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New research, May 2, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on May 2, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

A cautionary note about messages of hope: Focusing on progress in reducing carbon emissions weakens mitigation motivation

Leveling the playing field of transportation fuels: Accounting for indirect emissions of natural gas

Amazon forest response to repeated droughts

Detecting significant decreasing trends of land surface soil moisture in eastern China during the past three decades (1979-2010)

Global Meteorological Drought: A Synthesis of Current Understanding with a Focus on SST Drivers of Precipitation Deficits

Is climate sensitivity related to dynamical sensitivity?

Atmospheric drivers of Greenland surface melt revealed by Self Organizing Maps

A comparison of Antarctic Ice Sheet surface mass balance from atmospheric climate models and in situ observations

The dynamics of supraglacial water storage in the Everest region, central Himalaya

The rapid warming of the North Atlantic Ocean in the mid-1990s in an eddy permitting ocean reanalysis (1982-2013)

Ocean chemistry, ocean warming, and emerging hypoxia: Commentary

Uncertainty partition challenges the predictability of vital details of climate change

Climate seasonality limits leaf carbon assimilation and wood productivity in tropical forests (open access)

Uncertainty analysis of terrestrial net primary productivity and net biome productivity in China during 1901-2005

Changes in phenological sequences of alpine communities across a natural elevation gradient

Fruit productivity of Stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) along a climatic gradient in Chile

Variations in the potential climatic suitability distribution patterns and grain yields for spring maize in Northeast China under climate change

Juvenile recruitment in loggerhead sea turtles linked to decadal changes in ocean circulation

Boom and bust: rapid feedback responses between insect outbreak dynamics and canopy leaf area impacted by rainfall and CO2

Is it getting hot in here? Adjustment of hydraulic parameters in six boreal and temperate tree species after three years of warming

Wind and light exposure, more than elevation–related temperature, limit treeline seedling abundance on three continents

A review of severe thunderstorms in Australia

Characteristics of stratospheric warming events during Northern winter

Identifying sensitive ranges in global warming precipitation change dependence on convective parameters

Trends of mean temperatures and warm extremes in Northern Tropical Africa (1961-2014) from observed and PPCA-reconstructed time series

Marine response to climate changes during the last five millennia in the central Mediterranean Sea

Factors Controlling Cloud Albedo in Marine Subtropical Stratocumulus Regions in Climate Models and Satellite Observations

Comparing the influence of sunspot activity and geomagnetic activity on winter surface climate

Investigating Alaskan methane and carbon dioxide fluxes using measurements from the CARVE tower (open access)

NOx lifetimes and emissions of cities and power plants in polluted background estimated by satellite observations (open access)

The distributional and nutritional impacts and mitigation potential of emission-based food taxes in the UK

Why Did Better Place Fail?: Range anxiety, interpretive flexibility, and electric vehicle promotion in Denmark and Israel

How much carbon offsetting and where? Implications of efficiency, effectiveness, and ethicality considerations for public opinion formation

Impact of climate change on U.S. building energy demand: sensitivity to spatiotemporal scales, balance point temperature, and population distribution

Potential impact of a US climate policy and air quality regulations on future air quality and climate change (open access)


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