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Paperlists – some updates

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on September 5, 2009

I have been wondering if the links in my paperlists have been unclear, especially if everyone have realized that there usually are two links; first one to the official abstract page of the paper, and the second one to the PDF file containing the whole paper. Links have been side-by-side so they might be unclear. Therefore I have decided to move the PDF links at the end of each entry so that they are clearly separated from the abstact links. I’ll update all the old postings little by little.

Some of you may have wondered what are the paperlists for that I keep posting. One reason for it is that I’m using the paperlists myself, so they serve as linklists for my own benefit. I also hope that others benefit from them too in order to gain some real information about climate science straight from the source of the information, i.e. the scientists.


5 Responses to “Paperlists – some updates”

  1. John Cook said

    They are of much benefit, please keep posting the lists. The PDF links are particularly useful!

  2. Ari Jokimäki said

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely keep posting them, there are few already on the works (tropical troposphere, MWP,…).

    Your site is also an excellent resource, I have been using (and referencing to) it a lot.

  3. Paul Middents said

    This a great resource. Thanks to Eli for pointing me to it.

    Thanks to you for all the effort of compliling it. Keep up the good work.

    Paul Middents

  4. Ari Jokimäki said

    Thanks, Paul! 🙂

  5. Ari Jokimäki said

    I have now done the reformatting of all (I think) of the paperlist entries. If you happen to notice some that I have missed, let me know.

    I have added a few papers here and there, updates have been noted in entries separately. I’m thinking now, that perhaps I should start announcing the updates by making a comment in the thread in question, so that readers can then see in the frontpage that I have commented on the thread, and those interested can check what happened there. Another option is that I create an update system where I gather all the update announcements, a separate update page perhaps. I think I could use a reader opinion on this; is it important for you to know when I have edited some paperlist, and how would you like to be informed about that?

    I have also removed a few PDF-links because it turned out that they were behind a paywall, so there wasn’t any point of including those links, as the readers who have access to those papers, can access them through the abstracts pages, and removing the PDF links spares others from wasting their efforts on links that don’t work for them.

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