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New research, April 1, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on April 1, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

Warming of the global ocean: spatial structure and water-mass trends

Arctic amplification enhanced by latent energy transport of atmospheric planetary waves

Atmospheric response to the autumn sea-ice free Arctic and its detectability (open access)

Antarctic sea ice increase consistent with intrinsic variability of the Amundsen Sea Low (open access)

Potential stabilizing points to mitigate tipping point interactions in Earth’s climate

Carbon sequestration in managed temperate coniferous forests under climate change (open access)

Predicting the responses of forest distribution and aboveground biomass to climate change under RCPs scenarios in southern China

Atmospheric constraints on the methane emissions from the East Siberian Shelf (open access)

High emissions of greenhouse gases from grasslands on peat and other organic soils

Sampling biases in CMIP5 decadal forecasts

Variability in projected elevation dependent warming in boreal midlatitude winter in CMIP5 climate models and its potential drivers

Assessing the impact of satellite-based observations in sea surface temperature trends

Accumulation Variability in the Antarctic Peninsula: The Role of Large-Scale Atmospheric Oscillations and Their Interactions

Atlantic forcing of Pacific decadal variability

Stratospheric ozone changes under solar geoengineering: implications for UV exposure and air quality (open access)

Highly significant responses to anthropogenic forcings of the midlatitude jet in the Southern Hemisphere

Modelling economic losses of historic and present-day high-impact winter windstorms in Switzerland (open access)

South Pacific hydrologic and cyclone variability during the last 3,000 years

Spatiotemporal variations of extreme precipitation regimes during 1961–2010 and possible teleconnections with climate indices across China

North American megadroughts in the Common Era: reconstructions and simulations

Historical trends in precipitation, temperature and drought in the Alabama–Coosa–Tallapoosa and Apalachicola–Chattahoochee–Flint river basins

The role of heating, winds, and topography on sea level changes in the North Atlantic

On the secular trend of COx and CO2 in the lower thermosphere

From pole to pole: the potential for the Arctic seastar Asterias amurensis to invade a warming Southern Ocean

Northward expansion of paddy rice in northeastern Asia during 2000-2014

Limited effect of ozone reductions on the 20-year photosynthesis trend at Harvard forest

Climate response of cork growth in the Mediterranean oak (Quercus suber L.) woodlands of southwestern Portugal

Carbon cycle history through the Jurassic–Cretaceous boundary: A new global δ13C stack

Weather sensitivity for zoo visitation in Toronto, Canada: a quantitative analysis of historical data

A comparison of five high-resolution spatially-explicit, fossil-fuel, carbon dioxide emission inventories for the United States

Don’t you wish that at least some of this would be an april fools joke?


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