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New research, January 11, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on January 11, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

Rapid Anthropogenic Changes in CO2 and pH in the Atlantic Ocean: 2003-2014

Observing climate change trends in ocean biogeochemistry: when and where (open access)

Butterfly community shifts over 2 centuries

Comparison of carbon balances between continuous-cover and clear-cut forestry in Sweden (open access)

Seed predation and climate impacts on reproductive variation in temperate forests of the southeastern USA

Life in the clouds: are tropical montane cloud forests responding to changes in climate?

Morphological and Dietary Responses of Chipmunks to a Century of Climate Change

A century of human-driven changes in the carbon dioxide concentration of lakes

Time-scales of the European surface air temperature variability: The role of the 7–8 year cycle

Uncertainty Quantification in Climate Modeling and Projection (open access)

Country-specific effects of climate variability on human migration

Why do summer droughts in the Southern Great Plains occur in some La Niña years but not others?

Predictability of winter temperature in China from previous autumn Arctic sea ice (open access)

Variability in crop yields associated with climate anomalies in China over the past three decades

The phenology of winter rye in Poland: an analysis of long-term experimental data (open access)

A decadally-delayed response of the tropical Pacific to Atlantic multidecadal variability

Tornadoes in Europe: Synthesis of the observational datasets

Land cover change and carbon emissions over 100 years in an African biodiversity hotspot

Soil carbon sequestration and biochar as negative emission technologies

The effect of economic growth, oil prices, and the benefits of reactor standardization: Duration of nuclear power plant construction revisited

A multi-dimensional integrated approach to assess flood risks on a coastal city, induced by sea-level rise and storm tides (open access)

Influence of tropical wind on global temperature from months to decades (open access)

How much is the precipitation amount over the tropical coastal region?

Forced and Internal Components of Winter Air Temperature Trends over North America during the Past 50 Years: Mechanisms and Implications

Rapid thinning of the Welsh Ice Cap at 20–19 ka based on 10Be ages

Holocene glacier and climate fluctuations of the maritime ice cap Høgtuvbreen, northern Norway

Climatic variability during the last millennium in Western Iceland from lake sediment records

Integrating solar energy and climate research into science education (open access)

Structural factors driving boreal forest albedo in Finland


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