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New research, March 29, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on March 29, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

Reviews and Syntheses: Ocean acidification and its potential impacts on marine ecosystems (open access)

Characterizing Recent Trends in U.S. Heavy Precipitation

The long-term trend in the diurnal temperature range over Asia and its natural and anthropogenic causes

Changing Arctic snow cover: A review of recent developments and assessment of future needs for observations, modelling, and impacts (open access)

Eurasian snow cover variability in relation to warming trend and Arctic Oscillation

Spatiotemporal analysis of snow cover variations at mt. Kilimanjaro using multi-temporal Landsat images during 27 years

The snow and the willows: Earlier spring snowmelt reduces performance in the low-lying alpine shrub Salix herbacea

The expansion of Central and Northern European Neolithic populations was associated with a multi-century warm winter and wetter climate

Benefits of CMIP5 multimodel ensemble in reconstructing historical ocean subsurface temperature variations

Will a warmer world mean a wetter or drier Australian monsoon?

The vertical structure of tropospheric water vapor: comparing radiative and ocean-driven climate changes

A decade of space borne observations of the Arctic atmosphere: novel insights from NASA’s Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument (open access)

Trends of mean and extreme temperature indices since 1874 at low-elevation sites in the southern Alps

The immediate and prolonged effects of climate extremes on soil respiration in a mesic grassland

Contrasting effects of temperature and precipitation change on amphibian phenology, abundance and performance

Optimization of a biochemical model with eddy covariance measurements in black spruce forests of Alaska for estimating CO2 fertilization effects

Climatic events inducing die-off in Mediterranean shrublands: are species’ responses related to their functional traits?

Assessing Surface Solar Radiation Fluxes in the CMIP Ensembles

Attenuation coefficient of usable solar radiation of the global oceans

Arctic sea ice simulation in the PlioMIP ensemble (open access)

Reconstructing global overturning from meridional density gradients

Thermal stratification in simulations of warm climates: A climatology using saturation potential vorticity

Simulating the role of surface forcing on observed multidecadal upper ocean salinity changes

Statistical downscaling of North Atlantic tropical cyclone frequency and the amplified role of the Caribbean low level jet in a warmer climate

Impacts of vertical structure of convection in global warming: the role of shallow convection

Temperature trends and variability in the Greater Horn of Africa: interactions with precipitation

Land-use change outweighs projected effects of changing rainfall on tree cover in sub-Saharan Africa Land-use vs. rainfall effects on tree cover

US exposure to multiple landscape stressors and climate change

Quality Control Program for Real-Time Hourly Temperature Observation in Taiwan

Depictions of sustainability in children’s books

The energy policy relevance of the 2014 IPCC Working Group III report on the macro-economics of mitigating climate change

Renewable energy policies and competition for biomass: Implications for land use, food prices, and processing industry

Does moving towards renewable energy causes water and land inefficiency? An empirical investigation

Northern Mediterranean climate since the Middle Pleistocene: a 637 ka stable isotope record from Lake Ohrid (Albania/Macedonia) (open access)

Quantitative analysis of ring growth in spruce roots and its application towards a more precise dating

Towards improving the Central Asian dendrochronological network—new data from Tajikistan, Pamir-Alay

Tailored climate indices for climate-proofing operational forestry applications in Sweden and Finland


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