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Observations of anthropogenic global warming

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Observations of anthropogenic global warming (an introduction)

Special collections

List of Papers on Global Warming Hiatus, v2.0 (308 papers)


General papers on AGW
Climate science history
Global warming detection from global temperature series
Models vs. observations
Formal attribution
Climate sensitivity estimates
Climate feedback
CO2-temperature correlation
Anthropogenic global warming and next glaciation
Pre-industrial anthropogenic climate forcing

Temperature measurements

Global surface temperature
Global surface temperature since 1998
Early 20th century warming
The warming hole of the United States
Diurnal temperature range
Urban heat island
Time of observation bias
Global sea surface temperature observations
Ocean temperature
Temperature trends in stratosphere
Tropospheric temperatures
Tropical troposphere hotspot
Antarctic temperature trends
Greenland temperature
Rescuing old weather observations

Temperature indicators

Biological Indicators of Global Warming
Glacier melting
Polar ice sheets
Fossils revealed by melting glaciers
Reconstructions of modern temperatures (global and hemispheric)
Regional and local land temperature reconstructions
Temperature reconstructions from boreholes (introduction part 1, part 2)
Stalagmite reconstructions
Cassiope tetragona as climate proxy
Global sea level
Sea level in small island countries
Ocean acidification
Sea ice amount observations
Permafrost thawing

Atmospheric composition

Atmospheric measurements of GHGs
Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration measurements
CO2 records from ice cores
Atmospheric CO2 from proxies
1940s dip in atmospheric CO2
Atmospheric water vapor
Stratospheric water vapor
Water vapor feedback observations
Atmospheric methane concentration
Renewed growth of atmospheric methane
N2O atmospheric concentration
Halocarbon concentrations in the atmosphere
Atmospheric carbon monoxide
Stratospheric ozone measurements

Global carbon cycle

Global carbon cycle
Anthropogenic carbon dioxide observations
Carbon cycle feedback
Anthropogenic CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions from volcanoes
Ocean carbon dioxide sink
Methane emissions
Peatland greenhouse gas emissions
CO2 fertilization effect

Earth’s radiation budget

Earth’s radiation budget
Changes in OLR due to GHG’s
Changes in DLR
Laboratory measurements of CO2 absorption properties
Laboratory measurements of other GHGs
Carbon dioxide absorption properties in atmosphere
The theory of CO2 absorption properties
Carbon dioxide and water vapor overlap

Other forcings and feedbacks

The role of the Sun in recent global warming
Solar cycle length
Global cloud cover trends
Cloud feedback observations
The albedo of the Earth
Ice-albedo feedback
Land use effect on climate
Global vegetation climate feedback
Aerosol forcing observations
Black carbon
Natural variability
Irrigation and climate
Volcanoes and climate
The non-significant role of cosmic rays in climate
The iris hypothesis of Lindzen


GHG role in historical climate changes
The Milankovitch cycles and climate
Glacial terminations
1500 year climate cycle
Palaeocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum
The MWP as Global Event
The divergence problem
Late Pliocene cooling event (3Ma)
The deglaciation of snowball Earth
Younger Dryas cold event
End-Permian mass extinction and climate
Last interglacial climate
Ice sheet collapse

Global warming impacts

Amazon and global warming
Polar bear populations
Ecosystem response to past climate
Climate and body size variations of birds
Primary production and climate change
Coral response to global warming
Amphibian decline
Ticks and global warming
Lake effect and climate
California wildfires
Australia wildfires and climate change
Global warming and Earth’s rotation
Climate impact on world food supply
Health effects of increased CO2
Micro-organisms in permafrost
Hurricanes and global warming
Snow cover
Changes in Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

Atmosphere and ocean dynamics

Hadley Cell expansion
Tropopause height
Rossby wave breaking
Convection and climate
Arctic Oscillation and global warming
Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and climate
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
ENSO effects in Europe
Permanent El Niño
Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and climate change

Future climate predictions

Climate predictions of 1970’s

Adaptation & Mitigation

GHG emissions from bioenergy related land-use
Global potential of bio-energy
Gas leakage from natural gas industry
Bird and bat mortality caused by wind power
Wind turbine noise

Linked reference lists

The Copenhagen Diagnosis references
IPCC AR5 references – WG1 introduction
IPCC AR5 references – WG1 Chapter 2, observations: atmosphere and surface
IPCC AR5 references – WG1 Chapter 3, Observations: Ocean


Climate in Denmark
AGW denialism
Oil companies and climate change
Media and climate change
Temperature of Mars
Weekly cycle in climate
Precipitation and global warming
Rainfall, flooding and droughts in Australia
Papers of Willi Dansgaard
Climate related papers of Guy Stewart Callendar (1898-1964)
Papers of Wally Broecker
2003 heat wave in Europe
Northern Hemisphere winters 2009-2010 and 2010-2011
Russia 2010 heatwave
New year fireworks and atmosphere
Arctic amplification

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