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New research, March 4, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on March 4, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

The darkening of the Greenland ice sheet: trends, drivers, and projections (1981–2100) (open access)

Sensitivity of satellite-derived tropospheric temperature trends to the diurnal cycle adjustment

Evaluation of wetland methane emissions across North America using atmospheric data and inverse modeling (open access)

The fossil record of the sixth extinction

Elevated atmospheric [CO2] can dramatically increase wheat yields in semi-arid environments and buffer against heat waves

The effect of low ancient greenhouse climate temperature gradients on the ocean’s overturning circulation (open access)

Can renewable energy power the future?

Increased atmospheric CO2 growth rate during El Niño driven by reduced terrestrial productivity in the CMIP5 ESMs

Development and Analysis of a Long Term, Global, Terrestrial Land Surface Temperature Dataset Based on HIRS Satellite Retrievals

Sources of skill in near-term climate prediction: generating initial conditions

Modelling calving front dynamics using a level-set method: application to Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland (open access)

Impact of sea ice initialisation on sea ice and atmosphere prediction skill on seasonal timescales

On the Observed Relationships between Variability in Gulf Stream Sea Surface Temperatures and the Atmospheric Circulation in the North Atlantic

11-year Solar Cycle Signal in the NAO and Atlantic / European Blocking

Global water cycle and solar activity variations

Simulated long-term climate response to idealized solar geoengineering

Surface energy budget changes over Central Australia during the early 21st century drought

Attribution of annual maximum sea levels to tropical cyclones at the global scale

Lightning in the Mediterranean and its relation with sea-surface temperature (open access)

Regional climate change and national responsibilities

Energy sector water use implications of a 2 °C climate policy (open access)

Large storage operations under climate change: expanding uncertainties and evolving tradeoffs (open access)

Temperature effects on fish production across a natural thermal gradient (open access)

Drought-survival is a threshold function of habitat size and population density in a fish metapopulation

Recent range expansion of a terrestrial orchid corresponds with climate-driven variation in its population dynamics

Global climate change impacts on forests and markets (open access)

Are climatic factors responsible for the process of oak decline in Poland?

Interannual variations in spring phenology and their response to climate change across the Tibetan Plateau from 1982 to 2013

An observation-based progression modeling approach to spring and autumn deciduous tree phenology

Phenological response of a key ecosystem function to biological invasion


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