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New climate papers, part 4 – past climate changes

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on September 26, 2013

In March I published a batch of early 2013 papers on climate related issues. It’s time to give another update. Since March, there has been lot of new papers, so I’ll divide them to 5 posts. There are 734 papers altogether, so these posts should keep you busy for a while:

Part 1. Reality of climate change (temperature, other climate parameters, climate extremes, future projections).
Part 2. Impacts of climate change (cryosphere, oceans, mankind, ecosystems, other issues).
Part 3. Mitigation and adaptation (greenhouse gases, mankind reaction, energy, technologies and products, adaptation, general mitigation).
Part 4. Past climate changes.
Part 5. Other papers (feedbacks and forcings, general climate science, other issues).

Part 4 contains papers that deal with past climate changes. There are 68 papers in part 4. There are no subsections in this post.

See About New research from last week series for some information of my new research stream (the post discusses weekly posts which I don’t do anymore, but the parts about what papers get included are valid also currently).

Seasonal climate change across the Roman Warm Period/Vandal Minimum transition in Florida

Redistribution of prehistoric Tarim people in response to climate change

Sea ice in the paleoclimate system: the challenge of reconstructing sea ice from proxies

Understanding long-term carbon cycle trends: The late paleocene through the early eocene

Glaciology and geological signature of the Last Glacial Maximum Antarctic ice sheet

Mid-Holocene ocean and vegetation feedbacks over East Asia (open access)

Early Last Interglacial Greenland Ice Sheet melting & meridional overturning weakening

Faint young sun problem and possible climates of Archean Earth

Atmospheric nitric oxide and ozone at the WAIS Divide deep coring site (open access)

Reconstruction of extratropical Indo-Pacific sea-level pressure patterns during Medieval Climate Anomaly

Oxygen & carbon stable isotopes in coast redwood tree-rings respond to spring & summer climate

The role of deep ocean circulation in setting glacial climates

20th century treeline advances are greater than in last 4000 years in Great Basin, USA (open access)

On the Milankovitch sensitivity of the Quaternary deep-sea record (open access)

Retreat history of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet since the Last Glacial Maximum

Droughts in the Czech Lands 1090–2012 – currently important drought period ongoing (open access)

Vertebrate records in polar sediments: Biological responses to past climate change and human activities

Today’s biodiversity has been shaped by anthropogenic forcing over the millennia

A model–data comparison of the Holocene global sea surface temperature evolution (open access)

Reconstruction of 14C production and TSI from Holocene 14C and CO2 records (open access)

Albedo and heat transport in 3-D model simulations of the early Archean climate (open access)

Climate change at the end of the Old Kingdom in Egypt around 4200 BP

Abrupt deglaciation on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau at the beginning of Holocene

Larger variations in Arctic sea ice cover during last decades than throughout Holocene

Volcanic cooling signal in tree-ring temperature records for the past millennium

Impact of late Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions on global vegetation and climate (open access)

Climate–ice-sheet simulation shows limited Greenland ice loss during the Eemian (open access)

On the effect of orbital forcing on mid-Pliocene climate, vegetation and ice sheets (open access)

Special issue on Australasian palaeoclimatology in Quaternary Science Reviews

Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles: Interactions between ocean and sea ice intrinsic to Nordic Seas

East Antarctic ice sheet was sensitive to climatic warmth during the Pliocene

Climate model and proxy data constraints on ocean warming across Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Can an Earth System Model simulate better climate change at mid-Holocene than an AOGCM? (open access)

Absent growth rings are rare in Northern Hemisphere forests outside the American Southwest

Variation of East Asian monsoon precipitation during the past 21 k.y. and potential CO2 forcing

Elevated pCO2 leading to Late Triassic extinction, persistent photic zone euxinia, & rising sea levels

Alpine permafrost thawing during the MWP identified from cryogenic cave carbonates (open access)

Rapid early Holocene ice retreat in West Greenland

Tree-ring dating and radiocarbon wiggle matching of Buddhist arhat statues

Mismatch between modeled and reconstructed response to volcanic forcing over past 1000yr (@MichaelEMann)

Siberian north is currently warmer than MWP but rather similar to Holocene climate optimum

Greenland ice core evidence of the 79 AD Vesuvius eruption (open access)

Distribution and chronology of Pleistocene permafrost features in France

Global Cooling by Grassland Soils of the Geological Past and Near Future

Detecting temporal changes in climate – tree growth reactions

Temperature changes over the past 2000 yr in China (open access)

Testing hypothesis of post-volcanic missing rings in temperature sensitive dendrochronological data

The role of vegetation feedbacks on Greenland glaciation

Briffa et al. make a revisit to Yamal tree ring data

A new paleothermometer for forest paleosols and its implications for Cenozoic climate

Climate of last millennium: ensemble consistency of simulations and reconstructions (open access)

Amplification of Arctic terrestrial surface temperatures by reduced sea-ice extent during Pliocene

Southern Ocean sector centennial climate variability and recent decadal trends

Amplified inception of European Little Ice Age by sea ice-ocean-atmosphere feedbacks

How water isotopes from Alpine ice cores reproduce instrumental temperature series? (open access)

There were no globally synchronous Medieval Warm Period

Extremely high temperatures and paleoclimate trends recorded in Permian ephemeral lake halite

Evidence for atmospheric carbon injection during the end-Permian extinction

Climatic and biotic velocities for woody taxa distributions over last 16 000 yr in eastern North America

Pacific decadal oscillation variation since 1853 in coral record from northern South China Sea

Holocene climate changes and land use drove shifts in diversity of testate amoebae in subalpine pond

Past climate variability had profound effect on terrestrial ecosystems in continental SE Europe

Discovery of Holocene millennial climate cycles in the Asian continental interior

Arctic climate variability was likely much different in past climates and is likely to be so in the future

Abrupt temperature changes during the last 1,500 years

Century-scale anthropogenic warming of the global ocean up to the present day

Direct linking of Greenland and Antarctic ice cores at the Toba eruption (open access)

Paleoclimate data–model comparison and the role of climate forcings over the past 1500 years


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