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The North Atlantic Oscillation as a driver of rapid climate change in the Northern Hemisphere (Delworth et al. 2016)

Evidence of global warming impact on the evolution of the Hadley Circulation in ECMWF centennial reanalyses (D’Agostino & Lionello, 2016)

Impact of slowdown of Atlantic overturning circulation on heat and freshwater transports (Kelly et al. 2016)

The response of high-impact blocking weather systems to climate change (Kennedy et al. 2016)

The anomalous change in the QBO in 2015-16 (Newman et al. 2016)

Impact of observed North Atlantic multidecadal variations to European summer climate: a linear baroclinic response to surface heating (Ghosh et al. 2016)

Gridded, monthly rainfall and temperature climatology for El Niño Southern Oscillation impacts in the United States (Dourte et al. 2016)

Southern European rainfall reshapes the early-summer circumglobal teleconnection after the late 1970s (Lin et al. 2016)

Moisture and heat budgets of the south American monsoon system: climatological aspects (Garcia et al. 2016)

The Relative Influence of ENSO and SAM on Antarctic Peninsula Climate (Clem et al. 2016)

Sinuosity of mid-latitude atmospheric flow in a warming world (Cattiaux et al. 2016)

ENSO response to high-latitude volcanic eruptions in the Northern Hemisphere: The role of the initial conditions (Pausata et al. 2016)

Remote influence of Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation on the South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation variability (Lopez et al. 2016)

Robust response of the Amundsen Sea Low to stratospheric ozone depletion (England et al. 2016)

The response of winter Pacific North American pattern to strong volcanic eruptions (Liu et al. 2016)

Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in a model with an improved North Atlantic Current (Drews & Greatbatch, 2016)

Sub-decadal North Atlantic Oscillation variability in observations and the Kiel Climate Model (Reintges, Latif & Park, 2016)

Is there a robust effect of anthropogenic aerosols on the Southern Annular Mode? (Steptoe et al. 2016)

Climate Signals in the Mid- to High-Latitude North Atlantic from Altimeter Observations (Li et al. 2016)

Intensification and poleward shift of subtropical western boundary currents in a warming climate (Yang et al. 2016)

Inter-basin effects of the Indian Ocean on Pacific decadal climate change (Mochizuki et al. 2016)

The influence of boreal spring Arctic Oscillation on the subsequent winter ENSO in CMIP5 models (Chen et al. 2016)

Relationship between North American winter temperature and large-scale atmospheric circulation anomalies and its decadal variation (Yu et al. 2016)

Older papers


Linkage between the Arctic Oscillation and winter extreme precipitation over central-southern China (Mao et al. 2012)
Relationship between Eurasian large-scale patterns and regional climate variability over the Black and Baltic Seas (Stankūnavičius et al. 2012)


Simulation of the Indian summer monsoon using comprehensive atmosphere-land interactions, in the absence of two-way air-sea interactions (Lim et al. 2011)


Influence of large-scale atmospheric circulation on climate in Latvia (Klavins & Rodinov 2010)



Effect of the Arctic Oscillation on precipitation in the eastern USA during ENSO winters (Budikova, 2008)



Decadal oscillations in the Mediterranean Sea: a result of the overturning circulation variability in the eastern basin? (Pisacane et al. 2006)


Sensitivity of free and forced oscillations of the Adriatic Sea to sea level rise (Lionello et al. 2005)
Impact of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation on relationships between temperature and the Arctic Oscillation in the USA in winter (Budikova, 2005)
Influence of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation on the probability of dry and wet seasons in Spain (Muñoz-Díaz & Rodrigo, 2005)


Impacts of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the probability of dry and wet winters in Spain (Muñoz-Díaz & Rodrigo, 2004)
Interannual variability and lagged correlation during strong El Niño events in the Pacific Ocean (Chang et al. 2004)
Thermal effects of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the cold period of the year in Lithuania (Bukantis & Bartkeviciene, 2004)


Winter severity in the Great Lakes region: a tale of two oscillations (Rodionov & Assel, 2003)
Examining the ENSO-typhoon hypothesis (Elsner & Liu, 2003)
Possible impacts of Indian Ocean Dipole mode events on global climate (Saji & Yamagata, 2003)
Influence of El Niño/southern oscillation, Pacific decadal oscillation, and local sea-surface temperature anomalies on peak season monsoon precipitation in India (Roy et al. 2003)


The North Atlantic Oscillation influence on Europe: climate impacts and associated physical mechanisms (Trigo et al. 2002)
Effects of ENSO on weather-type frequencies and properties at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (McCabe & Muller, 2002)
Frequency of circulation patterns and air temperature variations in Europe (Sepp & Jaagus 2002)
Circulation weather types and their influence on temperature and precipitation in Estonia (Post et al. 2002)
Relationship between atmospheric circulation indices and climate variability in Estonia (Tomingas 2002)


Intra-seasonal convective structure and evolution over tropical East Africa (Mpeta & Jury, 2001)
Space-time analysis of geopotential height and SLP, intraseasonal oscillations, weather regimes, and local climates over the North Atlantic and Europe (Simonnet & Plaut, 2001)




The Gulf of Mexico mid-tropospheric response to El Niño and La Niña forcing (Vega et al. 1998)




Synoptic scale disturbances of the Indian summer monsoon as simulated in a high resolution climate model (Lal et al. 1995)


Reconstruction of the winter Pacific-North American teleconnection pattern during 1895-1947 and its application in climatological studies (Yin, 1994)





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