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New research, October 20, 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on October 20, 2015

Some new papers from last few days:

Climate change: Unattributed hurricane damage

Southward shift of the northern tropical belt from 1945 to 1980

Origins of Anthropocene awareness

Thousand-year history of northeastern Europe exploration in the context of climatic change: Medieval to early modern times

Neither dust nor black carbon causing apparent albedo decline in Greenland’s dry snow zone; implications for MODIS C5 surface reflectance

Regional sea level change in response to ice mass loss in Greenland, the West Antarctic and Alaska

Increase in HFC-134a emissions in response to the success of the Montreal Protocol

Empirical error functions for monthly-mean Arctic sea-ice drift

A more productive, but different, ocean after mitigation

First records of winter sea-ice concentration in the southwest Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean

Links between Eastern Equatorial Pacific Stratification and Atmospheric CO2 Rise during the last Deglaciation

Sensitivity of the southern ocean to enhanced regional antarctic ice sheet meltwater input (open access)

Gas-hydrate dissociation prolongs acidification of the Anthropocene oceans

The role of the selection problem and non-Gaussianity in attribution of single events to climate change

Quantifying the limits of a linear temperature response to cumulative CO2 emissions

Blowing snow as a natural glaciogenic cloud seeding mechanism

Volcanic synchronization of Dome Fuji and Dome C Antarctic deep ice cores over the past 216 kyr (open access)

Images of climate change – a pilot study of young people’s perceptions of ICT-based climate visualization

Coastal sea level changes, observed and projected during the 20th and 21st century

Local perceptions in climate change debates: insights from case studies in the Alps and the Andes

Multi-decadal variability in the Greenland ice core records obtained using intrinsic timescale decomposition

Global patterns of solar influence on high cloud cover

Variations in annual winter mean temperature in South China since 1736

Protected areas’ role in climate-change mitigation

Measuring a fair and ambitious climate agreement using cumulative emissions (open access)

Do responses to different anthropogenic forcings add linearly in climate models? (open access)

Ground ice melt in the high Arctic leads to greater ecological heterogeneity


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