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Papers of Climate of the Past

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on August 27, 2016

All the papers in journal Climate of the Past between years 2005 and 2013 are listed below.

Quantifying the effect of vegetation dynamics on the climate of the Last Glacial Maximum (Jahn, 2005)
A timescale analysis of the Northern Hemisphere temperature response to volcanic and solar forcing (Weber, 2005)
Seasonal mean pressure reconstruction for the North Atlantic (1750 1850) based on early marine data (Gallego, 2005)
Paleoclimatic reconstructions in western Canada from boreholetemperature logs: surface air temperature forcing and groundwater flow (Majorowicz, 2006)
Synoptic climate change as a driver of late Quaternary glaciations in the mid-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere (Rother, 2006)
Glacier mass balance reconstruction by sublimation induced enrichment of chemical species on Cerro Tapado (Chilean Andes) (Ginot, 2006)
Effect of land albedo, CO2, orography, and oceanic heat transport on extreme climates (Romanova, 2006)
Ice-driven CO2 feedback on ice volume (Ruddiman, 2006)
Simulating low frequency changes in atmospheric CO2 during the last 740 000 years (Köhler, 2006)
Coupled climate model simulation of Holocene cooling events: oceanic feedback amplifies solar forcing (Renssen, 2006)
On the importance of initial conditions for simulations of the Mid-Holocene climate (Renssen, 2006)
The origin of the European “Medieval Warm Period” (Goosse, 2006)
Social vulnerability to climate in the “Little Ice Age”: an example from Central Europe in the early 1770s (Pfister, 2006)
Equatorial insolation: from precession harmonics to eccentricity frequencies (Berger, 2006)
A guide for digitising manuscript climate data (Brönnimann, 2006)
Past temperature reconstructions from deep ice cores: relevance for future climate change (Masson-Delmotte, 2006)
Inter-hemispheric linkages in climate change: paleo-perspectives for future climate change (Shulmeister, 2006)
Climate-human-environment interactions: resolving our past (Dearing, 2006)
Dynamics of the terrestrial biosphere, climate and atmospheric CO2 concentration during interglacials: a comparison between Eemian and Holocene (Schurgers, 2006)
Comparing transient, accelerated, and equilibrium simulations of the last 30 000 years with the GENIE-1 model (Lunt, 2006)
Exposure dating of Late Glacial and pre-LGM moraines in the Cordon de Doña Rosa, Northern/Central Chile (~31° S) (Zech, 2007)
Numerical reconstructions of the Northern Hemisphere ice sheets through the last glacial-interglacial cycle (Charbit, 2007)
Atmospheric multidecadal variations in the North Atlantic realm: proxy data, observations, and atmospheric circulation model studies (Grosfeld, 2007)
The modern and glacial overturning circulation in the Atlantic ocean in PMIP coupled model simulations (Weber, 2007)
On the variability of return periods of European winter precipitation extremes over the last three centuries (Pauling, 2007)
Linking glacial and future climates through an ensemble of GCM simulations (Hargreaves, 2007)
Summer temperature trend over the past two millennia using air content in Himalayan ice (Hou, 2007)
Low-frequency oscillations of the Atlantic Ocean meridional overturning circulation in a coupled climate model (Schulz, 2007)
Predicting Pleistocene climate from vegetation in North America (Loehle, 2007)
Multiproxy records of climate variability for Kamchatka for the past 400 years (Solomina, 2007)
The DO-climate events are probably noise induced: statistical investigation of the claimed 1470 years cycle (Ditlevsen, 2007)
Quasi-100 ky glacial-interglacial cycles triggered by subglacial burial carbon release (Zeng, 2007)
Change in ice rheology during climate variations – implications for ice flow modelling and dating of the EPICA Dome C core (Durand, 2007)
Simulating sub-Milankovitch climate variations associated with vegetation dynamics (Tuenter, 2007)
Northern hemisphere winter storm tracks of the Eemian interglacial and the last glacial inception (Kaspar, 2007)
Agricultural sustainability in the semi-arid Near East (Hole, 2007)
Climate of the Last Glacial Maximum: sensitivity studies and model-data comparison with the LOVECLIM coupled model (Roche, 2007)
Spatial structure of the 8200 cal yr BP event in northern Europe (Seppä, 2007)
Climatic changes in the Urals over the past millennium – an analysis of geothermal and meteorological data (Demezhko, 2007)
1-D-ice flow modelling at EPICA Dome C and Dome Fuji, East Antarctica (Parrenin, 2007)
Results of PMIP2 coupled simulations of the Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum – Part 1: experiments and large-scale features (Braconnot, 2007)
Results of PMIP2 coupled simulations of the Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum – Part 2: feedbacks with emphasis on the location of the ITCZ and mid- and high latitudes heat budget (Braconnot, 2007)
Selection of borehole temperature depth profiles for regional climate reconstructions (Chouinard, 2007)
Thermal log analysis for recognition of ground surface temperature change and water movements (Verdoya, 2007)
Synchronization of ice core records via atmospheric gases (Blunier, 2007)
How cold was Europe at the Last Glacial Maximum? A synthesis of the progress achieved since the first PMIP model-data comparison (Ramstein, 2007)
Anomalous flow below 2700 m in the EPICA Dome C ice core detected using δ18O of atmospheric oxygen measurements (Dreyfus, 2007)
Historical droughts in Mediterranean regions during the last 500 years: a data/model approach (Brewer, 2007)
Synchronisation of the EDML and EDC ice cores for the last 52 kyr by volcanic signature matching (Severi, 2007)
Modelling the Early Weichselian Eurasian Ice Sheets: role of ice shelves and influence of ice-dammed lakes (Peyaud, 2007)
Application of sediment core modelling to interpreting the glacial-interglacial record of Southern Ocean silica cycling (Ridgwell, 2007)
On the verification of climate reconstructions (Bürger, 2007)
Increased aeolian activity during humidity shifts as recorded in a raised bog in south-west Sweden during the past 1700 years (de Jong, 2007)
Climatic Conditions for modelling the Northern Hemisphere ice sheets throughout the ice age cycle (Abe-Ouchi, 2007)
The LGM surface climate and atmospheric circulation over East Asia and the North Pacific in the PMIP2 coupled model simulations (Yanase, 2007)
Repeated temperature logs from Czech, Slovenian and Portuguese borehole climate observatories (Šafanda, 2007)
Detecting human impacts on the flora, fauna, and summer monsoon of Pleistocene Australia (Miller, 2007)
“EDML1”: a chronology for the EPICA deep ice core from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, over the last 150 000 years (Ruth, 2007)
The EDC3 chronology for the EPICA Dome C ice core (Parrenin, 2007)
Mid-Holocene climate change in Europe: a data-model comparison (Brewer, 2007)
Surface thermal perturbations of the recent past at low latitudes – inferences based on borehole temperature data from Eastern Brazil (Hamza, 2007)
New constraints on the gas age-ice age difference along the EPICA ice cores, 0-50 kyr (Loulergue, 2007)
Direct north-south synchronization of abrupt climate change record in ice cores using Beryllium 10 (Raisbeck, 2007)
Tropical cooling and the onset of North American glaciation (Huybers, 2007)
Spatial distribution of Pleistocene/Holocene warming amplitudes in Northern Eurasia inferred from geothermal data (Demezhko, 2007)
The origin of the 1500-year climate cycles in Holocene North-Atlantic records (Debret, 2007)
Ice thinning, upstream advection, and non-climatic biases for the upper 89% of the EDML ice core from a nested model of the Antarctic ice sheet (Huybrechts, 2007)
Millennial temperature reconstruction intercomparison and evaluation (Juckes, 2007)
Variations in air and ground temperature and the POM-SAT model: results from the Northern Hemisphere (Harris, 2007)
LGM and Late Glacial glacier advances in the Cordillera Real and Cochabamba (Bolivia) deduced from 10Be surface exposure dating (Zech, 2007)
Thermal signal propagation in soils in Romania: conductive and non-conductive processes (Demetrescu, 2007)
Climate model boundary conditions for four Cretaceous time slices (Sewall, 2007)
How unusual was autumn 2006 in Europe? (van Oldenborgh, 2007)
Non-linear statistical downscaling of present and LGM precipitation and temperatures over Europe (Vrac, 2007)
Information on the early Holocene climate constrains the summer sea ice projections for the 21st century (Goosse, 2007)
Changes in C3/C4 vegetation in the continental interior of the Central Himalayas associated with monsoonal paleoclimatic changes during the last 600 kyr (Mampuku, 2008)
On the quality of climate proxies derived from newspaper reports – a case study (Gallego, 2008)
Precipitation variations of Longxi, northeast margin of Tibetan Plateau since AD 960 and their relationship with solar activity (Tan, 2008)
Strong summer monsoon during the cool MIS-13 (Yin, 2008)
South Atlantic island record reveals a South Atlantic response to the 8.2 kyr event (Ljung, 2008)
A 60 000 year Greenland stratigraphic ice core chronology (Svensson, 2008)
Detecting vegetation-precipitation feedbacks in mid-Holocene North Africa from two climate models (Wang, 2008)
Maintenance of polar stratospheric clouds in a moist stratosphere (Kirk-Davidoff, 2008)
The Eurasian ice sheet reinforces the East Asian summer monsoon during the interglacial 500 000 years ago (Yin, 2008)
A bi-proxy reconstruction of Fontainebleau (France) growing season temperature from A.D. 1596 to 2000 (Etien, 2008)
Thirty thousand years of vegetation development and climate change in Angola (Ocean Drilling Program Site 1078) (Dupont, 2008)
Modeling variations of marine reservoir ages during the last 45 000 years (Franke, 2008)
East Asian Monsoon and paleoclimatic data analysis: a vegetation point of view (Guiot, 2008)
Shifts in early spring wind regime in North-East Europe (1955–2007) (Keevallik, 2008)
A major reorganization of Asian climate by the early Miocene (Guo, 2008)
Precipitation record since AD 1600 from ice cores on the central Tibetan Plateau (Yao, 2008)
Uniform climate development between the subtropical and subpolar Northeast Atlantic across marine isotope stage 11 (Helmke, 2008)
A modeling sensitivity study of the influence of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation on neodymium isotopic composition at the Last Glacial Maximum (Arsouze, 2008)
Amplification of obliquity forcing through mean annual and seasonal atmospheric feedbacks (Lee, 2008)
Anticyclonic atmospheric circulation as an analogue for the warm and dry mid-Holocene summer climate in central Scandinavia (Antonsson, 2008)
Forced and internal modes of variability of the East Asian summer monsoon (Liu, 2008)
Reconstructing glacier-based climates of LGM Europe and Russia Part 1: Numerical modelling and validation methods (Allen, 2008)
Reconstructing glacier-based climates of LGM Europe and Russia Part 2: A dataset of LGM precipitation/temperature relations derived from degree-day modelling of palaeo glaciers (Allen, 2008)
Reconstructing glacier-based climates of LGM Europe and Russia Part 3: Comparison with previous climate reconstructions (Allen, 2008)
Monsoon response to changes in Earth’s orbital parameters: comparisons between simulations of the Eemian and of the Holocene (Braconnot, 2008)
Revisiting the absolute calibration of the Greenland ice-core age-scales (Skinner, 2008)
Recent climate change affecting rainstorm occurrences: a case study in East China (Domroes, 2008)
The carbon cycle during the Mid Pleistocene Transition: the Southern Ocean Decoupling Hypothesis (Köhler, 2008)
Mid-depth South Atlantic Ocean circulation and chemical stratification during MIS-10 to 12: implications for atmospheric CO2 (Dickson, 2008)
The Southern Hemisphere at glacial terminations: insights from the Dome C ice core (Röthlisberger, 2008)
Winter temperatures in the second half of the sixteenth century in the central area of the Iberian Peninsula (Bullón, 2008)
Western Europe is warming much faster than expected (van Oldenborgh, 2009)
Recent climate change in Japan – spatial and temporal characteristics of trends of temperature (Schaefer, 2009)
Strong asymmetry of hemispheric climates during MIS-13 inferred from correlating China loess and Antarctica ice records (Guo, 2009)
How did Marine Isotope Stage 3 and Last Glacial Maximum climates differ? – Perspectives from equilibrium simulations (van Meerbeeck, 2009)
Millennial-scale climatic variability between 340 000 and 270 000 years ago in SW Europe: evidence from a NW Iberian margin pollen sequence (Desprat, 2009)
Late Glacial to Holocene environments in the present-day coldest region of the Northern Hemisphere inferred from a pollen record of Lake Billyakh, Verkhoyansk Mts, NE Siberia (Müller, 2009)
Exploring the climatic impact of the continental vegetation on the Mezosoic atmospheric CO2 and climate history (Donnadieu, 2009)
Borehole climatology: a discussion based on contributions from climate modeling (González-Rouco, 2009)
Variability of summer precipitation over Eastern China during the last millennium (Shen, 2009)
Comment on “Aerosol radiative forcing and climate sensitivity deduced from the Last Glacial Maximum to Holocene transition”, by P. Chylek and U. Lohmann, Geophys. Res. Lett., 2008 (Hargreaves, 2009)
Climate reconstruction from pollen and δ13C records using inverse vegetation modeling – Implication for past and future climates (Hatté, 2009)
Three exceptionally strong East-Asian summer monsoon events during glacial times in the past 470 kyr (Rousseau, 2009)
Two millennia of climate variability in the Central Mediterranean (Taricco, 2009)
Impacts of land surface properties and atmospheric CO2 on the Last Glacial Maximum climate: a factor separation analysis (Henrot, 2009)
Late Quaternary vegetation-climate feedbacks (Claussen, 2009)
Two-dimensional reconstruction of past sea level (1950-2003) from tide gauge data and an Ocean General Circulation Model (Llovel, 2009)
Individual and combined effects of ice sheets and precession on MIS-13 climate (Yin, 2009)
Mechanisms and time scales of glacial inception simulated with an Earth system model of intermediate complexity (Calov, 2009)
The influence of the circulation on surface temperature and precipitation patterns over Europe (Jones, 2009)
Mid-Pliocene shifts in ocean overturning circulation and the onset of Quaternary-style climates (Sarnthein, 2009)
Late Glacial and Holocene changes in vegetation cover and climate in southern Siberia derived from a 15 kyr long pollen record from Lake Kotokel (Tarasov, 2009)
Ecosystem effects of CO2 concentration: evidence from past climates (Prentice, 2009)
High resolution cyclostratigraphy of the early Eocene – new insights into the origin of the Cenozoic cooling trend (Westerhold, 2009)
Investigating the evolution of major Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the last glacial-interglacial cycle (Bonelli, 2009)
Relationship between Holocene climate variations over southern Greenland and eastern Baffin Island and synoptic circulation pattern (Fréchette, 2009)
Uncertainties in modelling CH4 emissions from northern wetlands in glacial climates: effect of hydrological model and CH4 model structure (Berrittella, 2009)
Putting the rise of the Inca Empire within a climatic and land management context (Chepstow-Lusty, 2009)
The 15th century Arctic warming in coupled model simulations with data assimilation (Crespin, 2009)
Central African biomes and forest succession stages derived from modern pollen data and plant functional types (Lebamba, 2009)
Climate and CO2 modulate the C3/C4 balance and δ13C signal in simulated vegetation (Flores, 2009)
Sources of Holocene variability of oxygen isotopes in paleoclimate archives (Legrande, 2009)
Modeling sensitivity study of the possible impact of snow and glaciers developing over Tibetan Plateau on Holocene African-Asian summer monsoon climate (Jin, 2009)
Investigating the impact of Lake Agassiz drainage routes on the 8.2 ka cold event with a climate model (Li, 2009)
Pleistocene glacial variability as a chaotic response to obliquity forcing (Huybers, 2009)
Changes in atmospheric variability in a glacial climate and the impacts on proxy data: a model intercomparison (Pausata, 2009)
Rapid climatic variability in the west Mediterranean during the last 25 000 years from high resolution pollen data (Combourieu Nebout, 2009)
Last nine-thousand years of temperature variability in Northern Europe (Seppä, 2009)
Glacial-interglacial atmospheric CO2 change: a possible “standing volume” effect on deep-ocean carbon sequestration (Skinner, 2009)
Glacial climate sensitivity to different states of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: results from the IPSL model (Kageyama, 2009)
A few prospective ideas on climate reconstruction: from a statistical single proxy approach towards a multi-proxy and dynamical approach (Guiot, 2009)
High resolution climate and vegetation simulations of the Late Pliocene, a model-data comparison over western Europe and the Mediterranean region (Jost, 2009)
Extracting a common high frequency signal from Northern Quebec black spruce tree-rings with a Bayesian hierarchical model (Boreux, 2009)
Terrestrial climate variability and seasonality changes in the Mediterranean region between 15 000 and 4000 years BP deduced from marine pollen records (Dormoy, 2009)
Antarctic ice-sheet response to atmospheric CO2 and insolation in the Middle Miocene (Langebroek, 2009)
Western equatorial African forest-savanna mosaics: a legacy of late Holocene climatic change? (Ngomanda, 2009)
Tree ring-based February-April temperature reconstruction for Changbai Mountain in Northeast China and its implication for East Asian winter monsoon (Zhu, 2009)
Stable isotope records for the last 10 000 years from Okshola cave (Fauske, northern Norway) and regional comparisons (Linge, 2009)
The importance of Northern Peatlands in global carbon systems during the Holocene (Wang, 2009)
Quantifying the roles of ocean circulation and biogeochemistry in governing ocean carbon-13 and atmospheric carbon dioxide at the last glacial maximum (Tagliabue, 2009)
Preface “Climate change: from the geological past to the uncertain future – a symposium honouring André Berger” (Crucifix, 2009)
The response of Mediterranean thermohaline circulation to climate change: a minimal model (Meijer, 2009)
Pollen-based biome reconstructions for Latin America at 0, 6000 and 18 000 radiocarbon years ago (Marchant, 2009)
Pliocene three-dimensional global ocean temperature reconstruction (Dowsett, 2009)
Warm Paleocene/Eocene climate as simulated in ECHAM5/MPI-OM (Heinemann, 2009)
On the importance of paleoclimate modelling for improving predictions of future climate change (Hargreaves, 2009)
A unified proxy for ENSO and PDO variability since 1650 (McGregor, 2010)
Sea level ~400 000 years ago (MIS 11): analogue for present and future sea-level? (Bowen, 2010)
Climate in continental interior Asia during the longest interglacial of the past 500 000 years: the new MIS 11 records from Lake Baikal, SE Siberia (Prokopenko, 2010)
Reconstructing past atmospheric circulation changes using oxygen isotopes in lake sediments from Sweden (Jonsson, 2010)
High Arabian Sea productivity conditions during MIS 13 – odd monsoon event or intensified overturning circulation at the end of the Mid-Pleistocene transition? (Ziegler, 2010)
Potential analysis reveals changing number of climate states during the last 60 kyr (Livina, 2010)
Limitations of red noise in analysing Dansgaard-Oeschger events (Braun, 2010)
Dendroclimatology in Fennoscandia – from past accomplishments to future potential (Linderholm, 2010)
An introduction to stable water isotopes in climate models: benefits of forward proxy modelling for paleoclimatology (Sturm, 2010)
The MIS 11 – MIS 1 analogy, southern European vegetation, atmospheric methane and the “early anthropogenic hypothesis” (Tzedakis, 2010)
The reconstruction of easterly wind directions for the Eifel region (Central Europe) during the period 40.3–12.9 ka BP (Dietrich, 2010)
Effects of orbital forcing on atmosphere and ocean heat transports in Holocene and Eemian climate simulations with a comprehensive Earth system model (Fischer, 2010)
Simulated effects of a seasonal precipitation change on the vegetation in tropical Africa (Gritti, 2010)
Holocene trends in the foraminifer record from the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean (Andersson, 2010)
Contribution of oceanic and vegetation feedbacks to Holocene climate change in monsoonal Asia (Dallmeyer, 2010)
A 70-yr record of oxygen-18 variability in an ice core from the Tanggula Mountains, central Tibetan Plateau (Joswiak, 2010)
Simulation of the last glacial cycle with a coupled climate ice-sheet model of intermediate complexity (Ganopolski, 2010)
Abrupt climate changes of the last deglaciation detected in a Western Mediterranean forest record (Fletcher, 2010)
Productivity feedback did not terminate the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) (Torfstein, 2010)
Technical Note: Correcting for signal attenuation from noisy proxy data in climate reconstructions (Ammann, 2010)
Vegetation response to the “African Humid Period” termination in Central Cameroon (7° N) – new pollen insight from Lake Mbalang (Vincens, 2010)
Patterns of millennial variability over the last 500 ka (Siddall, 2010)
A simple mixing explanation for late Pleistocene changes in the Pacific-South Atlantic benthic δ13C gradient (Lisiecki, 2010)
Arctic marine climate of the early nineteenth century (Brohan, 2010)
Water vapour source impacts on oxygen isotope variability in tropical precipitation during Heinrich events (Lewis, 2010)
Millennial and sub-millennial scale climatic variations recorded in polar ice cores over the last glacial period (Capron, 2010)
Detecting instabilities in tree-ring proxy calibration (Visser, 2010)
Millennium-long summer temperature variations in the European Alps as reconstructed from tree rings (Corona, 2010)
Coral Cd/Ca and Mn/Ca records of ENSO variability in the Gulf of California (Carriquiry, 2010)
Comment on “Using multiple observationally-based constraints to estimate climate sensitivity” by J. D. Annan and J. C. Hargreaves, Geophys. Res. Lett., 2006 (Henriksson, 2010)
The Southern Hemisphere semiannual oscillation and circulation variability during the Mid-Holocene (Ackerley, 2010)
Interhemispheric coupling, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and warm Antarctic interglacials (Holden, 2010)
Influence of solar variability, CO2 and orbital forcing between 1000 and 1850 AD in the IPSLCM4 model (Servonnat, 2010)
Mid-Tertiary paleoenvironments in Thailand: pollen evidence (Sepulchre, 2010)
Characteristics of cold-warm variation in the Hetao region and its surrounding areas in China during the past 5000 years (Li, 2010)
Holocene land-cover reconstructions for studies on land cover-climate feedbacks (Gaillard, 2010)
Asian aridification linked to the first step of the Eocene-Oligocene climate Transition (EOT) in obliquity-dominated terrestrial records (Xining Basin, China) (Xiao, 2010)
Clustering climate reconstructions (Bürger, 2010)
Climate change and the demise of Minoan civilization (Tsonis, 2010)
Variations in mid-latitude North Atlantic surface water properties during the mid-Brunhes (MIS 9-14) and their implications for the thermohaline circulation (Voelker, 2010)
A shift in the spatial pattern of Iberian droughts during the 17th century (Domínguez-Castro, 2010)
Statistical issues about solar-climate relations (Yiou, 2010)
Impact of brine-induced stratification on the glacial carbon cycle (Bouttes, 2010)
Climate change between the mid and late Holocene in northern high latitudes – Part 1: Survey of temperature and precipitation proxy data (Sundqvist, 2010)
Climate change between the mid and late Holocene in northern high latitudes – Part 2: Model-data comparisons (Zhang, 2010)
Using data assimilation to study extratropical Northern Hemisphere climate over the last millennium (Widmann, 2010)
A synthesis of marine sediment core δ13C data over the last 150 000 years (Oliver, 2010)
Effects of CO2, continental distribution, topography and vegetation changes on the climate at the Middle Miocene: a model study (Henrot, 2010)
Past dynamics of the Australian monsoon: precession, phase and links to the global monsoon concept (Beaufort, 2010)
Mountain uplift and the glaciation of North America – a sensitivity study (Foster, 2010)
Preface “Holocene climate variability over Scandinavia – A special issue originating from a workshop organized by the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research” (Moberg, 2010)
Climate and carbon-cycle variability over the last millennium (Jungclaus, 2010)
A critical look at solar-climate relationships from long temperature series (Legras, 2010)
Questions of importance to the conservation of biological diversity: answers from the past (Willis, 2010)
Perturbing phytoplankton: response and isotopic fractionation with changing carbonate chemistry in two coccolithophore species (Rickaby, 2010)
Bayesian analysis of rapid climate change during the last glacial using Greenland δ18O data (Peavoy, 2010)
The Impact of the Little Ice Age on Coccolithophores in the Central Mediterranea Sea (Incarbona, 2010)
Late Holocene climate variability in the southwestern Mediterranean region: an integrated marine and terrestrial geochemical approach (Martín-Puertas, 2010)
Warm Nordic Seas delayed glacial inception in Scandinavia (Born, 2010)
A multi-variable box model approach to the soft tissue carbon pump (de Boer, 2010)
TALDICE-1 age scale of the Talos Dome deep ice core, East Antarctica (Buiron, 2011)
Model-dependence of the CO2 threshold for melting the hard Snowball Earth (Hu, 2011)
Oceanic tracer and proxy time scales revisited (Siberlin, 2011)
Early last glacial maximum in the southern Central Andes reveals northward shift of the westerlies at ~39 ka (Zech, 2011)
Southern ocean warming, sea level and hydrological change during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (Sluijs, 2011)
Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) for assessing biogenic silica sample purity in geochemical analyses and palaeoenvironmental research (Swann, 2011)
Sea-surface salinity variations in the northern Caribbean Sea across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (Sepulcre, 2011)
A comparison of climate simulations for the last glacial maximum with three different versions of the ECHAM model and implications for summer-green tree refugia (Arpe, 2011)
The effect of a dynamic background albedo scheme on Sahel/Sahara precipitation during the mid-Holocene (Vamborg, 2011)
Variations of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in control and transient simulations of the last millennium (Hofer, 2011)
Can oceanic paleothermometers reconstruct the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation? (Heslop, 2011)
Modeling Mediterranean Ocean climate of the Last Glacial Maximum (Mikolajewicz, 2011)
Refugia of marine fish in the northeast Atlantic during the last glacial maximum: concordant assessment from archaeozoology and palaeotemperature reconstructions (Kettle, 2011)
Clouds and the Faint Young Sun Paradox (Goldblatt, 2011)
North Atlantic abrupt climatic events of the last glacial period recorded in Ukrainian loess deposits (Rousseau, 2011)
A new mechanism for the two-step δ18O signal at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary (Tigchelaar, 2011)
Initiation of a Marinoan Snowball Earth in a state-of-the-art atmosphere-ocean general circulation model (Voigt, 2011)
Early ship-based upper-air data and comparison with the Twentieth Century Reanalysis (Brönnimann, 2011)
A regional ocean circulation model for the mid-Cretaceous North Atlantic Basin: implications for black shale formation (Topper, 2011)
Ultra-high resolution pollen record from the northern Andes reveals rapid shifts in montane climates within the last two glacial cycles (Groot, 2011)
Fingerprints of changes in the terrestrial carbon cycle in response to large reorganizations in ocean circulation (Bozbiyik, 2011)
Solar-forced shifts of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies during the Holocene (Varma, 2011)
Terrestrial mollusc records from Xifeng and Luochuan L9 loess strata and their implications for paleoclimatic evolution in the Chinese Loess Plateau during marine Oxygen Isotope Stages 24-22 (Wu, 2011)
Interglacial and glacial variability from the last 800 ka in marine, ice and terrestrial archives (Lang, 2011)
Greenland ice sheet model parameters constrained using simulations of the Eemian Interglacial (Robinson, 2011)
A comparison of the present and last interglacial periods in six Antarctic ice cores (Masson-Delmotte, 2011)
Seasonal climate impacts on the grape harvest date in Burgundy (France) (Krieger, 2011)
Links between MIS 11 millennial to sub-millennial climate variability and long term trends as revealed by new high resolution EPICA Dome C deuterium data – A comparison with the Holocene (Pol, 2011)
A regional climate simulation over the Iberian Peninsula for the last millennium (Gómez-Navarro, 2011)
Abrupt rise in atmospheric CO2 at the onset of the Bølling/Allerød: in-situ ice core data versus true atmospheric signals (Köhler, 2011)
The global ocean circulation on a retrograde rotating earth (Kamphuis, 2011)
High carbon sequestration in Siberian permafrost loess-paleosols during glacials (Zech, 2011)
Evaluating climate model performance with various parameter sets using observations over the recent past (Loutre, 2011)
The construction of a Central Netherlands temperature (van der Schrier, 2011)
Winter and summer blocking variability in the North Atlantic region – evidence from long-term observational and proxy data from southwestern Greenland (Rimbu, 2011)
Impact of CO2 and climate on the Last Glacial Maximum vegetation: results from the ORCHIDEE/IPSL models (Woillez, 2011)
Simulated climate variability in the region of Rapa Nui during the last millennium (Junk, 2011)
Reply to Henriksson et al.’s comment on “Using multiple observationally-based constraints to estimate climate sensitivity” by Annan and Hargreaves (2010) (Annan, 2011)
Deciphering the spatio-temporal complexity of climate change of the last deglaciation: a model analysis (Roche, 2011)
The early Eocene equable climate problem revisited (Huber, 2011)
Methane variations on orbital timescales: a transient modeling experiment (Konijnendijk, 2011)
A coupled climate model simulation of Marine Isotope Stage 3 stadial climate (Brandefelt, 2011)
The last deglaciation: timing the bipolar seesaw (Pedro, 2011)
Climate patterns in north central China during the last 1800 yr and their possible driving force (Tan, 2011)
Boron isotope fractionation during brucite deposition from artificial seawater (Xiao, 2011)
High-resolution records of the beryllium-10 solar activity proxy in ice from Law Dome, East Antarctica: measurement, reproducibility and principal trends (Pedro, 2011)
Implications of the permanent El Niño teleconnection “blueprint” for past global and North American hydroclimatology (Goldner, 2011)
Impact of maximum borehole depths on inverted temperature histories in borehole paleoclimatology (Beltrami, 2011)
Enhanced climate variability in the tropics: a 200 000 yr annual record of monsoon variability from Pangea’s equator (Anderson, 2011)
Deep ocean ventilation, carbon isotopes, marine sedimentation and the deglacial CO2 rise (Tschumi, 2011)
Tropical seaways played a more important role than high latitude seaways in Cenozoic cooling (Zhang, 2011)
Holocene evolution of summer winds and marine productivity in the tropical Indian Ocean in response to insolation forcing: data-model comparison (Bassinot, 2011)
Down the Rabbit Hole: toward appropriate discussion of methane release from gas hydrate systems during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum and other past hyperthermal events (Dickens, 2011)
Regional climate model experiments to investigate the Asian monsoon in the Late Miocene (Tang, 2011)
Antarctic ice sheet and oceanographic response to eccentricity forcing during the early Miocene (Liebrand, 2011)
Holocene vegetation and biomass changes on the Tibetan Plateau – a model-pollen data comparison (Dallmeyer, 2011)
Cold tongue/Warm pool and ENSO dynamics in the Pliocene (von der Heydt, 2011)
Are paleoclimate model ensembles consistent with the MARGO data synthesis? (Hargreaves, 2011)
Impact of North Atlantic – GIN Sea exchange on deglaciation evolution of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Cheng, 2011)
Sensitivity of Red Sea circulation to sea level and insolation forcing during the last interglacial (Trommer, 2011)
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