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New research – January 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on February 2, 2015

Some selected papers as included in my New research stream in Twitter and in Facebook during January 2015. There are 145 papers, which makes it about 4.7 papers per day.


ERA-Interim/Land: a global land surface reanalysis data set (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Global hourly land surface air temperature datasets: inter-comparison and climate change [ABSTRACT]

Recent global warming hiatus dominated by low latitude temperature trends in surface and troposphere data [ABSTRACT]

The global warming hiatus—a natural product of interactions of a secular warming trend and a multi-decadal oscillation [ABSTRACT]

The recent global-warming hiatus: What is the role of Pacific variability? [ABSTRACT]

Ratios of record high to record low temperatures in Europe exhibit sharp increases since 2000 despite a slowdown in the rise of mean temperatures [ABSTRACT]

China experiences the recent warming hiatus [ABSTRACT]

Regions of significant influence on unforced global mean surface air temperature variability in climate models [ABSTRACT]

The impact of urbanization and the urban heat island effect on day to day temperature variation [ABSTRACT]

Seasonality in Future Tropical Lower Stratospheric Temperature Trends [ABSTRACT]

Spatial and temporal temperature trends in the lower stratosphere during the extended boreal winter from reanalyses [ABSTRACT]

Recent changes in Georgia’s temperature means and extremes: Annual and seasonal trends between 1961 and 2010 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Assessing the accuracy of the climate data of the grid database (CRU TS 2.1) in the territory of Kazakhstan [ABSTRACT]

Climate change in the City of Àlmaty during the past 120 years [ABSTRACT]

Recent changes of temperature extremes over Italy: an index-based analysis [ABSTRACT]

Artificial Amplification of Warming Trends Across the Mountains of the Western United States [ABSTRACT]

Earth’s energy imbalance since 1960 in observations and CMIP5 models [ABSTRACT]

A comparison between simulated and observed surface energy balance at the Svalbard archipelago [ABSTRACT]

Designing Detection and Attribution simulations for CMIP6 to Optimize the Estimation of Greenhouse-gas Induced Warming [ABSTRACT]

Skill of regional and global model forecast over Indian region [ABSTRACT]

Modelling long-term monthly temperatures by several data-driven methods using geographical inputs [ABSTRACT]

A historical perspective on climate change assessment [ABSTRACT]

The elevation dependency of 21st century European climate change: an RCM ensemble perspective [ABSTRACT]

Erythemal ultraviolet irradiation trends in the Iberian Peninsula from 1950 to 2011 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Empirical Removal of Artifacts from the ISCCP and PATMOS-x Satellite Cloud Records [ABSTRACT]

A global survey of cloud overlap based on CALIPSO and CloudSat measurements (open access) [ABSTRACT]

The influence of cloud feedbacks on equatorial Atlantic variability [ABSTRACT]

Circulation response to warming shaped by radiative changes of clouds and water vapour [ABSTRACT]

Impact of aerosol radiative effects on 2000–2010 surface temperatures [ABSTRACT]

A standardized global climate model study showing unique properties for the climate response to black carbon aerosols [ABSTRACT]

In-situ observations of black carbon in snow and the corresponding spectral surface albedo reduction [ABSTRACT]

Carbon storage versus albedo change: radiative forcing of forest expansion in temperate mountainous regions of Switzerland (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Global analysis of radiative forcing from fire-induced shortwave albedo change (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Projected Changes in Climate Extremes over the Northeastern United States [ABSTRACT]

Changes in observed climate extremes in global urban areas (open accerss) [ABSTRACT]

Central American biomass burning smoke can increase tornado severity in the U.S [ABSTRACT]

Climatology, Storm Morphologies, and Environments of Tornadoes in the British Isles: 1980–2012 [ABSTRACT]

Low frequency storminess signal at Bermuda linked to cooling events in the North Atlantic region [ABSTRACT]

European drought climatologies and trends based on a multi-indicator approach [ABSTRACT]

Estimating the water needed to end the drought or reduce the drought severity in the Carpathian region (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Joining Forces in a Global Flood Partnership (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Heavy precipitation in a changing climate: Does short-term summer precipitation increase faster? [ABSTRACT]

A New Metric for Indian Monsoon Rainfall Extremes [ABSTRACT]

An observational evidence of decrease in Indian summer monsoon rainfall in the recent three decades of global warming era [ABSTRACT]

Evidence for a wavier jet stream in response to rapid Arctic warming (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Recent summer Arctic atmospheric circulation anomalies in a historical perspective (open access) [ABSTRACT]

A delayed oscillator model for the quasi-periodic multidecadal variability of the NAO [ABSTRACT]

Impacts of the Atlantic Equatorial Mode in a warmer climate (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Impact of anomalous northward oceanic heat transport on global climate in a slab-ocean setting [ABSTRACT]

A surface wind extremes (“Wind Lulls” and “Wind Blows”) climatology for central North America and adjoining oceans (1979-2012) [ABSTRACT]

Detectability of CO2 flux signals by a space-based lidar mission [ABSTRACT]

Constructing accurate maps of atmospheric water vapor by combining interferometric synthetic aperture radar and GNSS observations [ABSTRACT]

Spatial and temporal variability of water vapor pressure in the arid region of northwest China, during 1961–2011 [ABSTRACT]

The Montreal Protocol: how today’s successes offer a pathway to the future [ABSTRACT]

Lessons from the stratospheric ozone layer protection for climate [ABSTRACT]

Global versus local effects on climate change in Asia [ABSTRACT]

Internal climate memory in observations and models [ABSTRACT]

Gordon Valentine Manley and his contribution to the study of climate change: a review of his life and work (open access) [ABSTRACT]


The Arctic is unravelling [ABSTRACT]

Sudden drainage of a subglacial lake beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Mass changes in Arctic ice caps and glaciers: implications of regionalizing elevation changes (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Glacier change in the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia, Canada (1952–2005) (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Stable climate and surface mass balance in Svalbard over 1979–2013 despite the Arctic warming (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Quantifying mass balance processes on the Southern Patagonia Icefield (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Underwater acoustic signatures of glacier calving [ABSTRACT]

Arctic warming: nonlinear impacts of sea-ice and glacier melt on seabird foraging [ABSTRACT]

The role of ocean-atmosphere coupling in the zonal mean atmospheric response to Arctic sea ice loss [ABSTRACT]

The role of atmospheric uncertainty in Arctic summer sea ice data assimilation and prediction [ABSTRACT]

Seasonal ice loss in the Beaufort Sea: Toward synchrony and prediction [ABSTRACT]

The refreezing of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice [ABSTRACT]

Large amounts of labile organic carbon in permafrost soils of Northern Alaska [ABSTRACT]

Observing Muostakh disappear: permafrost thaw subsidence and erosion of a ground-ice-rich island in response to arctic summer warming and sea ice reduction (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Icing conditions over Northern Eurasia in changing climate (open access) [ABSTRACT]

The sensitivity of wet and dry tropical forests to climate change in Bolivia [ABSTRACT]

Long-term changes in soil pH across major forest ecosystems in China [ABSTRACT]

Regional Variations in Potential Plant Habitat Changes in Response to Multiple Global Warming Scenarios [ABSTRACT]

Biosphere-climate interactions in a changing climate over North America [ABSTRACT]

Climate-driven extinctions shape the phylogenetic structure of temperate tree floras [ABSTRACT]

A review of the biophysical impacts of climate change in three hotspot regions in Africa and Asia [ABSTRACT]

Is drought-induced forest dieback globally increasing? (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Tree growth variation in the tropical forest: understanding effects of temperature, rainfall and CO2 [ABSTRACT]

Rain events decrease boreal peatland net CO2 uptake through reduced light availability [ABSTRACT]

A boreal invasion in response to climate change? Range shifts and community effects in the borderland between forest and tundra (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Has the advancing onset of spring vegetation green-up slowed down or changed abruptly over the last three decades? [ABSTRACT]

Cascading effects of climate extremes on vertebrate fauna through changes to low-latitude tree flowering and fruiting phenology [ABSTRACT]

Climate change, phenology, and butterfly host plant utilization (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Change in spring arrival of migratory birds under an era of climate change, Swedish data from the last 140 years (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Patterns of bird migration phenology in South Africa suggest northern hemisphere climate as the most consistent driver of change [ABSTRACT]

Anticipated climate and land-cover changes reveal refuge areas for Borneo’s orang-utans (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Asymmetric impact of the physiological effect of carbon dioxide on hydrological responses to instantaneous negative and positive CO2 forcing [ABSTRACT]

Potential predictability of malaria in Africa using ECMWF monthly and seasonal climate forecasts [ABSTRACT]

Climate change and marine benthos: a review of existing research and future directions in the North Atlantic [ABSTRACT]

Chlorophyll a reconstruction from in-situ measurements, Part II: Marked carbon uptake decrease in the last century [ABSTRACT]

Climate change enhances primary production in the western antarctic peninsula [ABSTRACT]

Ocean acidification along the 24.5°N section in the subtropical North Atlantic [ABSTRACT]

Ocean acidification accelerates dissolution of experimental coral reef communities (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Acidification effects on biofouling communities: winners and losers (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Secondary calcification and dissolution respond differently to future ocean conditions (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Calcification is not the Achilles’ heel of cold-water corals in an acidifying ocean [ABSTRACT]

Forecasted coral reef decline in marine biodiversity hotspots under climate change [ABSTRACT]

Improved sea level record over the satellite altimetry era (1993–2010) from the Climate Change Initiative project (open access) [ABSTRACT]

The Global Impacts of Extreme Sea-Level Rise: A Comprehensive Economic Assessment (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Importance and origin of halosteric contribution to sea level change in the southeast Indian Ocean during 2005-2013 [ABSTRACT]

Impact of Greenland orography on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation [ABSTRACT]

Detecting changes in marine responses to ENSO from 850–2100 CE: insights from the ocean carbon cycle [ABSTRACT]

Rising atmospheric CO2 leads to large impact of biology on Southern Ocean CO2 uptake via changes of the Revelle factor [ABSTRACT]

The age of river-transported carbon: a global perspective [ABSTRACT]

Peru-Chile upwelling dynamics under climate change [ABSTRACT]

Decrease in water clarity of the southern and central North Sea during the 20th-century [ABSTRACT]

The response of lake variations to climate change in the past forty years: A case study of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau and adjacent areas, China [ABSTRACT]

Climate driven vertical acceleration of Icelandic crust measured by CGPS geodesy [ABSTRACT]

Exploring climate change impacts and adaptation options for maize production in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia using different climate change scenarios and crop models [ABSTRACT]

How Climate Change Affects Extremes in Maize and Wheat Yield in Two Cropping Regions [ABSTRACT]

Projected changes in Malawi’s growing season [ABSTRACT]

Assessing the limits of bias correcting climate model outputs for climate change impact studies [ABSTRACT]


Top-down estimates of European CH4 and N2O emissions based on four different inverse models (open access) [ABSTRACT]

North America’s net terrestrial CO2 exchange with the atmosphere 1990–2009 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Axial-obliquity control on the greenhouse carbon budget through mid- to high-latitude reservoirs [ABSTRACT]

Environmental impacts of electricity generation at global, regional and national scales in 1980-2011: What can we learn for future energy planning? [ABSTRACT]

A missing link? The case of Norway and Sweden: Does increased renewable energy production impact domestic greenhouse gas emissions? [ABSTRACT]

Uncertainties in future energy demand in UK residential heating [ABSTRACT]

The potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK through healthy and realistic dietary change [ABSTRACT]

Mapping the scientific research on life cycle assessment: a bibliometric analysis [ABSTRACT]

Scenario analysis of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Darjeeling tea [ABSTRACT]

Dual high-stake emerging technologies: a review of the climate engineering research literature (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Assessing the controllability of Arctic sea ice extent by sulfate aerosol geoengineering [ABSTRACT]

The potential contribution to climate change mitigation from temporary carbon storage in biomaterials [ABSTRACT]

Modeling California policy impacts on greenhouse gas emissions [ABSTRACT]

Labeling opinions in the climate debate: a critical review [ABSTRACT]


Measuring the skill of variance-scaled climate reconstructions and a test for the capture of extremes [ABSTRACT]

Holocene shifts of the Southern Westerlies across the South Atlantic [ABSTRACT]

A deadly cocktail: How a drought around 4200 cal. yr BP caused mass mortality events at the infamous ‘dodo swamp’ in Mauritius [ABSTRACT]

An aggregated climate teleconnection index linked to historical Egyptian famines of the last thousand years [ABSTRACT]

Early to middle Miocene vegetation history of Antarctica supports eccentricity-paced warming intervals during the Antarctic icehouse phase [ABSTRACT]

Tree ring effects and ice core acidities clarify the volcanic record of the first millennium (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Human adaptation strategies to abrupt climate change in Puerto Rico ca. 3.5 ka [ABSTRACT]

Long-term winter warming trend in the Siberian Arctic during the mid- to late Holocene [ABSTRACT]

Tree ring evidence of late summer warming in Sikkim, northeast India [ABSTRACT]

Shrubs tracing sea surface temperature—Calluna vulgaris on the Faroe Islands [ABSTRACT]

Stable “Waterbelt” climates controlled by tropical ocean heat transport: a non-linear coupled climate mechanism of relevance to Snowball Earth [ABSTRACT]

Tree-ring δ18O in African mahogany (Entandrophragma utile) records regional precipitation and can be used for climate reconstructions [ABSTRACT]


Crowdsourcing for climate and atmospheric sciences: current status and future potential [ABSTRACT]

The trajectory of the Anthropocene: The Great Acceleration [ABSTRACT]

When the long run matters [ABSTRACT]

Estimates of global dew collection potential on artificial surfaces (open access) [ABSTRACT]


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