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Observations of anthropogenic global warming

New research, February 1, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on February 1, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

Ocean temperature thresholds for Last Interglacial West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse

Observational evidence for a negative shortwave cloud feedback in mid to high latitudes

European summer temperatures since Roman times (open access)

Conceptual design of a measurement network of the global change (open access)

Reanalyses and Observations: What’s the difference?

Sea surface temperature climate data record for the North Sea and Baltic Sea

The relationship between climate change and wars waged between nomadic and farming groups from the Western Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty period (open access)

Detection of trends in days with thunderstorms in Iran over the past five decades

Influence of climate regime shift on the interdecadal change in tropical cyclone activity over the Pacific Basin during the middle to late 1990s

Coeval fluctuations of the Greenland Ice Sheet and a local glacier, central East Greenland, during late-glacial and early Holocene time

Measurements and Modeling of Contemporary Radiocarbon in the Stratosphere

Can increasing albedo of existing ship wakes reduce climate change?

Emissions and climate forcing from global and Arctic fishing vessels

Shifts in the climate space of temperate cyprinid fishes due to climate change are coupled with altered body sizes and growth rates

Can the richness–climate relationship be explained by systematic variations in how individual species’ ranges relate to climate?

Potential effect of atmospheric warming on grapevine phenology and post-harvest heat accumulation across a range of climates

Evaluating the carbon footprint of Chilean organic blueberry production

Electricity generation mix and economic growth: What role is being played by nuclear sources and carbon dioxide emissions in France?


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