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New research, October 14, 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on October 14, 2015

Some new papers from last few days:

Multiple causes of the Younger Dryas cold period

Divergent trajectories of Antarctic surface melt under two twenty-first-century climate scenarios

Climate and human influences on historical fire regimes (AD 1400–1900) in the eastern Great Basin (USA)

Origins of Climate Model Discrepancies in Atmospheric Shortwave Absorption and Global Precipitation Changes

Temperature acclimation of photosynthesis and respiration: a key uncertainty in the carbon cycle-climate feedback

Consistent decrease in North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone frequency following major volcanic eruptions in the last 3 centuries

Salt precipitation in sea ice and its effect on albedo, with application to Snowball Earth

Factors controlling cloud albedo in marine subtropical stratocumulus regions in climate models and satellite observations

Explaining the spread in global mean thermosteric sea level rise in CMIP5 climate models

The Climate Change Web Portal: a system to access and display climate and earth system model output from the CMIP5 archive

The role of snow cover affecting boreal-arctic soil freeze–thaw and carbon dynamics (open access)

Obliquity forcing of low-latitude climate (open access)

Climate change and anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems and countermeasures in China (open access)

Natural and human-induced changes in summer climate over the East Asian monsoon region in the last half century: A review (open access)

A dataset of future daily weather data for crop modelling over Europe derived from climate change scenarios (open access)

Recent Progress in Understanding and Projecting Regional and Global Mean Sea Level Change

Global and regional climate impacts of future aerosol mitigation in an RCP6.0-like scenario in EC-Earth

Global Warming and a Potential Tipping Point in the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation: The Role of Risk Aversion

Spring plant phenology and false springs in the conterminous US during the 21st century (open access)

Response to CO2 enrichment of understory vegetation in the shade of forests

Drought tolerance and growth in populations of a wide-ranging tree species indicate climate change risks for the boreal north

Thermokarst rates intensify due to climate change and forest fragmentation in an Alaskan boreal forest lowland

Dynamic habitat suitability modelling reveals rapid poleward distribution shift in a mobile apex predator

Recent trend in temperature evolution in Spanish mainland (1951–2010): from warming to hiatus (open access)

The last Eurasian ice sheets – a chronological database and time-slice reconstruction, DATED-1 (open access)

Temperature-induced water stress in high-latitude forests in response to natural and anthropogenic warming

Theme issue ‘Responding and adapting to climate change: uncertainty as knowledge’ compiled and edited by Stephan Lewandowsky, Timothy Ballard and Richard D. Pancost

Uncertainty as knowledge (full text)

Betting strategies on fluctuations in the transient response of greenhouse warming

Climate sensitivity uncertainty: when is good news bad?

When, not if: the inescapability of an uncertain climate future


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