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The Copenhagen Diagnosis references

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on November 28, 2009

This is a linklist to the abstracts and full texts of the papers referenced in The Copenhagen Diagnosis, an update to the IPCC AR4.

UPDATE (May 25, 2010): link to the full text of Meinshausen et al. (2009) added, thanks to Anton for pointing it out, see the comment section below.
UPDATE (November 29, 2009): link to the full text of Benestad & Schmidt (2009) added, thanks to Paul Middents for pointing it out, see the comment section below.

Åkerman & Johansson (2008) “Thawing permafrost and thicker active layers in sub-arctic Sweden” [Abstract]

Alexander & Arblaster (2008) “Assessing trends in observed and modelled climate extremes over Australia in relation to future projections” [Abstract] [Full text]

Allan & Soden (2008) “Atmospheric Warming and the Amplification of Precipitation Extremes” [Abstract] [Full text]

Allen & Sherwood (2008) “Warming maximum in the tropical upper troposphere deduced from thermal winds” [Abstract] [Full text]

Allen et al. (2009) “Warming caused by cumulative carbon emissions towards the trillionth tonne” [Abstract] [Full text]

Alley et al. (2003) “Abrupt Climate Change” [Abstract] [Full text]

Allison et al. (2009) “Ice sheet mass balance and sea level” [Abstract]

Andronova & Schlesinger (2001) “Objective estimation of the probability density function for climate sensitivity” [Abstract]

Annan & Hargreaves (2006) “Using multiple observationally-based constraints to estimate climate sensitivity” [Abstract] [Full text]

Archer et al. (2009) “Ocean methane hydrates as a slow tipping point in the global carbon cycle” [Abstract] [Full text]

Arzel et al. (2005) “Sea ice evolution over the 20th and 21st centuries as simulated by current AOGCMs” [Abstract] [Full text]

Aumann et al. (2008) “Frequency of severe storms and global warming” [Abstract] [Full text]

Bahr et al. (2009) “Sea-level rise from glaciers and ice caps: A lower bound” [Abstract] [Full text]

Bakke et al. (2009) “Rapid oceanic and atmospheric changes during the Younger Dryas cold period” [Abstract] [Full text]

Bala et al. (2007) “Combined climate and carbon-cycle effects of large-scale deforestation” [Abstract] [Full text]

Barnett et al. (2008) “Human-Induced Changes in the Hydrology of the Western United States” [Abstract] [Full text]

Barrett et al. (2009) “Rapid recent warming on Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, from borehole thermometry” [Abstract]

Benestad & Schmidt (2009) “Solar trends and global warming” [Abstract] [Full text]

Berger (1978) “Long-Term Variations of Daily Insolation and Quaternary Climatic Changes” [Abstract]

Berger & Loutre (1991) “Insolation values for the climate of the last 10 million years” [Abstract]

Berger et al. (1998) “Sensitivity of the LLN climate model to the astronomical and CO2 forcings over the last 200 ky” [Abstract]

Betts et al. (2000) “Offset of the potential carbon sink from boreal forestation by decreases in surface albedo” [Abstract]

Betts et al. (2007) “Projected increase in continental runoff due to plant responses to increasing carbon dioxide” [Abstract]

Biggs et al. (2009) “Turning back from the brink: Detecting an impending regime shift in time to avert it” [Abstract] [Full text]

Bindoff et al. (2007) “Observations: Oceanic Climate Change and Sea Level” (IPCC AR4, chapter 5) [Abstract] [Full text]

Bondeau et al. (2007) “Modelling the role of agriculture for the 20th century global terrestrial carbon balance” [Abstract] [Full text]

Bony et al. (2006) “How Well Do We Understand and Evaluate Climate Change Feedback Processes?” [Abstract] [Full text]

Booth et al. (2009 submitted) “Global warming uncertainties due to carbon cycle feedbacks exceed those due to CO2 emissions”

Braun & Humbert (2009) “Recent Retreat of Wilkins Ice Shelf Reveals New Insights in Ice Shelf Breakup Mechanisms” [Abstract]

Brewer (2009) “A changing ocean seen with clarity” [Abstract]

Brook et al. (2008) “Potential for abrupt changes in atmospheric methane” (A report chapter) [Full text]

Canadell et al. (2007) “Contributions to accelerating atmospheric CO2 growth from economic activity, carbon intensity, and efficiency of natural sinks” [Abstract] [Full text]

Cavalieri & Parkinson (2008) “Antarctic sea ice variability and trends, 1979–2006” [Abstract]

Cazanave et al. (2008) “Sea level budget over 2003–2008: A reevaluation from GRACE space gravimetry, satellite altimetry and Argo” [Abstract] [Full text]

CCSP (2008a) “Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate” (A report) [Abstract]

CCSP (2008b) “Abrupt Climate Change” (A report) [Abstract]

Chang et al. (2008) “Oceanic link between abrupt changes in the North Atlantic Ocean and the African monsoon” [Abstract] [Full text]

Chapman & Walsh (2007) “A Synthesis of Antarctic Temperatures” [Abstract] [Full text]

Chen et al. (2006) “Antarctic mass rates from GRACE” [Abstract] [Full text]

Church & White (2006) “A 20th century acceleration in global sea-level rise” [Abstract] [Full text]

Clark et al. (1999) “Northern Hemisphere Ice-Sheet Influences on Global Climate Change” [Abstract] [Full text]

Cogley (2009) “Geodetic and direct mass-balance measurements: comparison and joint analysis” [Abstract] [Full text]

Comiso & Nishio (2008) “Trends in the sea ice cover using enhanced and compatible AMSR-E, SSM/I, and SMMR data” [Abstract]

Cook et al. (2005) “Retreating Glacier Fronts on the Antarctic Peninsula over the Past Half-Century” [Abstract]

Cook & Vizy (2006) “Coupled Model Simulations of the West African Monsoon System: Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Simulations” [Abstract] [Full text]

Cook & Vizy (2008) “Effects of Twenty-First-Century Climate Change on the Amazon Rain Forest” [Abstract]

Cox et al. (2004) “Amazonian forest dieback under climate-carbon cycle projections for the 21st century” [Abstract] [Full text]

Cox et al. (2008) “Increasing risk of Amazonian drought due to decreasing aerosol pollution” [Abstract] [Full text]

Cox & Jones (2008) “Illuminating the Modern Dance of Climate and CO2 [Abstract]

Cruz et al. (2008) “Probabilistic simulations of the impact of increasing leaf-level atmospheric carbon dioxide on the global land surface” [Abstract]

Cui & Graf (2008) “Recent land cover changes on the Tibetan Plateau: a review” [Abstract]

Curry et al. (2003) “A change in the freshwater balance of the Atlantic Ocean over the past four decades” [Abstract] [Full text]

Dakos et al. (2008) “Slowing down as an early warning signal for abrupt climate change” [Abstract] [Full text]

Delworth et al. (2008) “The Potential for Abrupt Change in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation” (A report chapter) [Abstract] [Full text]

Dessler et al. (2008) “Water-vapor climate feedback inferred from climate fluctuations, 2003–2008” [Abstract] [Full text]

Domingues et al. (2008) “Improved estimates of upper-ocean warming and multi-decadal sea-level rise” [Abstract] [Full text]

Dorrepaal et al. (2009) “Carbon respiration from subsurface peat accelerated by climate warming in the subarctic” [Abstract]

Easterling & Wehner (2009) “Is the climate warming or cooling?” [Abstract] [Full text]

Eby et al. (2009) “Lifetime of Anthropogenic Climate Change: Millennial Time Scales of Potential CO2 and Surface Temperature Perturbations” [Abstract] [Full text]

Eisenman & Wettlaufer (2008) “Nonlinear threshold behavior during the loss of Arctic sea ice” [Abstract] [Full text]

Elsner et al. (2008) “The increasing intensity of the strongest tropical cyclones” [Abstract] [Full text]

Emanuel et al. (2008) “Hurricanes and Global Warming: Results from Downscaling IPCC AR4 Simulations” [Abstract] [Full text]

England et al. (2009) “Constraining future greenhouse gas emissions by a cumulative target” [Abstract] [Full text]

EPICA community members (2004) “Eight glacial cycles from an Antarctic ice core” [Abstract]

Esper et al. (2002) “Low-Frequency Signals in Long Tree-Ring Chronologies for Reconstructing Past Temperature Variability” [Abstract] [Full text]

Fabry et al. (2008) “Impacts of ocean acidification on marine fauna and ecosystem processes” [Abstract] [Full text]

Fargione et al. (2008) “Land Clearing and the Biofuel Carbon Debt” [Abstract] [Full text]

Fischer et al. (2007) “Contribution of land-atmosphere coupling to recent European summer heat waves” [Abstract] [Full text]

Flanner et al. (2007) “Present-day climate forcing and response from black carbon in snow” [Abstract] [Full text]

Frame et al. (2005) “Constraining climate forecasts: The role of prior assumptions” [Abstract] [Full text]

Frederick et al. (2004) (GRL has Krabill as first author) “Greenland Ice Sheet: Increased coastal thinning” [Abstract] [Full text]

Friedlingstein et al. (2006) “Climate–Carbon Cycle Feedback Analysis: Results from the C4MIP Model Intercomparison” [Abstract] [Full text]

Fyke & Weaver (2006) “The Effect of Potential Future Climate Change on the Marine Methane Hydrate Stability Zone” [Abstract] [Full text]

Galloway et al. (2008) “Transformation of the Nitrogen Cycle: Recent Trends, Questions, and Potential Solutions” [Abstract] [Full text]

Ganopolski & Roche (2009) “On the nature of lead–lag relationships during glacial–interglacial climate transitions” [Abstract]

Goosse et al. (2009) “Consistent past half-century trends in the atmosphere, the sea ice and the ocean at high southern latitudes” [Abstract]

Gedney et al. (2006) “Detection of a direct carbon dioxide effect in continental river runoff records” [Abstract] [Full text]

Gleason et al. (2008) “A Revised U.S. Climate Extremes Index” [Abstract] [Full text]

Guan et al. (2009) “Journey to world top emitter: An analysis of the driving forces of China’s recent CO2 emissions surge” [Abstract] [Full text]

Guttal & Jayaprakash (2008) “Changing skewness: an early warning signal of regime shifts in ecosystems” [Abstract] [Full text]

Guttal & Jayaprakash (2009) “Spatial variance and spatial skewness: leading indicators of regime shifts in spatial ecological systems” [Abstract] [Full text]

Hagos & Cook (2007) “Dynamics of the West African Monsoon Jump” [Abstract] [Full text]

Hall et al. (2008) “Greenland ice sheet surface temperature, melt and mass loss: 2000-06” [Abstract]

Hanna et al. (2008) “Increased Runoff from Melt from the Greenland Ice Sheet: A Response to Global Warming” [Abstract] [Full text]

Hanna et al. (2009) “Hydrologic response of the Greenland ice sheet: the role of oceanographic warming” [Abstract] [Full text]

Hansen & Østerhus (2007) “Faroe Bank Channel overflow 1995–2005” [Abstract]

Harris et al. (2008) “Permafrost and climate in Europe: Monitoring and modelling thermal, geomorphological and geotechnical responses” [Abstract]

Hays et al. (1976) “Variations in the Earth’s Orbit: Pacemaker of the Ice Ages” [Abstract] [Full text]

Haywood et al. (2007) “The mid Pliocene Warm Period: A Test-bed for Integrating Data and Models” [Abstract]

Hock et al. (2009) “Mountain glaciers and ice caps around Antarctica make a large sea‐level rise contribution” [Abstract]

Hofmann & Schellnhuber (2009) “Oceanic acidification affects marine carbon pump and triggers extended marine oxygen holes” [Abstract] [Full text]

Hofmann & Rahmstorf (2009) “On the stability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation” [Abstract] [Full text]

Holland et al. (2006) “Future abrupt reductions in the summer Arctic sea ice” [Abstract] [Full text]

Holland et al. (2008) “Acceleration of Jakobshavn Isbræ triggered by warm subsurface ocean waters” [Abstract] [Full text]

House et al. (2008) “What do recent advances in quantifying climate and carbon cycle uncertainties mean for climate policy?” [Abstract] [Full text]

Howat et al. (2007) “Rapid Changes in Ice Discharge from Greenland Outlet Glaciers” [Abstract] [Full text]

Howat et al. (2008) “Rates of southeast Greenland ice volume loss from combined ICESat and ASTER observations” [Abstract]

Hoyos et al. (2006) “Deconvolution of the Factors Contributing to the Increase in Global Hurricane Intensity” [Abstract]

Hyvönen et al. (2007) “The likely impact of elevated [CO2], nitrogen deposition, increased temperature and management on carbon sequestration in temperate and boreal forest ecosystems: a literature review” [Abstract] [Full text]

IPCC (2001) “Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis” (IPCC TAR) [Abstract]

IPCC (2007) “Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis” (IPCC AR4) [Abstract]

IPCC (2007) “Summary for Policymakers” (IPCC AR4) [Full text]

Jansen et al. (2007) “Palaeoclimate” (IPCC AR4, chapter 6) [Abstract] [Full text]

Jin et al. (2007) “Changes in permafrost environments along the Qinghai–Tibet engineering corridor induced by anthropogenic activities and climate warming” [Abstract]

Johannessen et al. (2005) “Recent Ice-Sheet Growth in the Interior of Greenland” [Abstract] [Full text]

Johnson et al. (2007) “Decadal water mass variations along 20°W in the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean” [Abstract] [Full text]

Johnson et al. (2008) “Reduced Antarctic meridional overturning circulation reaches the North Atlantic Ocean” [Abstract]

Johnson et al. (2008) “Warming and Freshening in the Abyssal Southeastern Indian Ocean” [Abstract] [Full text]

Jones et al. (2008) “Human contribution to rapidly increasing frequency of very warm Northern Hemisphere summers” [Abstract]

Jones et al. (2008) (GRL has Perovich as first author) “Sunlight, water, and ice: Extreme Arctic sea ice melt during the summer of 2007” [Abstract] [Full text]

Jones et al. (2009) “Committed terrestrial ecosystem changes due to climate change” [Abstract]

Joos & Spahni (2008) “Rates of change in natural and anthropogenic radiative forcing over the past 20,000 years” [Abstract] [Full text]

Kaser et al. (2006) “Mass balance of glaciers and ice caps: Consensus estimates for 1961–2004” [Abstract] [Full text]

Kaufman et al. (2009) “Recent Warming Reverses Long-Term Arctic Cooling” [Abstract] [Full text]

Kharin et al. (2007) “Changes in Temperature and Precipitation Extremes in the IPCC Ensemble of Global Coupled Model Simulations” [Abstract] [Full text]

Khvorostyanov et al. (2008) “Vulnerability of east Siberia’s frozen carbon stores to future warming” [Abstract]

Khvorostyanov et al. (2008) “Vulnerability of permafrost carbon to global warming. Part I: model description and role of heat generated by organic matter decomposition” [Abstract]

Knutti & Hegerl (2008) “The equilibrium sensitivity of the Earth’s temperature to radiation changes” [Abstract] [Full text]

Krabill et al. (2000) “Greenland Ice Sheet: High-Elevation Balance and Peripheral Thinning” [Abstract] [Full text]

Krabill et al. (2004) (this was already above as Frederick et al.) “Greenland Ice Sheet: Increased coastal thinning” [Abstract] [Full text]

Kriegler et al. (2009) “Imprecise probability assessment of tipping points in the climate system” [Abstract] [Full text]

Kürschner et al. (1996) “Oak leaves as biosensors of late Neogene and early Pleistocene paleoatmospheric CO2 concentrations” [Abstract]

Kwok & Rothrock (2009) “Decline in Arctic sea ice thickness from submarine and ICESat records: 1958–2008” [Abstract]

Lam et al. (2009) “Revising the nitrogen cycle in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone” [Abstract] [Full text]

Latif & Keenlyside (2008) “El Niño/Southern Oscillation response to global warming” [Abstract]

Lawrence & Slater (2005) “A projection of severe near-surface permafrost degradation during the 21st century” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lawrence et al. (2008) “Accelerated Arctic land warming and permafrost degradation during rapid sea ice loss” [Abstract] [Full text]

Le Quéré et al. (2007) “Saturation of the Southern Ocean CO2 Sink Due to Recent Climate Change” [Abstract] [Full text]

Le Quéré et al. (2009) “Trends in the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide” [Abstract]

Lean & Rind (2008) “How natural and anthropogenic influences alter global and regional surface temperatures: 1889 to 2006” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lean & Rind (2009) “How will Earth’s surface temperature change in future decades?” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lefebvre et al. (2004) “Influence of the Southern Annular Mode on the sea ice–ocean system” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lemke et al. (2007) “Observations: Changes in Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground” (IPCC AR4 chapter 4) [Abstract] [Full text]

Lenton et al. (2008) “Tipping elements in the Earth’s climate system” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lenton et al. (2009) “Using GENIE to study a tipping point in the climate system” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lettenmaier & Milly (2009) “Land waters and sea level” [Abstract]

Lindsay et al. (2009) “Arctic Sea Ice Retreat in 2007 Follows Thinning Trend” [Abstract] [Full text]

Livina & Lenton (2007) “A modified method for detecting incipient bifurcations in a dynamical system” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lombard et al. (2006) “Perspectives on present-day sea level change: a tribute to Christian le Provost” [Abstract] [Full text]

Loulergue et al. (2008) “Orbital and millennial-scale features of atmospheric CH4 over the past 800,000 years” [Abstract] [Full text]

Lovenduski et al. (2008) “Toward a mechanistic understanding of the decadal trends in the Southern Ocean carbon sink” [Abstract] [Full text]

Luthcke et al. (2006) “Recent Greenland Ice Mass Loss by Drainage System from Satellite Gravity Observations” [Abstract]

Lüthi et al. (2008) “High-resolution carbon dioxide concentration record 650,000–800,000 years before present” [Abstract]

Malhi et al. (2008) “Climate Change, Deforestation, and the Fate of the Amazon” [Abstract] [Full text]

Malhi et al. (2009) “Exploring the likelihood and mechanism of a climate-change-induced dieback of the Amazon rainforest” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mann et al. (1998) “Global-scale temperature patterns and climate forcing over the past six centuries” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mann et al. (1999) “Northern hemisphere temperatures during the past millennium: Inferences, uncertainties, and limitations” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mann et al. (2008) “Proxy-based reconstructions of hemispheric and global surface temperature variations over the past two millennia” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mann et al. (2009) “Atlantic hurricanes and climate over the past 1,500 years” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mann et al. (2009) “Global Signatures and Dynamical Origins of the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly” [Abstract]

Marsh et al. (2009) “Preliminary investigation into the severe thunderstorm environment of Europe simulated by the Community Climate System Model 3” [Abstract] [Full text]

Matthews & Caldeira (2008) “Stabilizing climate requires near-zero emissions” [Abstract] [Full text]

McIntyre & McKitrick (2003) “Corrections to the Mann et. al. (1998) Proxy Data Base and Northern Hemispheric Average Temperature Series” [Abstract]

McIntyre & McKitrick (2005) “Hockey sticks, principal components, and spurious significance” [Abstract] [Full text]

McIntyre & McKitrick (2005) “The M&M critique of the MBH98 northern hemisphere climate index: Update and implications” [Abstract] [Full text]

McNeil & Matear (2007) “Climate change feedbacks on future oceanic acidification” [Abstract]

McNeil & Matear (2008) “Southern Ocean acidification: A tipping point at 450-ppm atmospheric CO2 [Abstract] [Full text]

Meehl et al. (2004) “Combinations of Natural and Anthropogenic Forcings in Twentieth-Century Climate” [Abstract] [Full text]

Meehl et al. (2007a) “Global Climate Projections” (IPCC AR4 chapter 10) [Abstract] [Full text]

Meehl et al. (2007b) “Contributions of natural and anthropogenic forcing to changes in temperature extremes over the United States” [Abstract] [Full text]

Meehl et al. (2008) “Effects of Black Carbon Aerosols on the Indian Monsoon” [Abstract] [Full text]

Meier et al. (2007) “Glaciers Dominate Eustatic Sea-Level Rise in the 21st Century” [Abstract]

Meinshausen et al. (2009) “Greenhouse-gas emission targets for limiting global warming to 2 °C” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mercado et al. (2009) “Impact of changes in diffuse radiation on the global land carbon sink” [Abstract] [Full text]

Metzl (2009) “Decadal increase of oceanic carbon dioxide in Southern Indian Ocean surface waters (1991–2007)” [Abstract]

Moberg et al. (2005) “Highly variable Northern Hemisphere temperatures reconstructed from low- and high-resolution proxy data” [Abstract] [Full text]

Monaghan et al. (2008) “Recent variability and trends of Antarctic near-surface temperature” [Abstract] [Full text]

Mote (2007) “Greenland surface melt trends 1973–2007: Evidence of a large increase in 2007” [Abstract]

Moy et al. (2009) “Reduced calcification in modern Southern Ocean planktonic foraminifera” [Abstract] [Full text]

Nakicenovic et al. (2000) “IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios” [Abstract]

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (2009) “GISS Surface
Temperature Analysis. Global Temperature Trends: 2008 Annual

Nghiem et al. (2007) “Rapid reduction of Arctic perennial sea ice” [Abstract] [Full text]

Nicholls et al. (2007) “Coastal Systems and Low-Lying Areas” (IPCC AR4 WG2 chapter 6) [Abstract] [Full text]

NOAA (2009) “State of the Climate” [Abstract]

NRC (National Research Council) (2006) “Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Last 2,000 Years” [Abstract]

NSDIC – National Snow and Ice Data Center (2009) “Arctic sea ice extent remains low; 2009 sees third-lowest mark” [Abstract]

Oerlemans et al. (2007) “Reconstructing the glacier contribution to sea-level rise back to 1850” [Abstract] [Full text]

Oppo et al. (2009) “2,000-year-long temperature and hydrology reconstructions from the Indo-Pacific warm pool” [Abstract] [Full text]

Orr et al. (2005) “Anthropogenic ocean acidification over the twenty-first century and its impact on calcifying organisms” [Abstract] [Full text]

Orr et al. (2009) “Amplified acidification of the Arctic Ocean” [Abstract] [Full text]

Oschlies et al. (2008) “Simulated 21st century’s increase in oceanic suboxia by CO2-enhanced biotic carbon export” [Abstract] [Full text]

Pall et al. (2007) “Testing the Clausius–Clapeyron constraint on changes in extreme precipitation under CO2 warming” [Abstract]

Patricola & Cook (2008) “Atmosphere/vegetation feedbacks: A mechanism for abrupt climate change over northern Africa” [Abstract]

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Perovich et al. (2007) “Increasing solar heating of the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas, 1979–2005: Attribution and role in the ice-albedo feedback” [Abstract] [Full text]

Petrenko et al. (2009) 14CH4 Measurements in Greenland Ice: Investigating Last Glacial Termination CH4 Sources” [Abstract] [Full text]

Pfeffer et al. (2008) “Kinematic Constraints on Glacier Contributions to 21st-Century Sea-Level Rise” [Abstract]

Phillips et al. (2009) “Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest” [Abstract] [Full text]

Piao et al. (2007) “Changes in climate and land use have a larger direct impact than rising CO2 on global river runoff trends” [Abstract] [Full text]

Pielke et al. (2007) “An overview of regional land-use and land-cover impacts on rainfall” [Abstract] [Full text]

Pitman et al. (2007) “The impact of climate change on the risk of forest and grassland fires in Australia” [Abstract] [Full text]

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(not found, perhaps not yet published? Journal is said to be Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences but no detailed reference is given.)

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Rosa & Seibel (2008) “Synergistic effects of climate-related variables suggest future physiological impairment in a top oceanic predator” [Abstract]

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Rutherford et al. (2005) “Proxy-Based Northern Hemisphere Surface Temperature Reconstructions: Sensitivity to Method, Predictor Network, Target Season, and Target Domain” [Abstract]

Sabine et al. (2004) “The Oceanic Sink for Anthropogenic CO2 [Abstract] [Full text]

Salazar et al. (2007) “Climate change consequences on the biome distribution in tropical South America” [Abstract] [Full text]

Santer et al. (2007) “Identification of human-induced changes in atmospheric moisture content” [Abstract] [Full text]

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Scambos et al. (2004) “Glacier acceleration and thinning after ice shelf collapse in the Larsen B embayment, Antarctica” [Abstract] [Full text]

Schellnhuber et al. (2009) “Tipping elements in the Earth System” (not found, perhaps not yet published? Journal is said to be Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences but no detailed reference is given.)

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4 Responses to “The Copenhagen Diagnosis references”

  1. Paul Middents said

    Here is a link to the complete text for Benested and Schmidt (2009)

    Click to access 2009_Benestad_Schmidt.pdf

    I think anything Gavin Schmidt or any other NASA GISS staff authors or coauthors is available on the NASA GISS website.


  2. Ari Jokimäki said

    Thank you, Paul, I added it. For some reason, Google Scholar doesn’t recognize the papers at GISS website.

  3. Anton said

    Here’s a link to the full text version of Meinshausen et al. (2009) “Greenhouse-gas emission targets for limiting global warming to 2 °C”

    Click to access meinshausen09nat.pdf


  4. Ari Jokimäki said

    Thanks, Anton, I added it. 🙂

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