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New climate papers, part 5 – other papers

Posted by Ari Jokimäki on September 27, 2013

In March I published a batch of early 2013 papers on climate related issues. It’s time to give another update. Since March, there has been lot of new papers, so I’ll divide them to 5 posts. There are 734 papers altogether, so these posts should keep you busy for a while:

Part 1. Reality of climate change (temperature, other climate parameters, climate extremes, future projections).
Part 2. Impacts of climate change (cryosphere, oceans, mankind, ecosystems, other issues).
Part 3. Mitigation and adaptation (greenhouse gases, mankind reaction, energy, technologies and products, adaptation, general mitigation).
Part 4. Past climate changes.
Part 5. Other papers (feedbacks and forcings, general climate science, other issues).

Part 5 contains other papers that weren’t included to parts 1-4. There are 102 papers in part 5. Subsections are feedbacks and forcings (62 papers), general climate science (25 papers), and other issues (15 papers).

See About New research from last week series for some information of my new research stream (the post discusses weekly posts which I don’t do anymore, but the parts about what papers get included are valid also currently).


Dependence of Cloud Vertical Distribution on Sea Surface Temperature and Tropospheric Dynamics

Extending water vapor trend observations to tropopause: trend uncertainties & radiative forcing

Vegetation controls on northern high latitude snow-albedo feedback

Impact of soil moisture-climate feedbacks on CMIP5 projections

Short-wave radiative forcing at the surface for cloudy systems at a midlatitude site

Determination of a lower bound on Earth’s climate sensitivity

Imaging spectroscopy of albedo and radiative forcing by light-absorbing impurities in mountain snow

Estimating Three-Dimensional Cloud Structure via Statistically Blended Satellite Observations

Black carbon aerosols over the Himalayas: direct and surface albedo forcing (open access)

Arctic Black carbon: underestimated role of gas flaring and residential combustion (open access)

Burning of olive tree branches: a major organic aerosol source in Mediterranean (open access)

Brown carbon: a significant atmospheric absorber of solar radiation?

Tundra shrubification and tree-line advance amplify arctic climate warming (open access)

Decrease in Earth’s cloud, aerosol, and surface 340 nm reflectivity during past 33 yr (open access)

A Formal Analysis of the Feedback Concept in Climate Models

On the global character of overlap between low and high clouds

Black Carbon has overall heating effect over Hyderabad, India

How important is vegetation phenology for European climate and heatwaves?

Relative contribution of feedback processes to Arctic amplification of temperature change

Implications for Arctic amplification of changes in the strength of the water vapor feedback

The role of reduced aerosol precursor emissions in driving near-term warming (open access)

Disconcerting learning on climate sensitivity and the uncertain future of uncertainty

Cloud feedback keeps tropical SST’s steady when poleward ocean heat transport increases

A conference paper reports satellite measurements of GHG effect to outgoing longwave radiation

Four perspectives on climate feedbacks

Cloud Radiative Forcing of the Diurnal Cycle Climate of the Canadian Prairies

Climate sensitivity: 4-6°C with ice sheet/vegetation albedo feedback, even higher with GHG feedbacks

Simulated Arctic atmospheric feedbacks associated with late summer sea-ice anomalies

On the role of vegetation density on net snowcover radiation at the forest floor

Implications for arctic amplification of changes in the strength of the water vapor feedback

No correlation found between the galactic Cosmic Ray flux and the low altitude cloud fraction

A simple model of global aerosol indirect effects

Simulation of the influence of historical land cover changes on the global climate (open access)

Influence of anthropogenic aerosol on historical global climate (open access)

Quantifying contributions of climate feedbacks to tropospheric warming in the NCAR CCSM3.0

Human contribution to cloud condensation nuclei (open access)

Imaging spectroscopy of albedo and radiative forcing by light absorbing impurities in mountain snow

Post-1950 temperatures are almost completely produced by anthropogenic greenhouse gases and aerosols

Observational constraints on Arctic Ocean clouds and radiative fluxes during the early 21st century

Observational evidence that enhanced subsidence reduces subtropical marine boundary layer cloudiness

Cosmic rays do not affect atmospheric clouds significantly according to CLOUD results

The nonlinear and nonlocal nature of climate feedbacks

On the longwave climate feedbacks

Warming-induced increase in aerosol number concentration likely to moderate climate change

Aerosol and ozone changes as forcing for climate evolution between 1850 and 2100 (open access)

Interpretation of positive low-cloud feedback predicted by climate model (open access)

No significant connection between solar activity and winter severity in Europe (open access)

Attribution of observed sea level pressure trends to greenhouse gas, aerosol and ozone changes

Anthropogenic aerosols and southward shift of tropical precipitation in late 20th Century

Recent variability of solar spectral irradiance and its impact on climate modelling (open access)

Observational estimate of climate sensitivity from changes in the rate of ocean heat uptake

Mechanism of tropical low-cloud response to surface warming using weather and climate simulations

Aerosol effect on climate extremes in Europe under different future scenarios

Assessment of different metrics for physical climate feedbacks (open access)

CLARA-SAL: a global 28 yr timeseries of Earth’s black-sky surface albedo (open access)

What is the effect of unresolved internal climate variability on climate sensitivity estimates?

Theoretical study of solar light reflectance from vertical snow surfaces (open access)

Yet another study that robustly attributes global temperature changes to human influence

Natural aerosol direct and indirect radiative effects

Temperature tagging – the latest fashion in attribution?

Land-use effect on climate: fossil fuel forcing dominates land-use forcing

Surface albedo feedback is the largest contributor to the annual mean polar warming amplification


North Atlantic SSTs as a link between wintertime NAO and the following spring climate in Europe

Imprint of AMO and PDO on southwestern US climate (open access)

Central Antarctic climate response to the solar cycle

The Arctic/Atlantic thermohaline circulation

Why were some La Niñas followed by another La Niña?

Large differences in the sea surface temperature datasets across the tropical Pacific during 2012

Examining Internal and External Contributors to Greenland Climate Variability

North Atlantic overtakes ENSO as dominant area of seasonal predictability by 2095

An updated climatology of tropical cyclone impacts on the southwestern United States

On the insignifcance of Herschel’s sunspot correlation

Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Beijing Urban Heat Island Intensity

Atmosphere – sea ice interaction in early summer in the Antarctic

Weather Bike: A Bicycle Based Weather Station for Observing Local Temperature Variations

The effect of volcanic eruptions on global precipitation

How Caspian Sea affects regional climate

The role of the Barents Sea in the Arctic climate system

Cool North European summers and possible links to explosive volcanic eruptions

Early Spanish meteorological records (1780–1850)

Are there really instrumental temperature records from 1632 to 1648?

A robust mode of climate variability in the Arctic: The Barents Oscillation (open access)

Detecting and correcting sensor drifts in long-term weather data

Re-discovery of a Forgotten U.S. Civil War Florida Hurricane

Anthropological contributions to the study of climate

Links between North Atlantic climatic oscillations and climate variability of Northern France and England

Comment on Humlum et al. humbug


Tropospheric SF6: Age of air from the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude surface

Differences in heat stress associated with white sportswear and being semi-nude in exercising humans

Increasing summer river discharge in southern California, USA linked to urbanization

Recommendations for reporting “black carbon” measurements (open access)

Virtual water trade flows and savings under climate change (open access)

Somali pirates don’t perform well in windy weather

“Weather girls” on the big screen: stereotypes, sex appeal, and science

World Population Growth; Past, Present and Future

Centralization in the global avoided deforestation collaboration network

Happiness is greater in natural environments

The 1970 Clean Air Act and termination of rainfall suppression in a U.S. urban area

A futurist perspective on the Anthropocene

Pollution transport from North America to Greenland during summer 2008 (open access)

Could working less reduce pressures on the environment?

Identification and possible recurrence of an oversized tsunami on the Pacific coast of northern Japan


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