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New research – April and May 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on June 15, 2015

In February, I stopped providing daily new climate research posts in social media. However, I still keep an eye on new publications. Below are some new climate related papers from April and May 2015. They are not ordered by subject but roughly by publication time. There are 196 papers in the list.

Heat Content variability in the North Atlantic Ocean in Ocean Reanalyses

Monitoring deep ocean temperatures using acoustic ambient noise

Modeling the fate of methane hydrates under global warming

A negative phase shift of the winter AO/NAO due to the recent Arctic sea-ice reduction in late autumn

638 years of summer temperature variability over the Bhutanese Himalaya

Impact of initial conditions versus external forcing in decadal climate predictions: A sensitivity experiment

The impact of Sahara desertification on Arctic cooling during the Holocene (open access)

Diminished greenhouse warming from Archean methane due to solar absorption lines (open access)

A high resolution record of sea surface temperature in southern Okinawa Trough for the past 15,000 years

Executives’ engagement with climate science and perceived need for business adaptation to climate change

Trends in the Skill of Weather Prediction at Lead Times of 1 to 14 Days

A daily Azores–Iceland North Atlantic Oscillation index back to 1850 (open access)

Lightning myths in southern Africa

Persistent cold air outbreaks over North America in a warming climate (open access)

Nuclear reactors’ construction costs: The role of lead-time, standardization and technological progress

Recent slowdown of tropical upper-tropospheric warming associated with Pacific climate variability

The Frequency and Duration of US Hurricane Droughts

New estimates of tropical mean temperature trend profiles from zonal mean historical radiosonde and pilot balloon wind shear observations

Heat wave flash droughts in decline

Simultaneous reductions in emissions of black carbon and co-emitted species will weaken the aerosol net cooling effect (open access)

A connection between geomagnetic intensity and climatic anomalies recorded in Chinese loess

Algorithm to retrieve the melt pond fraction and the spectral albedo of Arctic summer ice from satellite optical data

Change in the glacier extent in Turkey during the Landsat Era

Coffea arabica yields decline in Tanzania due to climate change: Global implications

Virus disease in wheat predicted to increase with a changing climate

Effective climate change refugia for coral reefs

Environmental art, prior knowledge about climate change, and carbon offsets

Extraction of the global absolute temperature for Northern Hemisphere using a set of 6190 meteorological stations from 1800 to 2013

Parameterizations for narrowband and broadband albedo of pure snow, and snow containing mineral dust and black carbon

Observed climate change hot-spots

Climate variability and relationships between top-of-atmosphere radiation and temperatures on Earth

Estimating the Atlantic overturning at 26°N using satellite altimetry and cable measurements

Spatial patterns in CO2 evasion from the global river network

Tree-Ring Amplification of the Early-19th Century Summer Cooling in Central Europe

A Millennial Summer Temperature Reconstruction for the Eastern Tibetan Plateau from Tree Ring Width

On the predictability of the winter Euro-Atlantic climate: lagged influence of autumn Arctic sea-ice

Temperature Trends over Germany from Homogenized Radiosonde Data

CMIP5 projections of Arctic amplification, of the North American/North Atlantic circulation, and of their relationship

Warming permafrost and active layer variability at Cime Bianche, Western European Alps (open access)

Long term changes in the ionosphere over Indian low latitudes: Impact of greenhouse gases

Addressing the risk of double counting emission reductions under the UNFCCC

Time-lag Effects of Global Vegetation Responses to Climate Change

Variability in the start, end, and length of frost-free periods across the conterminous United States during the past century

Personal experience with climate change predicts intentions to act

Long term energy and emission implications of a global shift to electricity-based public rail transportation system

Swedish birds are tracking temperature but not rainfall: evidence from a decade of abundance changes

Estimating global natural wetland methane emissions using process modelling: spatio-temporal patterns and contributions to atmospheric methane fluctuations

Resistance and resilience of terrestrial birds in drying climates: do floodplains provide drought refugia?

Ebullition of methane from peatlands: does peat act as a signal shredder?

Impact of the global warming hiatus on Andean temperature

Extratropical ocean warming and winter Arctic sea ice cover since the 1990s

Human influences on changes in the temperature seasonality in mid-to-high latitude land areas

Multidecadal variability of the summer length in Europe

Carbon isotope (δ13C) excursions suggest times of major methane release during the last 14 kyr in Fram Strait, the deep-water gateway to the Arctic (open access)

Quantifying meltwater refreezing along a transect of sites on the Greenland ice sheet (open access)

What drives growth of Scots pine in continental Mediterranean climates: Drought, low temperatures or both?

Climate change vulnerability assessment of the urban forest in three Canadian cities

Wintertime climate factors controlling snow resource decline in Finland

Three centuries of dual pressure from land use and climate change on the biosphere (open access)

A climatic deconstruction of recent drought trends in the United States (open access)

Polar amplification and elevation-dependence in trends of Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent, 1971–2014 (open access)

Climate effect of black carbon aerosol in a Tibetan Plateau glacier

Network analysis reveals open forums and echo chambers in social media discussions of climate change

Missing iris effect as a possible cause of muted hydrological change and high climate sensitivity in models

Greenland 2012 melt event effects on CryoSat-2 radar altimetry

Investigating the recent apparent hiatus in surface temperature increases: Part 2. Comparison of model ensembles to observational estimates

Multi-century changes in ocean and land contributions to climate-carbon feedbacks

Sunshine duration variability and trends in Italy from homogenized instrumental time series (1936–2013)

Heterogeneous warming of Northern Hemisphere surface temperatures over the last 1200 years

Using Microwave Satellite Data to Assess Changes in Storminess over the Pacific Ocean

Glacial meltwater and primary production are drivers of strong CO2 uptake in fjord and coastal waters adjacent to the Greenland Ice Sheet (open access)

Subsurface North Atlantic warming as a trigger of rapid cooling events: evidence from the early Pleistocene (MIS 31–19) (open access)

Future permafrost conditions along environmental gradients in Zackenberg, Greenland (open access)

Accounting for radiative forcing from albedo change in future global land-use scenarios

Scientists’ views and positions on global warming and climate change: A content analysis of congressional testimonies

Does “adaptation to climate change” mean resignation or opportunity?

The visual rhetoric of climate change

The severity of wheat diseases increases when plants and pathogens are acclimatized to elevated carbon dioxide

How does model development affect climate projections?

Quantifying a realistic, worldwide wind and solar electricity supply

Polar amplification and elevation-dependence in trends of Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent, 1971–2014 (open access)

Geographically coherent patterns of albedo enhancement and suppression associated with aerosol sources and sinks (open access)

Links between atmospheric carbon dioxide, the land carbon reservoir and climate over the past millennium

Coupled simulations of Greenland ice sheet and climate change up to AD 2300

Detecting the signature of permafrost thaw in Arctic rivers

Seasonal to decadal variations of sea surface pCO2 and sea-air CO2 flux in the equatorial oceans over 1984-2013: A basin-scale comparison of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

On the long-term climate memory in the surface air temperature records over Antarctica: A non-negligible factor for trend evaluation

Tracing glacier changes in Austria from the Little Ice Age to the present using a lidar-based high-resolution glacier inventory in Austria (open access)

The decrease in mid-stratospheric tropical ozone since 1991 (open access)

Assessing the vulnerability of Australian skinks to climate change

Modelling the influences of climate change-associated sea-level rise and socioeconomic development on future storm surge mortality

Agricultural drought hazard analysis during 1980–2008: a global perspective

Temperature and snowfall trigger alpine vegetation green-up on the world’s roof

The dynamics of vulnerability: why adapting to climate variability will not always prepare us for climate change

Beyond ‘deniers’ and ‘believers’: Towards a map of the politics of climate change

Getting the Anthropocene so wrong

Who speaks for the future of Earth? How critical social science can extend the conversation on the Anthropocene

Population history and its relationship with climate change on the Chinese Loess Plateau during the past 10,000 years

An increase in the rate of global mean sea level rise since 2010

Considerations for Estimating the 20th Century Trend in Global Mean Sea Level

A combined solar and geomagnetic index for thermospheric climate

Possible impacts of a future Grand Solar Minimum on climate: Stratospheric and global circulation changes

Predictable components in Australian daily temperature data

The impact of poleward moisture and sensible heat flux on Arctic winter sea-ice variability

Audit of the global carbon budget: estimate errors and their impact on uptake uncertainty (open access)

Simultaneous solution for mass trends on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (open access)

Lengthening of the growing season in wheat and maize producing regions

Elevation changes measured during 1966–2010 on the monsoonal temperate glaciers’ ablation region, Gongga Mountains, China

Inhomogeneous warming of the Tropical Indian Ocean in the CMIP5 model simulations during 1900–2005 and associated mechanisms

Climate change overruns resilience conferred by temperature-dependent sex determination in sea turtles and threatens their survival

Impact of Climate Change on Cold Hardiness of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii): Environmental and Genetic Considerations

Attribution of the record high Central England temperature of 2014 to anthropogenic influences (open access)

Impacts of ocean albedo alteration on Arctic sea ice restoration and Northern Hemisphere climate (open access)

The dynamic effects of sea level rise on low gradient coastal landscapes: a review (open access)

Spatial patterns of radiative forcing and surface temperature response

Interpolation of Global Monthly Rain-Gauge Observations for Climate Change Analysis

The GAMDAM glacier inventory: a quality-controlled inventory of Asian glaciers (open access)

Vulnerability and adaptation to severe weather events in the American southwest (open access)

Long-term changes/trends in surface temperature and precipitation during the satellite era (1979–2012)

Historical and experimental evidence for enhanced concentration of artemesinin, a global anti-malarial treatment, with recent and projected increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide

Drought and societal collapse 3200 years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean: a review

Climate change tipping points: origins, precursors, and debates

Does the growth response of woody plants to elevated CO2 increase with temperature? A model-oriented meta-analysis

Environmental and health impacts of a policy to phase out nuclear power in Sweden

Energy efficiency to mitigate carbon emissions: strategies of China and the USA

Land-ice elevation changes from photon-counting swath altimetry: first applications over the Antarctic ice sheet

Runaway thinning of the low-elevation Yakutat Glacier, Alaska, and its sensitivity to climate change

Basal topographic controls on rapid retreat of Humboldt Glacier, northern Greenland

Temperature Impacts on the Water Year 2014 Drought in California

Effect of Recent Sea Surface Temperature Trends on the Arctic Stratospheric Vortex

Climate Impacts of Large-scale Wind Farms as Parameterized in a Global Climate Model

Sea level trends in Southeast Asian seas (open access)

Future climate and surface mass balance of Svalbard glaciers in an RCP8.5 climate scenario: a study with the regional climate model MAR forced by MIROC5 (open access)

Measurements of methane emissions from natural gas gathering facilities and processing plants: measurement methods (open access)

The Greenhouse Gas Climate Change Initiative (GHG-CCI): Comparison and quality assessment of near-surface-sensitive satellite-derived CO2 and CH4 global data sets

Predicting temporal shifts in the spring occurrence of overwintered Scotinophara lurida (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and rice phenology in Korea with climate change

Increased mortality associated with extreme-heat exposure in King County, Washington, 1980–2010

Climate-driven changes in lakes from the Peruvian Andes

Fast atmospheric response to a sudden thinning of Arctic sea ice (open access)

Recent changes in Serbian climate extreme indices from 1961 to 2010

Up to 400-year-old Rhododendron shrubs on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau: prospects for shrub-based dendrochronology

Seepage: Climate change denial and its effect on the scientific community

Improving climate change detection through optimal seasonal averaging: the case of the North Atlantic jet and European precipitation

A Quantitative Definition of Global Warming Hiatus and 50-Year Prediction of Global Mean Surface Temperature

The Melting Arctic and Mid-latitude Weather Patterns: Are They Connected?

Projected 21st century changes in the length of the tropical cyclone season

A heuristic evaluation of long-term global sea-level acceleration

A review of trend models applied to sea level data with reference to the “acceleration-deceleration debate”

Increases in the Annual Range of Soil Water Storage at Northern Mid- and High-Latitudes under Global Warming

Oceanic and atmospheric forcing of Larsen C Ice-Shelf thinning (open access)

Global warming increases the frequency of river floods in Europe (open access)

Observed changes in ocean acidity and carbon dioxide exchange in the coastal Bay of Bengal – a link to air pollution (open access)

Snow bands over the Gulf of Finland in wintertime (open access)

Underground urban heat island below Moscow city

A decade of sea surface temperature from MODIS

Impact Of Soil Moisture On Extreme Maximum Temperatures In Europe

Effect of recent minor volcanic eruptions on temperatures in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

Management of drought risk under global warming

Four decades of glacier mass balance observations in the Indian Himalaya

Investigation of the atmospheric mechanisms related to the autumn sea ice and winter circulation link in the Northern Hemisphere

Global semi-arid climate change over last 60 years (open access)

Observed trends in light precipitation events over global land during 1961–2010

Colony-specific investigations reveal highly variable responses among individual corals to ocean acidification and warming

Atmospheric changes through 2012 as shown by iteratively homogenized radiosonde temperature and wind data (IUKv2) (open access)

Does External Forcing Interfere with the AMOC’s Influence on North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature?

Pacific origin of the abrupt increase in Indian Ocean heat content during the warming hiatus

Sustained growth of the Southern Ocean carbon storage in a warming climate

AIRS satellite data reveal the Arctic is becoming warmer and wetter

Considering thermal-viscous collapse of the Greenland ice sheet (open access)

Europe on fire three thousand years ago: Arson or climate?

A model of the methane cycle, permafrost, and hydrology of the Siberian continental margin (open access)

AOD trends during 2001–2010 from observations and model simulations (open access)

Ice-dynamic projections of the Greenland ice sheet in response to atmospheric and oceanic warming (open access)

Impacts of emission reductions on aerosol radiative effects (open access)

Projected impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on the global biogeography of planktonic Foraminifera (open access)

Potential benefits of climate change for crop productivity in China

Optimal forcing of ENSO either side of the 1970’s climate shift and its implications for predictability

Attributing observed Greenland responses to natural and anthropogenic climate forcings

Social ties and concern for global warming

Six temperature and precipitation regimes of the contiguous United States between 1895 and 2010: a statistical inference study

Dominant tree species are at risk from exaggerated drought under climate change

Revisiting the potential of melt pond fraction as a predictor for the seasonal Arctic sea ice extent minimum (open access)

Arctic lakes are continuous methane sources to the atmosphere under warming conditions (open access)

Satellite constraint on the tropospheric ozone radiative effect

Changes in ocean vertical heat transport with global warming

Influence of West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse on Antarctic surface climate

Threshold Behavior of a Marine-Based Sector of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in Response to Early Pliocene Ocean Warming

Cloud radiative forcing at Summit, Greenland

Centennial changes of the global water cycle in CMIP5 models

Quantifying the role of internal climate variability in future climate trends

Modelling glacier change in the Everest region, Nepal Himalaya (open access)

Quantifying contributions to the recent temperature variability in the tropical tropopause layer (open access)

Analysis of surface incident shortwave radiation from four satellite products

Monitoring Arctic sea ice phenology change using hypertemporal remotely sensed data: 1989–2010

Nonlinear winter atmospheric circulation response to Arctic sea ice concentration anomalies for different periods during 1966–2012 (open access)

A simulated lagged response of the North Atlantic Oscillation to the solar cycle over the period 1960–2009 (open access)


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