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New research, October 9, 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on October 9, 2015

Some new papers from last few days:

Feedbacks on climate in the Earth system: introduction (open access)

The impact of parametrized convection on cloud feedback

Insights into low-latitude cloud feedbacks from high-resolution models

What does global mean temperature tell us about local climate? (open access)

The inconstancy of the transient climate response parameter under increasing CO2 (open access)

A simplified, data-constrained approach to estimate the permafrost carbon–climate feedback (open access)

Weighting climate model projections using observational constraints (open access)

Carbon cycle feedbacks and future climate change

Can cirrus cloud seeding be used for geoengineering?

Anticipating the Anthropocene (open access)

Foehn winds link climate-driven warming to ice shelf evolution in Antarctica

Relationship Between Sunshine Duration and Temperature Trends Across Europe Since the Second Half of the 20th Century

Long term cloud change imprinted in seasonal cloud variation: more evidence of high climate sensitivity

Blocking variability: Arctic Amplification versus Arctic Oscillation

Decadal variability in seawater pH in the West Pacific: Evidence from coral δ11B records

Effect of sea-ice melt on inherent optical properties and vertical distribution of solar radiant heating in Arctic surface waters

Global deep ocean oxygenation by enhanced ventilation in the Southern Ocean under long-term global warming

Connecting climate model projections of global temperature change with the real world

A minimum standard for publishing computational results in the weather and climate sciences

Sea level budget over 2005–2013: missing contributions and data errors (open access)

Parallelisms between sea surface temperature changes in the western tropical Atlantic (Guiana Basin) and high latitude climate signals over the last 140 000 years (open access)

Surface temperature dataset for North America obtained by application of optimal interpolation algorithm merging tree-ring chronologies and climate model output

Assessing the vulnerability of rare plants using climate change velocity, habitat connectivity, and dispersal ability: a case study in Alberta, Canada

Shallowness of tropical low clouds as a predictor of climate models’ response to warming

The thermal seasons variability in Poland, 1951–2010 (open access)

Daily gridded meteorological variables in Brazil (1980–2013)

Does climate directly influence NPP globally?

Direct radiative feedback due to biogenic secondary organic aerosol estimated from boreal forest site observations (open access)

Focus on high energy particles and atmospheric processes (open access)

Biogas: Clean Energy Access with Low-Cost Mitigation of Climate Change


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