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New research, October 26, 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on October 26, 2015

Some new papers from last few days:

Interannual variations of light-absorbing particles in snow on Arctic sea ice

Trends in mesospheric ice layers in the Northern Hemisphere during 1961-2013

An evaluation of atmospheric rivers over the North Pacific in CMIP5 and their response to warming under RCP 8.5

The detectability of climate engineering

The 2011 Great Flood in Thailand: Climate Diagnostics and Implications from Climate Change

How Has Human-induced Climate Change Affected California Drought Risk?

Historical changes in frequency of extreme floods in Prague (open access)

The importance of Asia as a source of black carbon to the European Arctic during springtime 2013 (open access)

Glacier changes in the Ravi basin, north-western Himalaya (India) during the last four decades (1971–2010/13)

Insights on past and future sea-ice evolution from combining observations and models

Analysis of recent changes in maximum and minimum temperatures in Pakistan

Emergent Constraints for Cloud Feedbacks

Recent accelerating mass loss of southeast Tibetan glaciers and the relationship with changes in macroscale atmospheric circulations

Effect of methane leakage on the greenhouse gas footprint of electricity generation

The unseen uncertainties in climate change: reviewing comprehension of an IPCC scenario graph

Do rapidly developing countries take up new responsibilities for climate change mitigation?

Global warming-related tree growth decline and mortality on the north-eastern Tibetan plateau

Continent-scale global change attribution in European birds – combining annual and decadal time scales

Geographical imbalances and divides in the scientific production of climate change knowledge

Zero emission targets as long-term global goals for climate protection (open access)

3D simulation of boreal forests: structure and dynamics in complex terrain and in a changing climate (open access)

Climatization: A Critical Perspective of Framing Disasters as Climate Change Events (open access)

California forests show early indications of both range shifts and local persistence under climate change


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