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New research, January 22, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on January 22, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

A mental picture of the greenhouse effect (open access)

What would happen to Superstorm Sandy under the influence of a substantially warmer Atlantic Ocean?

High basal melting forming a channel at the grounding line of Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Trends toward an earlier peak of the growing season in Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes

Forests synchronize their growth in contrasting Eurasian regions in response to climate warming

Observational uncertainty of Arctic sea-ice concentration significantly affects seasonal climate forecasts

A modeling investigation of the Arctic sea ice-atmosphere feedback

Detection and Attribution of Climate Extremes in the Observed Record

Climate system responses to a common emission budget of carbon dioxide

A framework to understand the transient climate response to emissions (open access)

Arctic Air Masses in a Warming World

Twentieth-century sea ice variability in the Weddell Sea and its effect on moisture transport: Evidence from a coastal East Antarctic ice core record

Intercomparison of the Arctic sea ice cover in global ocean–sea ice reanalyses from the ORA-IP project

Characterizing Recent Trends in U.S. Heavy Precipitation

Impact of climate change on precipitation patterns: a comparative approach

Terrestrial biosphere changes over the last 120 kyr (open access)

Sea ice cover in Isfjorden and Hornsund, Svalbard (2000–2014) from remote sensing data (open access)

Comparison of multiple glacier inventories with a new inventory derived from high-resolution ALOS imagery in the Bhutan Himalaya (open access)

Feasibility of improving a priori regional climate model estimates of Greenland ice sheet surface mass loss through assimilation of measured ice surface temperatures (open access)

Ablation from calving and surface melt at lake-terminating Bridge Glacier, British Columbia, 1984–2013 (open access)

Climatic controls and climate proxy potential of Lewis Glacier, Mt. Kenya (open access)

The relative contributions of forest growth and areal expansion to forest biomass carbon (open access)

Response of Northern Hemisphere Midlatitude Circulation to Arctic Amplification in a Simple Atmospheric General Circulation Model

Laurentide Ice Sheet basal temperatures during the last glacial cycle as inferred from borehole data (open access)

Climatic modulation of recent trends in ocean acidification in the California Current System (open access)

Potential future fisheries yields in shelf waters: a model study of the effects of climate change and ocean acidification (open access)

Terrestrial carbon balance in a drier world: the effects of water availability in southwestern North America

Modeling phenological responses of Inner Mongolia grassland species to regional climate change

High fitness costs of climate change-induced camouflage mismatch (open access)

Altitudinal shifts of the native and introduced flora of California in the context of 20th-century warming (open access)

Can we explain the observed methane variability after the Mount Pinatubo eruption? (open access)

Spatial and temporal patterns in Arctic river ice breakup revealed by automated ice detection from MODIS imagery

Paleoclimate of Antarctica reconstructed from clast weathering rind analysis

Spatial scales of temperature and salinity variability estimated from Argo observations (open access)

Sheet, stream, and shelf flow as progressive ice-bed uncoupling: Byrd Glacier, Antarctica and Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland (open access)

Sea surface temperature from the new Japanese geostationary meteorological Himawari-8 satellite

Multi-decadal variations in Southern Hemisphere atmospheric 14C: Evidence against a Southern Ocean sink at the end of the Little Ice Age CO2 anomaly

A revised picture of the atmospheric moisture residence time

Substantial proportion of global streamflow less than three months old

How climate metrics affect global mitigation strategies and costs: a multi-model study

Climate change in literature and literary studies: From cli-fi, climate change theater and ecopoetry to ecocriticism and climate change criticism

The CRE – new data and tools for collaborative research in climate and environmental history (open access)


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