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New research – November 2014

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on December 3, 2014

Some selected papers as included in my New research stream in Twitter and in Facebook during November 2014. There are 119 papers, which makes it about 4.0 papers per day.


Surface warming hiatus caused by increased heat uptake across multiple ocean basins [ABSTRACT]

Summertime land–sea thermal contrast and atmospheric circulation over East Asia in a warming climate—Part II: Importance of CO2-induced continental warming (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Measuring persistence in time series of temperature anomalies [ABSTRACT]

HadISDH land surface multi-variable humidity and temperature record for climate monitoring (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Abrupt termination of the 2012 Pacific warming and its implication on ENSO prediction (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Antarctic bottom water temperature changes in the western South Atlantic from 1989-2014 [ABSTRACT]

Recalibration and Merging of SSU Observations for Stratospheric Temperature Trend Studies [ABSTRACT]

Observed groundwater temperature response to recent climate change (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Trends in hemispheric warm and cold anomalies [ABSTRACT]

Arctic temperature trends from the early nineteenth century to the present [ABSTRACT]

Tropical Temperature Trends in AMIP Simulations and the Impact of SST Uncertainties [ABSTRACT]

Climate variations in northern Xinjiang of China over the past 50 years under global warming [ABSTRACT]

Interannual variations and trends in surface air temperature in Finland in relation to atmospheric circulation patterns, 1961–2011 [ABSTRACT]

Temperature changes in the North-Western Italian Alps from 1961 to 2010 [ABSTRACT]

Spatiotemporal characterization of land surface temperature in Mount Kilimanjaro using satellite data [ABSTRACT]

Early-nineteenth-century southern African precipitation reconstructions from ships’ logbooks [ABSTRACT]

Climate change in Argentina: trends, projections, impacts and adaptation [ABSTRACT]

Variability of surface air temperature in Tampico, northeastern Mexico [ABSTRACT]

Trends in Daily Temperature and Precipitation Extremes for the Southeastern United States: 1948-2012 [ABSTRACT]

Rising air and stream-water temperatures in Chesapeake Bay region, USA [ABSTRACT]

Why Logarithmic? A Note on the Dependence of Radiative Forcing on Gas Concentration [ABSTRACT]

Earth’s Climate Sensitivity: Apparent Inconsistencies in Recent Assessments (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Has Coarse Ocean Resolution Biased Simulations of Transient Climate Sensitivity? [ABSTRACT]

The Community Earth System Model (CESM) Large Ensemble Project: A Community Resource for Studying Climate Change in the Presence of Internal Climate Variability [ABSTRACT]

Global climate models’ bias in surface temperature trends and variability [ABSTRACT]

The dependence of radiative forcing and feedback on evolving patterns of surface temperature change in climate models [ABSTRACT]

The spectral dimension of longwave feedbacks in the CMIP3 and CMIP5 experiments [ABSTRACT]

Where and when will we observe cloud changes due to climate warming? [ABSTRACT]

A satellite view of the radiative impact of clouds on surface downward fluxes in the Tibetan Plateau [ABSTRACT]

Aerosol indirect effects on continental low-level clouds over Sweden and Finland (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Effect of ions on the measurement of sulfuric acid in the CLOUD experiment at CERN (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Climate coupling between temperature, humidity, precipitation and cloud cover over the Canadian Prairies [ABSTRACT]

Uncertainty in the magnitude of aerosol-cloud radiative forcing over recent decades [ABSTRACT]

Role of snow-albedo feedback in higher elevation warming over the Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau and Central Asia (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Solar heating of the Arctic Ocean in the context of ice-albedo feedback [ABSTRACT]

Assessment of sea-ice albedo radiative forcing and feedback over the Northern Hemisphere from 1982 to 2009 using satellite and reanalysis data [ABSTRACT]

Explaining Extreme Events of 2013 from a Climate Perspective (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Variability of tornado climatology across the continental United States [ABSTRACT]

Eastern Atlantic tropical cyclone frequency from 1851–1898 is comparable to satellite era frequency (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Extratropical cyclones in a warmer, moister climate: A recent Atlantic analogue [ABSTRACT]

The Effect of Urbanisation on The Climatology of Thunderstorm Initiation [ABSTRACT]

Warmer and wetter winters: characteristics and implications of an extreme weather event in the High Arctic (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Heavy precipitation events over the Euro-Mediterranean region in a warmer climate: results from CMIP5 models [ABSTRACT]

Models agree on forced response pattern of precipitation and temperature extremes [ABSTRACT]

A multi-model comparison of Atlantic multidecadal variability [ABSTRACT]

Southward displacement of the upper atmosphere zonal Jet in the eastern north Pacific due to global warming [ABSTRACT]

Variations of stratospheric water vapor over the past three decades [ABSTRACT]

Modeling the climate impact of Southern Hemisphere ozone depletion: The importance of the ozone dataset [ABSTRACT]

Aerosol effects on global land surface energy fluxes during 2003-2010 [ABSTRACT]

Total volcanic stratospheric aerosol optical depths and implications for global climate change [ABSTRACT]

On the role of plant volatiles in anthropogenic global climate change [ABSTRACT]


The impacts of climate change across the globe: A multi-sectoral assessment (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Sustained high basal motion of the Greenland ice sheet revealed by borehole deformation [ABSTRACT]

Detailed ice loss pattern in the northern Antarctic Peninsula: widespread decline driven by ice front retreats (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Climate variability and Alpine glaciers evolution in Northwestern Italy from the Little Ice Age to the 2010s [ABSTRACT]

Satellite-derived volume loss rates and glacier speeds for the Juneau Icefield, Alaska [ABSTRACT]

Global Sea Ice Coverage from Satellite Data: Annual Cycle and 35-Year Trends [ABSTRACT]

Trend and Inter-Annual Variability in Southeast Greenland Sea Ice: Impacts on Coastal Greenland Climate Variability [ABSTRACT]

Snowmelt onset over Arctic sea ice from passive microwave satellite data: 1979–2012 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Assessment of radar-derived snow depth over Arctic sea ice [ABSTRACT]

New perspectives on observed and simulated late Antarctic sea ice extent trends using optimal fingerprinting techniques [ABSTRACT]

Antarctic ocean and sea ice response to ozone depletion: a two timescale problem [ABSTRACT]

Thick and deformed Antarctic sea ice mapped with autonomous underwater vehicles [ABSTRACT]

Anthropogenic influence on recent circulation-driven Antarctic sea-ice changes [ABSTRACT]

A mechanism for lack of sea ice reversibility in the Southern Ocean [ABSTRACT]

Plant growth enhancement by elevated CO2 eliminated by joint water and nitrogen limitation [ABSTRACT]

Detection and attribution of vegetation greening trend in China over the last 30 years [ABSTRACT]

Ground and satellite based evidence of the biophysical mechanisms behind the greening Sahel [ABSTRACT]

Phenological responses to climate change do not exhibit phylogenetic signal in a subalpine plant community [ABSTRACT]

Alteration of the phenology of leaf senescence and fall in winter deciduous species by climate change: effects on nutrient proficiency [ABSTRACT]

Climate warming increases biological control agent impact on a non-target species (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Not just about sunburn – the ozone hole’s profound effect on climate has significant implications for Southern Hemisphere ecosystems [ABSTRACT]

Extreme weather event in spring 2013 delayed breeding time of Great Tit and Blue Tit (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Fungi in a changing world: growth rates will be elevated, but spore production may decrease in future climates [ABSTRACT]

Rapid assessment of fisheries species sensitivity to climate change [ABSTRACT]

Consistent global responses of marine ecosystems to future climate change across the IPCC AR5 earth system models [ABSTRACT]

Evaluating the economic damage of climate change on global coral reefs [ABSTRACT]

Interactive effects of ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures alter predation rate and predator selectivity in reef fish communities [ABSTRACT]

Ocean acidification in eastern equatorial Indian Ocean (1962-2012) (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Multimodel analysis on the response of the AMOC under an increase of radiative forcing and its symmetrical reversal [ABSTRACT]

Changes in extreme regional sea surface height due to an abrupt weakening of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Uncertainty in 21st century CMIP5 sea level projections [ABSTRACT]

Earliest local emergence of forced dynamic and steric sea-level trends in climate models (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Changes in the North Pacific wave climate since the mid-1990s [ABSTRACT]

Detection and attribution of climate change signal in ocean wind waves [ABSTRACT]

Contemporary Ocean Warming Dissociates Cascadia Margin Gas Hydrates [ABSTRACT]

Climate change and dead zones [ABSTRACT]

Inherited hypoxia: A new challenge for reoligotrophicated lakes under global warming [ABSTRACT]

The use of changes in small coastal Atlantic brooks in southwestern Europe as indicators of anthropogenic and climatic impacts over the last 400 years [ABSTRACT]

Climate change and the impact of extreme temperatures on aviation [ABSTRACT]

Investigating high mortality during the cold season: mapping mean weather patterns of temperature and pressure [ABSTRACT]


Dominance of the Southern Ocean in anthropogenic carbon and heat uptake in CMIP5 models [ABSTRACT]

Carbon stock loss from deforestation through 2013 in Brazilian Amazonia [ABSTRACT]

A downward CO2 flux seems to have nowhere to go (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Nitrogen feedbacks increase future terrestrial ecosystem carbon uptake in an individual-based dynamic vegetation model (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Forecasting global atmospheric CO2 (open access) [ABSTRACT]

CH4 and N2O emissions embodied in international trade of meat (open access) [ABSTRACT]

A sustainable “building block”?: The paradoxical effects of thermal efficiency on U.S. power plants’ CO2 emissions [ABSTRACT]

Key factors for assessing climate benefits of natural gas versus coal electricity generation [ABSTRACT]

Assessing climate change impacts on European wind energy from ENSEMBLES high-resolution climate projections [ABSTRACT]

Emerging policy perspectives on geoengineering: An international comparison (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Counteracting the climate effects of volcanic eruptions using short-lived greenhouse gases [ABSTRACT]

Confronting the Food–Energy–Environment Trilemma: Global Land Use in the Long Run [ABSTRACT]

A critical examination of the consumption-based accounting approach: has the blaming of consumers gone too far? [ABSTRACT]

Representations of the future in English language blogs on climate change [ABSTRACT]

Conspiratory fascination versus public interest: the case of ‘climategate’ (open access) [ABSTRACT]

International trends in public perceptions of climate change over the past quarter century (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Politics eclipses climate extremes for climate change perceptions [ABSTRACT]

Citizen acceptance of new fossil fuel infrastructure: Value theory and Canada׳s Northern Gateway Pipeline [ABSTRACT]

Agricultural Advisors as Climate Information Intermediaries: Exploring Differences in Capacity to Communicate Climate [ABSTRACT]

Potential effects of climate change on global security [ABSTRACT]

Tools and strategies for climate change decision making [ABSTRACT]

When decision-making processes fail: an argument for robust climate adaptation planning in the face of uncertainty [ABSTRACT]

Adaptation strategies to climate change in the Arctic: a global patchwork of reactive community-scale initiatives [ABSTRACT]


On the bipolar origin of Heinrich events [ABSTRACT]

Correlation between solar activity and the local temperature of Antarctica during the past 11,000 years [ABSTRACT]

Pliocene switch in orbital-scale carbon cycle/climate dynamics [ABSTRACT]


Glacier-like forms on Mars (open access) [ABSTRACT]

Episodic warming of early Mars by punctuated volcanism [ABSTRACT]


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