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New research, April 5, 2016

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on April 5, 2016

Some new papers from last few days:

Isolating the roles of different forcing agents in global stratospheric temperature changes using model integrations with incrementally added single forcings

Melting at the base of the Greenland ice sheet explained by Iceland hotspot history

Variable relationship between accumulation and temperature in West Antarctica for the past 31,000 years

Tundra permafrost thaw causes significant shifts in energy partitioning (open access)

Large increases in Arctic biogenic volatile emissions are a direct effect of warming

Gross primary production controls the subsequent winter CO2 exchange in a boreal peatland

Plant species diversity affects soil–atmosphere fluxes of methane and nitrous oxide

Compensation between meridional flow components of the Atlantic MOC at 26° N (open access)

Evaluating simulated fraction of attributable risk using climate observations

Understanding the joint behavior of temperature and precipitation for climate change impact studies

Temperature and Precipitation Extremes in the United States: Quantifying the Responses to Anthropogenic Aerosols and Greenhouse Gases

Temporal and spatial variations of high-impact weather events in China during 1959–2014

Contribution of the Yellow Sea Bottom Cold Water to the abnormal cooling of Sea Surface Temperature in the summer of 2011

The downside risk of climate change in California’s Central Valley agricultural sector

Adaptation of agriculture to climate change in semi-arid Borena, Ethiopia (open access)

Climate change adaptation and mitigation in smallholder crop–livestock systems in sub-Saharan Africa: a call for integrated impact assessments (open access)

Oxidative responsiveness to multiple stressors in the key Antarctic species, Adamussium colbecki: interactions between temperature, acidification and cadmium exposure

Evaluating planktonic diatom response to climate change across three lakes with differing morphometry

The predictive skill of species distribution models for plankton in a changing climate

Direct and indirect effects of glaciers on aquatic biodiversity in high Andean peatlands

Declining water yield from forested mountain watersheds in response to climate change and forest mesophication

Direct measurements of air-sea CO2 exchange over a coral reef

A Lagrangian description on the troposphere-to-stratosphere transport changes associated with the stratospheric water drop around the year 2000 (open access)

Solar modulation of flood frequency in central Europe during spring and summer on interannual to multi-centennial timescales (open access)

Understanding the recent trend of haze pollution in eastern China: roles of climate change (open access)

A global surface drifter data set at hourly resolution

Earth’s albedo variations 1998-2014 as measured from ground-based earthshine observations

Unveiling the multiscale teleconnection between Pacific Decadal Oscillation and global surface temperature using time-dependent intrinsic correlation analysis

Life cycle assessment of heat production from underground coal gasification (open access)

Sharing the emission reduction burden in an uneven world


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