early-2000s hiatus [ABSTRACT]

The global precipitation response to volcanic eruptions in the CMIP5 models (open access) [ABSTRACT]

An analysis of rainfall across the British Isles in the 1870s [ABSTRACT]

Attribution analysis of high precipitation events in summer in England and Wales over the last decade (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Spatial and temporal analysis of rainfall and temperature trend of India [ABSTRACT]

Climate signals in the mid to high latitude North Atlantic from altimeter observations [ABSTRACT]

Climate change in Kazakhstan during the past 70 years [ABSTRACT]

Evaluation of the CFSv2 CMIP5 decadal predictions [ABSTRACT]

Identifying and removing structural biases in climate models with history matching [ABSTRACT]

Hedging the climate sensitivity risks of a temperature target [ABSTRACT]

Regional variation of the tropical water vapor and lapse rate feedbacks [ABSTRACT]

Comparison of decadal global water vapor changes derived from independent satellite time series [ABSTRACT]

An important mechanism sustaining the atmospheric “water tower” over the Tibetan Plateau (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Evaluation of ISCCP cloud amount with MODIS observations [ABSTRACT]

Cloud effects on the solar and thermal radiation budgets of the Mediterranean basin [ABSTRACT]

Global albedo change and radiative cooling from anthropogenic land-cover change, 1700 to 2005 based on MODIS, land-use harmonization, radiative kernels and reanalysis [ABSTRACT]

Decreased surface albedo driven by denser vegetation on the Tibetan Plateau (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Changes in the land surface energy budget in eastern China over the past three decades: contributions of land cover change and climate change [ABSTRACT]

On the Attribution of a Single Event to Climate Change [ABSTRACT]

Magnitude of extreme heat waves in present climate and their projection in a warming world [ABSTRACT]

‘Category-6’ Supertyphoon Haiyan in Global Warming Hiatus: Contribution from Subsurface Ocean Warming [ABSTRACT]

Changes in U.S. East Coast cyclone dynamics with climate change [ABSTRACT]

Modulation of Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Activity by the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) from 1905-2011 [ABSTRACT]

Interannual variation of the Philippines affecting tropical cyclone intensity and its possible causes [ABSTRACT]

Are Simulated Megadroughts in the North American Southwest Forced? [ABSTRACT]

Summer droughts in the northern Yellow River basin in association with recent Arctic ice loss [ABSTRACT]

Drivers of soil drying in the Czech Republic between 1961 and 2012 [ABSTRACT]

Satellite night-time lights reveal increasing human exposure to floods worldwide [ABSTRACT]

Estimation of peak discharges of historical floods (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Climate change or variable weather: rethinking Danish homeowners’ perceptions of floods and climate [ABSTRACT]

Seasonal to decadal prediction of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation: emerging capability and future prospects [ABSTRACT]

Equatorial Pacific coral geochemical records show recent weakening of the Walker Circulation [ABSTRACT]

Changes in atmospheric blocking characteristics within Euro-Atlantic region and Northern Hemisphere as a whole in the 21st century from model simulations using RCP anthropogenic scenarios [ABSTRACT]

Atmospheric Fronts in Current and Future Climates [ABSTRACT]

Role of sea surface temperature, Arctic sea ice and Siberian snow in forcing the atmospheric circulation in winter of 2012–2013 [ABSTRACT]

Separating the influence of temperature, drought and fire on interannual variability in atmospheric CO2 [ABSTRACT]

How sensitive is the recovery of stratospheric ozone to changes in concentrations of very short-lived bromocarbons? (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Biases in Southern Hemisphere climate trends induced by coarsely specifying the temporal resolution of stratospheric ozone [ABSTRACT]

Exploiting simultaneous observational constraints on mass and absorption to estimate the global direct radiative forcing of black carbon and brown carbon (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Trends in sulfate and organic aerosol mass in the Southeast U.S.: Impact on aerosol optical depth and radiative forcing [ABSTRACT]

Mapping atmospheric aerosols with a citizen science network of smartphone spectropolarimeters (open access) [ABSTRACT]

International Climate Assessment & Dataset (ICA&D): climate services across borders [ABSTRACT]

On Mars too, expect macroweather [ABSTRACT]


Sensitivity of Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance to perturbations in sea surface temperature and sea ice cover: a study with the regional climate model MAR (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Distinct patterns of seasonal Greenland glacier velocity [ABSTRACT]

Ocean change around Greenland under a warming climate [ABSTRACT]

The large-scale climate in response to the retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet [ABSTRACT]

Surface velocity and mass balance of Livingston Island ice cap, Antarctica (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Mass changes of outlet glaciers along the Nordensjköld Coast, northern Antarctic Peninsula, based on TanDEM-X satellite measurements [ABSTRACT]

Climate change impacts in polar-regions: lessons from Antarctic moss bank archives [ABSTRACT]

A database of worldwide glacier thickness observations (open access) [ABSTRACT]

The days of plenty might soon be over in glacierized Central Asian catchments (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Glacier area and length changes in Norway from repeat inventories (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Assessment of heat sources on the control of fast flow of Vestfonna ice cap, Svalbard (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Subtropical iceberg scours and meltwater routing in the deglacial western North Atlantic [ABSTRACT]

Variability in categories of Arctic sea ice in Fram Strait [ABSTRACT]

Using records from submarine, aircraft and satellites to evaluate climate model simulations of Arctic sea ice thickness (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Will Arctic sea ice thickness initialization improve seasonal forecast skill? [ABSTRACT]

Synoptic Activity Associated with Sea Ice Variability in the Arctic [ABSTRACT]

Robust Arctic sea-ice influence on the frequent Eurasian cold winters in past decades [ABSTRACT]

Impact of the initialisation on the predictability of the Southern Ocean sea ice at interannual to multi-decadal timescales [ABSTRACT]

Modeling the evolution of climate-sensitive Arctic subsea permafrost in regions of extensive gas expulsion at the West Yamal shelf [ABSTRACT]

Using dissolved organic matter age and composition to detect permafrost thaw in boreal watersheds of interior Alaska [ABSTRACT]

Introduction to GlobSnow Snow Extent products with considerations for accuracy assessment [ABSTRACT]

Early 21st century snow cover state over the western river basins of the Indus River system (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Black carbon and other light-absorbing particles in snow of central North America [ABSTRACT]

Urban impacts of ice storms: Toronto December 2013 [ABSTRACT]

Velocity of climate change algorithms for guiding conservation and management [ABSTRACT]

Future changes of the terrestrial ecosystem based on a dynamic vegetation model driven with RCP8.5 climate projections from 19 GCMs [ABSTRACT]

Temporal context affects the observed rate of climate-driven range shifts in tree species (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Soil contribution to carbon budget of Russian forests [ABSTRACT]

Predicting competitive shifts and responses to climate change based on latitudinal distributions of species assemblages [ABSTRACT]

Geographical pattern in first bloom variability and its relation to temperature sensitivity in the USA and China [ABSTRACT]

Heat and drought extremes likely to stress ecosystem productivity equally or more in a warmer, CO2 rich future (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Assessment of rates of deforestation classes in the Paraguayan Chaco (Great South American Chaco) with comments on the vulnerability of forests fragments to climate change [ABSTRACT]

Long-term hurricane damage effects on tropical forest tree growth and mortality [ABSTRACT]

Climate change in our backyards: the reshuffling of North America’s winter bird communities [ABSTRACT]

Climate change and lizards: changing species’ geographic ranges in Patagonia [ABSTRACT]

Regionalized global budget of the CO2 exchange at the air-water interface in continental shelf seas [ABSTRACT]

Could the acid–base status of Antarctic sea urchins indicate a better-than-expected resilience to near-future ocean acidification? [ABSTRACT]

Upper limit for sea level projections by 2100 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Relative contributions of ocean mass and deep steric changes to sea level rise between 1993 and 2013 [ABSTRACT]

Preliminary analysis of acceleration of sea level rise through the twentieth century using extended tide gauge data sets (August 2014) [ABSTRACT]

A unique asymmetry in the pattern of recent sea level change [ABSTRACT]

Sea–level rise in the Mediterranean Sea to 2050: Roles of terrestrial ice melt, steric effects and glacial isostatic adjustment [ABSTRACT]

Probabilistic projections of the Atlantic overturning [ABSTRACT]

Pronounced chemical response of Subarctic lakes to climate-driven losses in surface area [ABSTRACT]

Detection of solar dimming and brightening effects on Northern Hemisphere river flow [ABSTRACT]

Variability and extreme of Mackenzie River daily discharge during 1973–2011 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Challenges in quantifying changes in the global water cy cle [ABSTRACT]

A consistent picture of the hydroclimatic response to global warming from multiple indices: Models and observations [ABSTRACT]

Impact of diurnal temperature range on human health: a systematic review [ABSTRACT]

Modelling impacts of climate change on global food security [ABSTRACT]

Simulation of tropical cyclone impacts to the U.S. power system under climate change scenarios [ABSTRACT]

One effect to rule them all? A comment on climate and conflict (open access) [ABSTRACT]


Impact of Weddell Sea deep convection on natural and anthropogenic carbon in a climate model [ABSTRACT]

Tropical wetlands: A missing link in the global carbon cycle? [ABSTRACT]

Climatic variability, hydrologic anomaly, and methane emission can turn productive freshwater marshes into net carbon sources [ABSTRACT]

Upscaling carbon dioxide emissions from lakes [ABSTRACT]

Biogeophysical feedbacks enhance the Arctic terrestrial carbon sink in regional Earth system dynamics (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Predictability of the terrestrial carbon cycle [ABSTRACT]

A Top-Down Regional Assessment of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Europe [ABSTRACT]

Allocating greenhouse gas emissions in the German federal system: Regional interests and federal climate governance [ABSTRACT]

Enhanced Australian carbon sink despite increased wildfire during the 21st century (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Review of hidden carbon emissions, trade, and labor income share in China, 2001–2011 [ABSTRACT]

Nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from human waste in 1970–2050 [ABSTRACT]

Inventories and scenarios of nitrous oxide emissions (open access) [ABSTRACT]

From intention to action: Can nudges help consumers to choose renewable energy? [ABSTRACT]

Potential cooperation in renewable energy between China and the United States of America (open access) [ABSTRACT]

A wedge-based approach to estimating health co-benefits of climate change mitigation activities in the United States [ABSTRACT]

IPCC AR5 Overlooked the Potential of Unleashing Agricultural Biotechnology to Combat Climate Change and Poverty [ABSTRACT]

A general framework for the assessment of solar fuels technologies [ABSTRACT]

Mitigation of ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane emissions from manure management chains: a meta-analysis and integrated assessment [ABSTRACT]

Consumer cost effectiveness of CO2 mitigation policies in restructured electricity markets (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Carbon footprint of milk production in Brazil: a comparative case study [ABSTRACT]

A critical examination of the climate engineering moral hazard and risk compensation concern (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Public engagement with marine climate change issues: (Re)framings, understandings and responses [ABSTRACT]

Conceiving the rationale for international climate law [ABSTRACT]

Challenging dominant discourses of climate change [ABSTRACT]

How climate change research undermines trust in everyday life: a review [ABSTRACT]

The state of climate change adaptation in the Arctic (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Maladaptation to drought: a case report from California, USA [ABSTRACT]

Evacuation as a climate adaptation strategy for environmental justice communities [ABSTRACT]

The status of climate change adaptation in Africa and Asia (open access) [ABSTRACT]


Impact of orbitals and greenhouse gas on the climate of MIS 7 and MIS 5 glacial inceptions [ABSTRACT]

Eight-hundred years of summer temperature variations in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula reconstructed from tree rings [ABSTRACT]

Radiative forcings for 28 potential Archean greenhouse gases (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Chemostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic signatures of the Anthropocene in estuarine areas from the eastern Cantabrian coast (N. Spain) [ABSTRACT]

The ‘Little Ice Age’ in the Southern Hemisphere in the context of the last 3000?years: Peat-based proxy-climate data from Tierra del Fuego [ABSTRACT]

How climate change impacted the collapse of the Ming dynasty [ABSTRACT]

Climate change and fiscal balance in China over the past two millennia [ABSTRACT]

ENSO Reconstructions over the past 60?ka using giant clams (Tridacna sp.) from Papua New Guinea [ABSTRACT]

Documentary and tree-ring evidence for a long-term interval without ice impoundments from Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina [ABSTRACT]

Temperature reconstructions from tree-ring densities overestimate volcanic cooling [ABSTRACT]

Relationships between temperature change and grain harvest fluctuations in China from 210 BC to 1910 AD [ABSTRACT]

Differential effects of temperature change and human impact on European Late Quaternary mammalian extinctions [ABSTRACT]

Dansgaard-Oeschger (D/O) forcing of sea surface temperature (SST) variability in the mid-latitude North Atlantic between 500 and 400?ka (MIS 12) [ABSTRACT]

Unprecedented recent warming rate and temperature variability over the east Tibetan Plateau inferred from Alpine treeline dendrochronology [ABSTRACT]

Absence of late-summer warming trend over the past two and half centuries on the eastern Tibetan Plateau [ABSTRACT]

Fire in ice: two millennia of boreal forest fire history from the Greenland NEEM ice core (open access) [ABSTRACT]


Sustainability of global water use: past reconstruction and future projections (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Development, global change and traditional food security in Pacific Island countries [ABSTRACT]


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