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Observations of anthropogenic global warming


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Climate science

Introduction to the Observations of Anthropogenic Global Warming
Viewing Angle on ISCCP Problems
Observations of anthropogenic global warming
Underground temperatures as indicators of surface temperatures – part 1
Underground temperatures as indicators of surface temperatures – part 2
When carbon dioxide didn’t affect climate
Simple observational proof of greenhouse effect
Simple observational proof of the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide
Thomas Karl – a lecture on NOAA surface temperature analysis
Deep ocean heat
Deep ocean warming solves the sea level puzzle
Short and long term water vapor feedback
Poleward motion of storm tracks
Non-English climate science
What doesn’t change with climate?

Climate claims

THE argument
Rising carbon dioxide concentration stops the glacial/interglacial cycle
Comments on McIntyre’s claims on Briffa
Timing of carbon dioxide and temperature in Vostok ice core
Comments on Lindzen & Choi (2009)
Unchallenging Copenhagen Climate Challenge
Comments on Schwartz et al. (2010)
Revisiting Svensmark & Friis-Christensen (1997)
Cosmic ray contribution to global warming negligible
Comments on Spencer’s strange statements on CRUTEM3
On quick feedback determinations
NODC ocean heat content
NODC ocean heat content update
Back in 1991: “Response to Skeptics of Global Warming”
Climate skeptic claims prebunked by Keeling
Has global warming stopped?
Global warming has not stopped
Global warming hiatus claims prebunked in 1980s and 1990s
Some curious things about Svensmark et al. reference list
Flaws of Lüdecke & Weiss

Other articles

The Skeptical Scientist (interview with John Cook)
Christmas Science
Baby mammoth ate the evidence of its environment
The climate commitment of new Finnish government
Simplistic explanations of climate related issues
Cyclones in the sky
A brief account on using Google Scholar to search for climate change related scientific literature
Climate content of Environmental Research Letters
On Volkswagen’s emissions
Carbon dioxide – a medical view from 1866


Climate science journals (a list)

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