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The influence of climate variability on internal migration flows in South Africa

Regional organisations and climate change adaptation in small island developing states

The limits of poverty reduction in support of climate change adaptation (Nelson et al. 2016)

Perceptions of thermal comfort in heatwave and non-heatwave conditions in Melbourne, Australia (Lam et al. 2016)

How do we assess vulnerability to climate change in India? A systematic review of literature (Singh et al. 2016)

Drought effects on US maize and soybean production: spatiotemporal patterns and historical changes (Zipper et al. 2016)

Climate change discourse among Iranian farmers (Zobeidi et al. 2016)

Long-term trend analysis in climate variables and agricultural adaptation strategies to climate change in the Senegal River Basin (Djaman et al. 2016)

The Evolution of Agricultural Drought Transition Periods in the United States Corn Belt (Schiraldi & Roundy, 2016)

Do Western and Eastern Europe have the same agricultural climate response? Taking adaptive capacity into account (Vanschoenwinkel et al. 2016)

Patterns of crop cover under future climates (Porfirio et al. 2016)

Longitudinal assessment of climate vulnerability: a case study from the Canadian Arctic (Archer et al. 2016)

Effects of Rainfall on Vehicle Crashes in Six U.S. States (Black et al. 2016)

The prevalence of heat-related cardiorespiratory symptoms: the vulnerable groups identified from the National FINRISK 2007 Study (Näyhä et al. 2016)

Trade agreements, labour mobility and climate change in the Pacific Islands (Weber, 2016)

Atmospheric CO2 enrichment and drought stress modify root exudation of barley (Calvo et al. 2016)

Physical activity profile of 2014 FIFA World Cup players, with regard to different ranges of air temperature and relative humidity (Chmura et al. 2016)

Assessing climate change vulnerability in urban America: stakeholder-driven approaches (McCormick, 2016)

Spatio-temporal analyses of impacts of multiple climatic hazards in a savannah ecosystem of Ghana (Yiran et al. 2016)

Health sector preparedness for adaptation planning in India (Dasgupta et al. 2016)

The effect of climate change on rural land cover patterns in the Central United States (Lant et al. 2016)

Intensity and economic loss assessment of the snow, low-temperature and frost disasters: a case study of Beijing City (Wang et al. 2016)

A good farmer pays attention to the weather (Morton et al. 2016)

Responding to the Millennium drought: comparing domestic water cultures in three Australian cities (Lindsay et al. 2016)

Assessing climate adaptation options and uncertainties for cereal systems in West Africa (Guan et al. 2016)

Contract farming and the adoption of climate change coping and adaptation strategies in the northern region of Ghana (Azumah et al. 2016)

Present and future assessment of growing degree days over selected Greek areas with different climate conditions (Paparrizos & Matzarakis, 2016)

Political affiliation affects adaptation to climate risks: Evidence from New York City (Botzen et al. 2016)

Changes in wheat potential productivity and drought severity in Southwest China (Wang et al. 2016)

Invisible water, visible impact: groundwater use and Indian agriculture under climate change (Zaveri et al. 2016)

Exploring the effect of heat on stated intentions to move (Zander et al. 2016)

Sea ice decline and 21st century trans-Arctic shipping routes (Melia et al. 2016)

Food security or economic profitability? Projecting the effects of climate and socioeconomic changes on global skipjack tuna fisheries under three management strategies (Dueri et al. 2016)

Effects of urban vegetation on mitigating exposure of vulnerable populations to excessive heat in Cleveland, Ohio (Declet-Barreto et al. 2016)

Influence of ambient temperature and diurnal temperature range on incidence of cardiac arrhythmias (Kim & Kim, 2016)

Impact of weather factors on hand, foot and mouth disease, and its role in short-term incidence trend forecast in Huainan City, Anhui Province (Zhao et al. 2016)

Impacts of aviation fuel sulfur content on climate and human health (Kapadia et al. 2016)

Impact assessment of climate change and later-maturing cultivars on winter wheat growth and soil water deficit on the Loess Plateau of China (Ding et al. 2016)

Will commercial fishing be a safe occupation in future? a framework to quantify future fishing risks due to climate change scenarios (Rezaee et al. 2016)

The impact of climate change on the winegrape vineyards of the Portuguese Douro region (Cunha & Richter, 2016)

The ‘Pacific Adaptive Capacity Analysis Framework’: guiding the assessment of adaptive capacity in Pacific island communities (Warrick et al. 2016)

Impact of short-term temperature variability on emergency hospital admissions for schizophrenia stratified by season of birth (Zhao et al. 2016)

Whale watch or no watch: the Australian whale watching tourism industry and climate change (Meynecke et al. 2016)

Perceptions of environmental change and migration decisions (Koubi et al. 2016)

An overview of the opportunities and challenges of promoting climate change adaptation at the local level: a case study from a community adaptation planning in Nepal (Regmi et al. 2016)

Heat exposure on farmers in northeast Ghana (Frimpong et al. 2016)

The effect of future ambient air pollution on human premature mortality to 2100 using output from the ACCMIP model ensemble (Silva et al. 2016)

Assessment of atmospheric moisture harvesting by direct cooling (Gido et al. 2016)

Demand for biodiversity protection and carbon storage as drivers of global land change scenarios (Eitelberg et al. 2016)

Adaptation to Climate Change: Commitment and Timing Issues (Breton & Sbragia, 2016)

Markets and climate are driving rapid change in farming practices in Savannah West Africa (Ouédraogo et al. 2016)

Farmer-level adaptation to climate change and agricultural drought: empirical evidences from the Barind region of Bangladesh (Hossain et al. 2016)

Climatic consequences of adopting drought tolerant vegetation over Los Angeles as a response to California drought (Vahmani & Ban-Weiss, 2016)

Increased climate risk in Brazilian double cropping agriculture systems: Implications for land use in Northern Brazil (Pires et al. 2016)

The influence of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation index on hospital admissions through diseases of the circulatory system in Lisbon, Portugal (Almendra et al. 2016)

Attributing human mortality during extreme heat waves to anthropogenic climate change (Mitchell et al. 2016)

Climate change and migration in the Pacific: options for Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands (Constable, 2016)

Rural drinking water issues in India’s drought-prone area: a case of Maharashtra state (Udmale et al. 2016)

Climate change impacts on European agriculture revisited: adding the economic dimension of grasslands (Aghajanzadeh-Darzi et al. 2016)

Impacts of Climate Change on the Collapse of Lowland Maya Civilization (Douglas et al. 2016)

Death from respiratory diseases and temperature in Shiraz, Iran (2006–2011) (Dadbakhsh et al. 2016)

Food security in the face of climate change: Adaptive capacity of small-scale social-ecological systems to environmental variability (Pérez et al. 2016)

Precipitation Effects on Motor Vehicle Crashes Vary by Space, Time and Environmental Conditions (Tamerius et al. 2016)

The potential for adoption of climate smart agricultural practices in Sub-Saharan livestock systems (de Jalón et al. 2016)

Can Gridded Precipitation Data and Phenological Observations Reduce Basis Risk of Weather Index-based Insurance? (Dalhaus et al. 2016)

Sea surface temperature impacts on winter cropping systems in the Iberian Peninsula (Capa-Morocho et al. 2016)

Separating the effects of phenology and diffuse radiation on gross primary productivity in winter wheat (Williams et al. 2016)

Risk matrix approach useful in adapting agriculture to climate change (Cobon et al. 2016)

Heat-related mortality: Effect modification and adaptation in Japan from 1972 to 2010 (Ng et al. 2016)

The effect of extreme cold temperatures on the risk of death in the two major Portuguese cities (Antunes et al. 2016)

Social and cultural issues raised by climate change in Pacific Island countries: an overview (Weir et al. 2016)

Protein futures for Western Europe: potential land use and climate impacts in 2050 (Röös et al. 2016)

“Climate change damages”, conceptualization of a legal notion with regard to reparation under international law (Kugler & Sariego, 2016)

Temperature deviation index and elderly mortality in Japan (Lim et al. 2016)

Climatic influence on corn sowing date in the Midwestern United States (Choi et al. 2016)

New Zealand kiwifruit growers’ vulnerability to climate and other stressors (Cradock-Henry, 2016)

Climate change impacts and adaptive strategies: lessons from the grapevine (Mosedale et al. 2016)

Older papers


Comparison of hot and cold spell effects on ­cardiovascular mortality in individual population groups in the Czech Republic (Kyselý et al. 2012)
Varying temporal and spatial effects of climate on maize and soybean affect yield prediction (Sakurai et al. 2012)
Climate change and crop adaptation in Spain: ­consistency of regional climate models (Garrido et al. 2012)
Tourist weather preferences in Europe’s Arctic (Steen Jacobsen et al. 2012)
Effects of climate variability and change on Chinese agriculture: a review (Li et al. 2012)
Risk assessment of agricultural drought using the CERES-Wheat model: a case study of Henan Plain, China (Zhao et al. 2012)
Statistical crop models: predicting the effects of temperature and precipitation changes (Holzkämper et al. 2012)
Macroclimate and viticultural zoning in Europe: observed trends and atmospheric forcing (Santos et al. 2012)
Tourism demand and atmospheric parameters: non-intrusive observation techniques (Gómez-Martín et al. 2012)
Effects of climate change and population growth on the transboundary Santa Cruz aquifer (Scott et al. 2012)
Modeling the sensitivity of outdoor recreation activities to climate change (Finger & Lehmann, 2012)
Re-evaluating the margin of the South Australian grain belt in a changing climate (Nidumolu et al. 2012)
Simulating the effect of the North Atlantic Oscillation on frost injury in winter wheat (Persson et al. 2012)
Infield grass production at northern latitudes: farmers’ adaptations to climate change (Mysterud et al. 2012)
Effect of climate on malarial vector distribution in Monsoon Asia: coupled model for Ecophysiological and Climatological Distribution of mosquito generations (ECD-mg) (Ohta & Kaga, 2012)
Change in climate and berry composition for grapevine varieties cultivated in the Loire Valley (Neethling et al. 2012)
Modelling the effects of climate change on air quality over Central and Eastern Europe: concept, evaluation and projections (Juda-Rezler et al. 2012)


Impacts of snow conditions on tourism demand in Austrian ski areas (Töglhofer et al. 2011)
Evaluation of climate change impacts and adaptation measures for rice cultivation in Northeast Thailand (Babel et al. 2011)
Effects of temperature changes on maize production in Mozambique (Harrison et al. 2011)
Effects of climate change on maize production, and potential adaptation measures: a case study in Jilin Province, China (Wang et al. 2011)
Western European climate, and Pinot noir grape harvest dates in Burgundy, France, since the 17th century (Tourre et al. 2011)
Climate information requirements for community-level risk management and adaptation (Srinivasan et al. 2011)
Provision of climate information for adaptation to climate change (Lu, 2011)
Climate science in support of sustainable agriculture and food security (Selvaraju et al. 2011)
Climate services to support sustainable tourism and adaptation to climate change (Scott et al. 2011)
Viticulture in southwest Germany under climate change conditions (Neumann & Matzarakis, 2011)
Effects of heat waves on human mortality, Galicia, Spain (deCastro et al. 2011)
Modelling past and future wine production in the Portuguese Douro Valley (Gouveia et al. 2011)
Possible effects of climate change on potato crops in Estonia (Saue & Kadaja 2011)


Climate change and human health: an environmental perspective (Singh, 2010)
More variable tropical climates have a slower demographic growth (Camberlin, 2010)
The challenge of adapting grapevine varieties to climate change (Duchêne et al. 2010)
Changes in dengue risk potential in Hawaii, USA, due to climate variability and change (Kolivras, 2010)
Effects of changes in climatic variability on agricultural production (Luo et al. 2010)
Crop yield trends in relation to temperature indices and a growth model (Eckersten et al. 2010)
Analysis of growing degree-days as a climate impact indicator in a region with extreme annual air temperature amplitude (Grigorieva et al. 2010)
Impacts of climate variability on the tuna economy of Seychelles (Robinson et al. 2010)
Climate change scenarios applied to viticultural zoning in Europe (Malheiro et al. 2010)
Statistical relationships between the North Atlantic Oscillation and international tourism demand in the Balearic Islands, Spain (Álvarez-Díaz et al. 2010)
The impact of climate change on ski season length and snowmaking requirements in Tyrol, Austria (Steiger, 2010)
Using ERA-INTERIM for regional crop yield forecasting in Europe (de Wit et al. 2010)
Modelling climate impacts on crop yields in Belgium (Gobin, 2010)
Evaluating uncertainty in climate change impacts on crop productivity in the Iberian Peninsula (Ruiz-Ramos & Mínguez, 2010)
Climate change and agricultural adaptation: assessing management uncertainty for four crop types in Spain (Iglesias et al. 2010)
Effect of temperature increase on cooling systems in livestock farms (Valiño et al. 2010)


Structure and trends in climate parameters affecting winegrape production in northeast Spain (Ramos et al. 2009)
Preferred climates for tourism: case studies from Canada, New Zealand and Sweden (Scott et al. 2009)
Climate-crop yield relationships at provincial scales in China and the impacts of recent climate trends (Tao et al. 2009)
Mortality during heat waves in South Korea, 1991 to 2005: How exceptional was the 1994 heat wave? (Kysely & Kim, 2009)
Ensemble yield simulations: crop and climate uncertainties, sensitivity to temperature and genotypic adaptation to climate change (Challinor et al. 2009)
Vulnerability of smallholder farmers to ENSO-related drought in Indonesia (Keil et al. 2009)
Effect of south winds on daily mortality in Athens (Papadopoulou et al. 2009)
Relationship between ocean climatic variability and rain-fed agriculture in northeast Brazil (Brabo Alves et al. 2009)
Seasonal weather effects on the common eider, a subarctic capital breeder, in Iceland over 55 years (Jónsson et al. 2009)
Effects of rainfall variation on rice production in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Basin (Asada & Matsumoto, 2009)
Climate change analogue analysis of ski tourism in the northeastern USA (Dawson et al. 2009)
Household heating and cooling energy use in the northeast USA: comparing the effects of climate change with those of purposive behaviors (Shorr et al. 2009)
Climate change and drought: a risk assessment of crop-yield impacts (Li et al. 2009)
Crop model validation and sensitivity to climate change scenarios (El Maayar et al. 2009)
Potential impacts of climate change and climate variability on China’s rice yield and production (Xiong et al. 2009)
Spatio-temporal changes in annual accumulated temperature in China and the effects on cropping systems, 1980s to 2000 (Dong et al. 2009)
Factors influencing the use of climate information by Colorado municipal water managers (Lowrey et al. 2009)
Climate change scenarios and the development of adaptation strategies in Africa: challenges and opportunities (Ziervogel & Zermoglio, 2009)
Growing-season rainfall and scenarios of future change in southeast Africa: implications for cultivating maize (Tadross et al. 2009)
Transfer of climate knowledge via a regional climate-change management body to support vulnerability, impact assessments and adaptation measures (Vescovi et al. 2009)
Public health vulnerability to climate change in Brazil (Confalonieri et al. 2009)
Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change of rural inhabitants in the central coastal plain of El Salvador (Aguilar et al. 2009)
Decadal climate variability in the Argentine Pampas: regional impacts of plausible climate scenarios on agricultural systems (Podestá et al. 2009)
Responding to the challenges of climate change in the Pacific Islands: management and technological imperatives (Nunn, 2009)
Simulated crop yield — an indicator of climate variability (Saue & Kadaja 2009)
Towards policies and adaptation strategies to climate change in the Baltic Sea region — outputs of the ASTRA project (Leal Filho & Mannke 2009)


Drought stress patterns in Italy using agro-climatic indicators (Diodato & Bellocchi, 2008)
Effects of climate change on crop production in Cameroon (Tingem et al. 2008)
Effects of climatic variation and warming on rice development across South China (Lu et al. 2008)
Modelling the relationship between climate, winegrape price and winegrape quality in Australia (Webb et al. 2008)
Climate change and winegrape quality in Australia (Webb et al. 2008)
Strong El Niño-Southern Oscillation events and the economics of the international rice market (Chen et al. 2008)
Predicting endemic cholera: the role of climate variability and disease dynamics (Pascual et al. 2008)
Developing regional climate change scenarios for use in assessment of effects on human health and disease (Giorgi & Diffenbaugh, 2008)
Estimation of solar radiation and its application to crop simulation models in Greece (Mavromatis, 2008)
Forecasting water allocations for Bundaberg sugarcane farmers (Everingham et al. 2008)
Fluctuations of winter wheat yields in relation to length of winter in Sweden 1866 to 2006 (Holmer, 2008)
Frameworks for analyzing the economic effects of climate change on outdoor recreation (Shaw & Loomis, 2008)
Influence of climate change on agricultural land-use potential: adapting and updating the land capability system for Scotland (Brown et al. 2008)
Characterising the agro-meteorological implications of climate change scenarios for land management stakeholders (Matthews et al. 2008)
Influences of meteorological parameters and biological and chemical air pollutants on the incidence of asthma and rhinitis (Makra et al. 2008)


Climate prediction and agriculture: current status and future challenges (Sivakumar, 2007)
Developments in dynamical seasonal forecasting relevant to agricultural management (Doblas-Reyes et al. 2007)
Translating climate forecasts into agricultural terms: advances and challenges (Hansen et al. 2007)
Economics and climate applications: exploring the frontier (Rubas et al. 2007)
Ex ante impact assessment and seasonal climate forecasts: status and issues (Thornton, 2007)
Ex post assessment methods of climate forecast impacts (Msangi et al. 2007)
Ethnographic and participatory approaches to research on farmers’ responses to climate predictions (Roncoli, 2007)
Actionable climate knowledge: from analysis to synthesis (Meinke et al. 2007)
Who can eat information? Examining the effectiveness of seasonal climate forecasts and regional climate-risk management strategies (Vogel & O’Brien, 2007)
Use of climate information in soybean farming on the Argentinean pampas (Bert et al. 2007)
Measuring the risk of climate variability to cereal production at five sites in Spain (Iglesias & Quiroga, 2007)
Potential effects of changes in mean climate and climate variability on the yield of winter and spring crops in Switzerland (Torriani et al. 2007)
Utility of dynamical seasonal forecasts in predicting crop yield (Semenov & Doblas-Reyes, 2007)
Effects of climate change and CO2 increase on potential agricultural production in Southern Québec, Canada (Brassard & Singh, 2007)
Global diarrhoea morbidity, weather and climate (Lloyd et al. 2007)
Assessing uncertainties in crop model simulations using daily bias-corrected Regional Circulation Model outputs (Baigorria et al. 2007)
Effects of climate variation on winter cereal production in Spain (Rodríguez-Puebla et al. 2007)
Climatology of growing degree days in Greece (Matzarakis et al. 2007)
Influence of climate variability on wine regions in the western USA and on wine quality in the Napa Valley (Jones & Goodrich, 2007)
Climate change effects on snow conditions in mainland Australia and adaptation at ski resorts through snowmaking (Hennessy et al. 2007)


Potential impact of climate change on fire risk in the Mediterranean area (Moriondo et al. 2006)
Trends in energy load demand for Athens, Greece: weather and non-weather related factors (Giannakopoulos & Psiloglou, 2006)
Impacts of short-term climate variability in the UK on demand for domestic and international tourism (Agnew & Palutikof, 2006)
Correlates of Canadian Prairie summer rainfall: implications for crop yields (Garnett et al. 2006)
Climate potential and tourist demand in Catalonia (Spain) during the summer season (Gómez-Martín, 2006)
Influences of large-scale climatic variability on reindeer population dynamics: implications for reindeer husbandry in Norway (Weladji & Holand, 2006)
Farmers’ annual activities are not tracking the speed of climate change (Menzel et al. 2006)
Influence of climate on winter wheat productivity in different climate regions of China, 1961-2000 (Song et al. 2006)
Food crop production in Nigeria. II. Potential effects of climate change (Adejuwon, 2006)
Influence of climatic factors on the growth and yield of sugar cane at Numan, Nigeria (Binbol et al. 2006)


Probabilistic distributions of regional climate change and their application in risk analysis of wheat production (Luo et al. 2005)
Response of flower and boll development to climatic factors before and after anthesis in Egyptian cotton (Sawan et al. 2005)
Estimating solar radiation for crop modeling using temperature data from urban and rural stations (Mavromatis & Jagtap, 2005)
Effects of climate change on international tourism (Hamilton et al. 2005)
Food crop production in Nigeria. I. Present effects of climate variability (Adejuwon, 2005)
Assessing public health risk due to extremely high temperature events: climate and social parameters (Vescovi et al. 2005)
Application of seasonal climate outlooks to forecast sugarcane production in South Africa (Bezuidenhout & Schulze, 2005)
Effects of climate change on growth criteria and yield of sunflower and chickpea crops in Iran (Koocheki et al. 2005)
Climatic trends in Cameroon: implications for agricultural management (Molua, 2005)


Evaluating management options that use climate forecasts: modelling livestock production systems in the semi-arid zone of South Africa (Thornton et al. 2004)
Seasonality of climate-human mortality relationships in US cities and impacts of climate change (Davis et al. 2004)
Effect of ancient Inuit fur parka ruffs on facial heat transfer (Cotel et al. 2004)
Climate change and the distribution of climatic resources for tourism in North America (Scott et al. 2004)
Influence of climate variability on European agriculture-analysis of winter wheat production (Cantelaube et al. 2004)
Climatic analysis of Lyme disease in the United States (Ashley & Meentemeyer, 2004)
Variability in climatology and agricultural production in China in association with the East Asian summer monsoon and El Niño Southern Oscillation (Tao et al. 2004)
ENSO impacts on regional water management: case study of the Edwards Aquifer (Texas, USA) (Chen et al. 2004)
Outdoor thermal comfort in the old desert city of Beni-Isguen, Algeria (Ali-Toudert et al. 2004)


Climate change and the skiing industry in southern Ontario (Canada): exploring the importance of snowmaking as a technical adaptation (Scott et al. 2003)
Constructing social futures for climate-change impacts and response studies: building qualitative and quantitative scenarios with the participation of stakeholders (Shackley & Deanwood, 2003)
Relating changes in agricultural practices to increasing dew points in extreme Chicago heat waves (Changnon et al. 2003)
Heat, mortality, and level of urbanization: measuring vulnerability across Ohio, USA (Sheridan & Dolney, 2003)
Weather, clothing and thermal adaptation to indoor climate (Morgan & de Dear, 2003)
Worldwide fluctuations in dengue fever cases related to climate variability (Hopp & Foley, 2003)
Predicting phenological development in winter wheat (Xue et al. 2003)
Relationships between the seasonality of temperature and ischaemic heart disease mortality: implications for climate based health forecasting (McGregor et al. 2003)
Heat-related mortality in the Czech Republic examined through synoptic and ‘traditional’ approaches (Kysely & Huth, 2003)


Asymmetric warming over coastal California and its impact on the premium wine industry (Nemani et al. 2002)
Dengue epidemics and the El Niño Southern Oscillation (Gagnon et al. 2002)
User perspectives of climate forecasts: crop producers in Pergamino, Argentina (Letson et al. 2002)
Making rain, making roads, making do: public and private adaptations to drought in Ceará, Northeast Brazil (Finan & Nelson, 2002)
The costs and risks of coping with drought: livelihood impacts and farmers’ responses in Burkina Faso (Roncoli et al. 2002)
Impacts of climate variability on East African pastoralists: linking social science and remote sensing (Galvin et al. 2002)
Comparison of two soya bean simulation models under climate change. I. Model calibration and sensitivity analyses (Wolf, 2002)
Comparison of two soya bean simulation models under climate change. II. Application of climate change scenarios (Wolf, 2002)
An evaluation of the nature and timing of summer human thermal discomfort in Athens, Greece (McGregor et al. 2002)
Climate change as a threat to tourism in the Alps (Elsasser & Bürki, 2002)
Effects of climate change on US crop production: simulation results using two different GCM scenarios. Part I: Wheat, potato, maize, and citrus (Tubiello et al. 2002)
Effects of the thermal environment on human health: an investigation of 30 years of daily mortality data from SW Germany (Laschewski & Jendritzky, 2002)
Identification of empirical relationships between indices of ENSO and NAO and agricultural yields in Spain (Gimeno et al. 2002)
Comparison of two potato simulation models under climate change. I. Model calibration and sensitivity analyses (Wolf, 2002)
Comparison of two potato simulation models under climate change. II. Application of climate change scenarios (Wolf, 2002)
Climate and society in the US Southwest: the context for a regional assessment (Liverman & Merideth, 2002)
Climate variability and the vulnerability of ranching in southeastern Arizona: a pilot study (Eakin & Conley, 2002)
Sensitivity of urban water resources in Phoenix, Tucson, and Sierra Vista, Arizona, to severe drought (Morehouse et al. 2002)
Processes of adaptation to climate variability: a case study from the US Southwest (Finan et al. 2002)
Sensitivity of winter wheat yields in the Midwestern United States to future changes in climate, climate variability, and CO2 fertilization (Southworth et al. 2002)
El Niño-Southern Oscillation effects on peanut yield and nitrogen leaching (Mavromatis et al. 2002)
Decadal changes in heat-related human mortality in the eastern United States (Davis et al. 2002)
Vulnerability of coastal communities to sea-level rise: a case study of Cape May County, New Jersey, USA (Wu et al. 2002)
Simulating the impacts of climate change on cotton production in the Mississippi Delta (Reddy et al. 2002)


Climate variation and crop production in Georgia, USA, during the twentieth century (Alexandrov & Hoogenboom, 2001)
Africa and global climate change: critical issues and suggestions for further research and integrated assessment modeling (Desanker & Justice, 2001)
Effects of rainfall variability and communal and semi-commercial grazing on land cover in southern African rangelands (Dube & Pickup, 2001)
Assessing the impact of climate change on the Weser estuary region: an interdisciplinary approach (Schirmer & Schuchardt, 2001)
Impact of local climate variability on crop model estimates in the south-east of France (Courault & Ruget, 2001)


Effect of drainage on CO2 exchange patterns in an intensively managed peat pasture (Dirks et al. 2000)
Analysing the risk of climate change using an irrigation demand model (Jones, 2000)
Simulating the economic impacts of climate change in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Rose et al. 2000)
Climate change and agriculture in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Abler & Shortle, 2000)
The potential impacts of climate change on the mid-Atlantic coastal region (Najjar et al. 2000)
Climate change and health in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Benson et al. 2000)
Visioning event horizons: Where do we go from here? (Bray, 2000)
Relationships between road slipperiness, traffic accident risk and winter road maintenance activity (Norrman et al. 2000)
Effects of global climate change on the US forest sector: response functions derived from a dynamic resource and market simulator (McCarl et al. 2000)
Sensitivity of field-scale winter wheat production in Denmark to climate variability and climate change (Olesen et al. 2000)
An empirical mechanistic framework for heat-related illness (Chan et al. 2000)
The climate of Rome and its action on monument decay (Camuffo & Sturaro, 2000)
Extension of crop model outputs over the land surface by the application of statistical and neural network techniques to topographical and satellite data (Bindi & Maselli, 2000)


Surface conductance and energy exchange in an intensively managed peat pasture (Dirks & Hensen, 1999)
Climate change impacts and responses in the Philippines coastal sector (Perez et al. 1999)
Climate change impacts and adaptation assessment in Bangladesh (Ali, 1999)
Adaptation to the impacts of sea level rise in Egypt (El Raey et al. 1999)
Coastal zone of The Gambia and the Abidjan region in Côte d’Ivoire: sea level rise vulnerability, response strategies, and adaptation options (Jallow et al. 1999)
Vulnerability of island countries in the South Pacific to sea level rise and climate change (Mimura, 1999)
Simulated rice yields as affected by interannual climate variability and possible climate change in Java (Amien et al. 1999)
Climate change impact on agricultural crops and adaptation options in Romania (Cuculeanu et al. 1999)
Vulnerability and adaptation of agronomic systems in Bulgaria (Alexandrov, 1999)
Adaptation principles of agriculture to climate change (Karing et al. 1999)
Vulnerability to climate change in Uruguay: potential impacts on the agricultural and coastal resource sectors and response capabilities (Hareau et al. 1999)
Impact of recent and future climate change on Estonian forestry and adaptation tools (Nilson et al. 1999)
Climate and mortality in Australia: retrospective study, 1979-1990, and predicted impacts in five major cities in 2030 (Guest et al. 1999)
Winter ischaemic heart disease deaths in Birmingham, United Kingdom: a synoptic climatological analysis (McGregor, 1999)
Surface CO2 exchange in an intensively managed peat pasture (Dirks et al. 1999)
Tourists and attitudes to air-conditioning in the tropics (Bromberek, 1999)
The economic consequences of ENSO events for agriculture (Adams et al. 1999)


A model of the relationship between consultation behaviour for asthma in a general practice and the weather (Kljakovic & Salmond, 1998)
Regional issues raised by sea-level rise and their policy implications (Nicholls & Mimura, 1998)
Effects of global climate change on world agriculture: an interpretive review (Adams et al. 1998)
Climate change and human health in the Asia Pacific region: who will be most vulnerable? (Woodward et al. 1998)
Risks, opportunities and adaptation to climate change (Scheraga & Grambsch, 1998)
Modelling wheat yield responses to soil and climate variability at the regional scale (Wassenaar et al. 1998)
Potential impact of climate change effects on preferences for tourism destinations. A psychological pilot study (Braun et al. 1998)


Fuzzy logic based global assessment of the marginality of agricultural land use (Cassel-Gintz et al. 1997)
Trust and climate (Stehr, 1997)
Vulnerability of the agricultural sector of Latin America to climate change (Baethgen, 1997)
Vulnerability of rainfed maize crops in Mexico to climate change (Conde et al. 1997)
Climate change and its impact on the properties of agricultural soils in the Argentinean Rolling Pampas (Diaz et al. 1997)
Vulnerability of the agricultural systems of Argentina to climate change (Magrin et al. 1997)
Climate change and the management of coastal resources (Bijlsma, 1997)
Assessment of the vulnerability of Venezuela to sea-level rise (Olivo, 1997)
Weather and traffic accidents in Montreal, Canada (Andreescu & Frost, 1997)
Impacts of climatic change on agricultural nutrient losses in Finland (Kallio et al. 1997)


Influence of climate on design of systems for land application of wastewater (Wax & Pote, 1996)
Methods for assessing the vulnerability of African fisheries resources to climate change (Hlohowskyj et al. 1996)
Global atmospheric change and human health: an integrated modelling approach (Martens, 1996)
Methods for assessing public health vulnerability to global climate change (Patz & Balbus, 1996)
Potential effects of climate change on corn production in Zimbabwe (Makadho, 1996)
Alternative food crops to adapt to potential climatic change in southern Africa (Kamukondiwa, 1996)
Vulnerability of the coastal zone of The Gambia to sea level rise and development of response strategies and adaptation options (Jallow et al. 1996)
Climate change adaptation policy options (Smith & Lenhart, 1996)
Improving the validation of model-simulated crop yield response to climate change: an application to the EPIC model (Easterling et al. 1996)
Quantitative analysis of summer air masses in the eastern United States and an application to human mortality (Greene & Kalkstein, 1996)
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Comparison of wheat simulation models under climate change. II. Application of climate change scenarios (Semenov et al. 1996)


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Simulation of wheat ontogenesis. III. Effect of variety, nitrogen fertilization and water stress on leaf appearance and final leaf number in the field (Miglietta, 1990)

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