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New research, November 7, 2015

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on November 7, 2015

Some new papers from last few days:

Changing Amazon biomass and the role of atmospheric CO2 concentration, climate and land use

Loitering of the retreating sea ice edge in the Arctic Seas

Climatology and trends of tropical cyclone high wind in mainland China: 1959–2011

The relative contribution of orbital forcing and greenhouse gases to the North American deglaciation

How did ocean warming affect Australian rainfall extremes during the 2010/11 La Niña event?

Early Cenomanian “hot greenhouse” revealed by oxygen isotope record of exceptionally well-preserved foraminifera from Tanzania

Twentieth century increase in snowfall in coastal West Antarctica (open access)

Seasonal and interannual variability of fast ice extent in the southeastern Laptev Sea between 1999 and 2013

Atmospheric energy transport to the Arctic 1979-2012 (open access)

Mass balance of the Sør Rondane glacial system, East Antarctica

Large-scale reconstruction of accumulation rates in northern Greenland from radar data

Sensitivities of glacier mass balance and runoff to climate perturbations in Norway

Temperature distribution and thermal anomalies along a flowline of the Greenland ice sheet

Greenland high-elevation mass balance: inference and implication of reference period (1961–90) imbalance

Climate change implications for tropical islands: Interpolating and interpreting statistically downscaled GCM projections for management and planning

Characterizing the Hadley circulation response through regional climate feedbacks

Elevation change of the Greenland Ice Sheet due to surface mass balance and firn processes, 1960–2014 (open access)

Conclusion to the special issue: Observed and projected changes in weather and climate extremes (open access)

An Overview of Weather and Climate Extremes – Products and Trends (open access)

Chemical weathering and consumption of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the Alpine region

Intercomparison of the temperature contrast between the arctic and equator in the pre- and post periods of the 1976/1977 regime shift

Climate change impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem services in the United States: process and prospects for sustained assessment

Temporal evolution of Hudson Bay Sea Ice (1971–2011)

Mapping current and future potential snakebite risk in the new world

Detection and attribution of the effects of climate change on bat distributions over the last 50 years

Recent Developments in Bayesian Estimation of Climate Sensitivity

Canopy leaf area of a mature evergreen Eucalyptus woodland does not respond to elevated atmospheric [CO2] but tracks water availability

Local indicators of climate change: the potential contribution of local knowledge to climate research

Reconstruction and homogenization of the longest instrumental precipitation series in the Iberian Peninsula (Barcelona, 1786–2014)

Novel wildlife in the Arctic: the influence of changing riparian ecosystems and shrub habitat expansion on snowshoe hares

Decadal changes in radiative fluxes at land and ocean surfaces and their relevance for global warming (open access)

Detection and attribution of regional CO2 concentration anomalies using surface observations

Life cycle assessment of energy generation in Poland (open access)

Leave before it’s too late: Anthropogenic and environmental triggers of autumn migration in a hunted ungulate population

Contrasting synchrony in root and leaf phenology across multiple sub-Arctic plant communities


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