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New research, February 29, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on February 29, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

Diurnal asymmetry to the observed global warming (open access)

Changes in tropical cyclone activity offset the ocean surface warming in northwest Pacific: 1981–2014 (open access)

Exploring the possible effect of anthropogenic heat release due to global energy consumption upon global climate: a climate model study

Changes in yield variability of major crops for 1981–2010 explained by climate change (open access)

Earlier green-up amplifies spring warming over Europe

How will climate change affect wildland fire severity in the western US? (open access)

Projections of future floods and hydrological droughts in Europe under a +2°C global warming

Role of Soil Moisture vs. Recent Climate Change for the 2010 Heat Wave in Western Russia

Enhanced soil moisture drying in transitional regions under a warming climate

Global vegetation productivity response to climatic oscillations during the satellite era

Carbon budget from forest land use and management in Central Asia during 1961–2010

Simulated effect of deep-sea sedimentation and terrestrial weathering on projections of ocean acidification

Changing seasonality of the Baltic Sea (open access)

Latitudinal gradient of spruce forest understory and tundra phenology in Alaska as observed from satellite and ground-based data

Karakorum temperature out of phase with hemispheric trends for the past five centuries

Spatial variations of sea-level rise and impacts: An application of DIVA

Evidence of central Alpine glacier advances during the Younger Dryas–early Holocene transition period

The sensitivity of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation to enhanced freshwater discharge along the entire, eastern and western coast of Greenland

Has Arctic sea-ice loss contributed to increased surface melting of the Greenland ice sheet?

The implication of non-radiative energy fluxes dominating Greenland ice sheet exceptional ablation area surface melt in 2012

Modeling of Store Gletscher’s calving dynamics, West Greenland, in response to ocean thermal forcing

Episodic ice velocity fluctuations triggered by a subglacial flood in West Antarctica

Five millennia of surface temperatures and ice-core bubble characteristics from the WAIS Divide deep core, West Antarctica

Evolution of the stable carbon isotope composition of atmospheric CO2 over the last glacial cycle

Fossil plant stomata indicate decreasing atmospheric CO2 prior to the Eocene–Oligocene boundary (open access)

Nitrous oxide in the atmosphere: first measurements of a lower thermospheric source

Region-dependent seasonal pattern of methane over Indian region as observed by SCIAMACHY

Observed and projected decrease in Northern Hemisphere extratropical cyclone activity in summer and its impacts on maximum temperature

Assessing the impact of typhoons on rice production in the Philippines

Alpine timberline population dynamics under climate change: a comparison between Qilian juniper and Qinghai spruce tree species in northeast the middle Qilian Mountains of Tibetan Plateau

Trends in upper tropospheric water vapour over the Tibetan Plateau from remote sensing

Transport of ice into the stratosphere and the humidification of the stratosphere over the 21st century

Replacement of Multiyear sea ice and Changes in the Open Water Season Duration in the Beaufort Sea Since 2004

The Combined Influences of Autumnal Snow and Sea Ice on Northern Hemisphere Winters

On the zonal near constancy of fractional solar absorption in the atmosphere

Negligible effects of ocean acidification on Eurytemora affinis (Copepoda) offspring production (open access)

Measuring the effects of extreme weather events on yields (open access)

Issues in estimating observed change at the local scale – a case study: the recent warming over France

Changes in spatial and temporal trends in wet, dry, warm and cold spell length or duration indices in Kansas, USA (open access)

U.S. National climate assessment gaps and research needs: overview, the economy and the international context

Regionality of record-breaking low temperature events in China and its associated circulation

Climate change and interpersonal violence: a “global” estimate and regional inequities

Perceptions of recent rainfall changes in Niger: a comparison between climate-sensitive and non-climate sensitive households

A new framework for climate sensitivity and prediction: a modelling perspective

Morphological variation in salamanders and their potential response to climate change

Pathogens trigger top-down climate forcing on ecosystem dynamics

Assessing the implications of human land-use change for the transient climate response to cumulative carbon emissions (open access)

Greenhouse gas calculator at farm level addressed to the growers

YUPI®, a regional footprint calculator


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